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He didn't see it coming. Despite all of his training, all of his skills, every perk there was to going through the days of camp counseling training did nothing in that one moment of weakness. He was too focused on the people around him. One girl, around the age of 11, was complaining about the gum in her hair, which couldn't be pulled out or else it would get worse. A boy to his right was snickering at said girl and staring at the stream they were walking near with a mischievous glint in his eyes. There was another evil plan bubbling into his head. The other two were chatting away through the nature walk, running ahead to gaze at the wonders of nature. And two teenage girls, who were supposed to be watching their own kids, were giggling from behind him. He inwardly grimaced at the knowledge of what part of his body they were looking at. Shikamaru was no help either, he just kept muttering under his breath about the 'troublesome kids'. With a group of four kids, and no help from his co-counselor, there was just no way to keep his eyes on every one of them and take in his surroundings. So he was taken completely off guard. He hadn't seen a thing.

But Naruto had.

"Sasuke!!" Jerking back at his name, the call was too late. A sharp pain filled his left ankle as the ground underneath him dipped unexpectedly. He stumbled for a minute, listening to the screams of little kids and the consistent calling of his name. He tried to regain his balance, but his reflexes were off. The ground was hard, and he grunted from the force that he hit it with. He heard several gasps and suddenly the entire area fell quiet. Sasuke closed his eyes tighter at the pain inside of his swelling ankle, but he ignored it as he tried to get off his side. Something slithered against his shoulder blade, but he was in too much pain to register the scaly touches brushing his skin. And it wasn't until the feel of teeth sinking into his shoulder did it hit Sasuke that something was off. He felt himself get dizzy as something searing injected itself into his blood before the culprit slid away.

"Sasuke!" God that voice sounded nice. Maybe he should just open his eyes to see who was calling for him so kindly. But he couldn't answer. Between the pain in his ankle, and the sharpness in his shoulder, Sasuke's world went black with one though drifting through his mind.

How did I get into this?

~*Six Weeks Earlier*~

The day was hot. Much hotter than the black haired boy ever liked. But driving toward the two months of hell wasn't something he exactly wanted to do either. Almost at the great age of 17, Sasuke was driving to the 'Konoha camp', which was located in the middle of nowhere. Sure he wanted to spend his summer at home in his air-conditioned house, but he needed money. And since his family was not on the rich side, he needed to work to earn his share. He couldn't work during the school year because he was too involved with academics. After all, Uchiha Sasuke was no dummy. But in the summer when school had three months of break, he needed to make some money.

So when Hatake Kakashi, a family friend, offered him a job as a counselor, Sasuke begrudgingly took it. It was either that, or serving greasy fries while wearing a ridiculous uniform. And smiling. Sasuke didn't smile. So from the two evils, Sasuke decided that he could stand two months of working with children. He would have a cabin that he'd share with one person, and he only needed to stay there Monday through Friday. The weekends the kids were shipped back home, and the counselors could do as they pleased. And getting over twelve dollars an hour to work was worth it.

Sasuke had never been in the presence of a child for more than ten minutes. And even then, they were with their mother or father. But most of the time, they didn't make a lot of noise. They would stare at him for a long time, or play with toys that were placed in front of them. So being their counselor couldn't be too hard. He was an Uchiha, and Uchihas never failed.

He parked his car in the same parking lot he had been driving to for the past three days. Though the actual camp didn't start until today, he had to go through 'counsel training' in order to prepare them for the unexpected. They had been introduced to first aid, child psychology, schedule reading, and the rules of the camp itself. It had been boring and hot, but Sasuke didn't complain. Unlike other people in the training session.

"Don't hold them like that Naruto! You'll kill the damn kid before we even get him to the hospital!" Hearing laughter and several groans from the room of the counselors, Sasuke slowly opened the door to be greeted with two smiling blue eyes. He couldn't help but arch an eyebrow as the annoying blond haired boy moved around the room, swinging around the practice dummy used for lessons. When Sasuke shut the door loudly behind him, the boy stumbled before falling to the ground, the lifeless doll rolling a few feet before stopping. He glanced to the room briefly to note that Kakashi wasn't there, as usual.

"Sasuke-kun!" A pink-haired girl called out, waving. She sat with a long haired blonde, both girls glancing to each other and growling before looking back to Sasuke. The adoration that almost sparkled from them was freaky, but Sasuke didn't comment about it. The 'benefit' of having the camp so close to home was that he knew all the other counselors from school. Haruno Sakura had been his school guide when he had moved here three years back, and hadn't left him alone since. And for some reason, her best friend/rival Yamanaka Ino decided to tag along.

"Girls." A lazy boy in the corner lifted his head to glance to the glaring blond haired girl before rolling his eyes. Naru Shikamaru was also a student with Sasuke, and was considered a genius. Hanging out with a girl like Ino after school most of the time didn't prove it, but his test scores were amazing. Not that he ever tried. It was just pure luck that he had the brain of a mastermind. Most of the school day he wouldn't bother to listen, preferring to stare out at the clouds from the window. But no matter what random question the teacher asked, Shikamaru would somehow know it. It drove every teacher insane.

"Aw come on, girls are great when Uchiha isn't around! Otherwise it's like watching a lion stalking its prey." Despite the two murderous glares from the girls, the kid in front of the room stuck his tongue out and smirked. Sasuke only knew the name from all of the sports that Inuzuka Kiba played. Soccer, Basketball, Football, anything that he could play, he would. And he was an animal too. Nothing seemed to stopped the kid from participating, not even his school work. That was probably the only reason why he was trying in school. Kids weren't allowed to play unless that had higher than a 'C' average. Kiba barely jumped the bar.

Two other teenagers in the room were quiet. Both matching in eye color and hair, the two cousins were known as Hyuga Hinata and Hyuga Neji. They came from a very powerful family, so why they were working here he wasn't sure. He could only guess that it was Hinata's idea in an attempt to get over her shyness, and that Neji was sent to watch over her. Out of all the people there, it was nice to see Neji, someone who he actually could hold an intelligent conversation with without them getting confused or bored. And Hinata was the only girl of the group who didn't gawk at him openly, but seem to be quite mannered and reserved.

"Hey teme!" Sasuke glanced over to the teen who had finally picked himself off of the ground. Out of all the counselors in the group, Sasuke knew this one was going to make the job much less…calm. Uzumaki Naruto was a blonde headed, blue eyed idiot. He was over animated, and never took a day of his life seriously. The two weren't really friends, more like acquaintances that met by chance and kept bumping into each other ever since freshman year. The two had almost identical schedules both sophomore and junior year. So no matter where he went, the blonde dobe was sure to follow.

Sasuke couldn't count how many times Naruto had been late for school, but most of his days he spent serving detention for his tardiness. It was a mystery why Naruto's parents didn't wake him up earlier, or why they didn't care about their son's constant punishments of missing school. In fact they never came to parent teacher conferences, or any of the sporting events that Naruto took part in. He remembered during gym a year back Kiba asked the boy about his parent's lack of attention. It was the only time Sasuke had ever seen Naruto quiet.

"Dobe," He replied, almost automatically. He watched the boy in front of him scowl before pointing a finger at him.

"You! Stop calling me that! One of these days I'm going to beat you to a—damnit!" Naruto quickly ran past Sasuke as Ino and Sakura chased after him, Kiba now rolling on the floor laughing at his friend's predicament.

"Get back here Naruto!" Ino shouted, her eyes blazing. Sakura was quick to follow.

"How dare you talk to Sasuke-kun like that!" Sasuke watched the teen quickly jumped over the desks to hide in the back corner. But before either girl could rip him apart, Kakashi walked into the room. A wave of relief went through the room as Sakura and Ino growled, both slowly moving back to their seats. Grumbling about 'crazy girls', Naruto slowly moved to sit with Kiba, who had finally been able to control his laughter.

"Welcome back. Sorry about being a little late, business and stuff. So, I will give you the packets and you can read them as you go to your cabins. You will share the cabin with your co-counselor; there will be two beds and a bathroom in there for your main needs, with the exception of the one co-ed pair. We've already set up your sleeping arrangements." He glanced to the two cousins, who nodded in confirmation. Sasuke glanced to the two, not surprised that they were working together. It seemed that whenever Hinata worked with somebody else, especially a boy, she would freeze up or possibly faint. It was probably healthier for her to work with Neji until she built up some confidence.

"So for the rest of you, you will be paired up with someone of the same sex. Ino and Sakura will work together as group two, Kiba and Naruto as group three, and Shikamaru and Sasuke will be group four." The girl's upset cries were drowned out quickly by the high-fives from Naruto and Kiba, making Sasuke roll his eyes. He'd be surprised if any of their kids survived three days with the two idiots. They couldn't save themselves, never mind kids.

"So when do we get to meet the kids?" Kiba asked, Kakashi looking up at the clock before sighing.

"At eight."

"What?! It's 8:15! Man Kakashi, you're making all of us late!" Naruto complained, racing out of the room. The others soon followed, Sasuke glancing to Shikamaru who hadn't gotten up from his seat. At the narrowing of his eyes, Shikamaru slowly lifted his head from the desk to look at the Uchiha before sighing and standing up.

"So troublesome," He mumbled under his breath. Sasuke followed behind the lazy guy, mentally smacking his head.

Suddenly the uniform didn't seem so bad.


Kids sucked. Sasuke's eye twitched as he stared at the mess that they had left in the cafeteria. For some reason, when given food, the camp kids decided it would be a good idea to throw it at each other instead of eating it. Some used it as finger-paint to color the walls. Others stuck it inside of Sakura's skirt to see what she would do. And the worst was when one of them dropped a full carton of milk onto Sasuke's lap.

Oh wait. That had been the dobe.

As if hearing him, Naruto rolled his eyes and glanced over at Sasuke. The two of them had been stuck on clean-up because they were considered the dirtiest. While Sasuke and the others had been trying to talk to the kids into stopping the food fight, Naruto had decided the best thing to do was to grab as much of the food away from the kids and put it one big pile that was bound to fall. And as luck would have it, it fell right onto Sasuke and Naruto. So while the others brought their kids to the children's cabins to monitor showers and bedtime, he was stuck here. With the idiot.

"Are you going to ignore me the whole time?" Glancing around at the walls that dripped with spaghetti sauce, Sasuke knew how to answer.


"Oh come on teme, it's not like I'm the one who told them to fight! And I didn't see any of you guys making any progress with them," Naruto said, as if his defense would magically clean the room for them.

"You are an idiot."

"Yea, well you've got a stick up your ass." Sasuke narrowed his eyes on the boy, who simply grinned back. The two stared at each other for a moment before Sasuke slowly relaxed and shook his head.

"You don't even know who you're talking about." As if aggravated with the situation, Naruto dropped the mop on the ground. Walking over to Sasuke, he stood in front of him with his arms crossed.

"Your name is Uchiha Sasuke. You live with your mother, father, and older brother Itachi. You're somewhere in the top five of the class. Your birthday is in the summer, sometime in July. The later part of July. Which means that you're a Cancer, a total crab. Seems to fit you perfectly." Naruto said. Sasuke's eyes widened a bit. He quickly recovered, pushing the blonde away from him. In order to stop the discussion, he walked over to the other side of the room, though Naruto didn't stay idle. He heard the annoying voice get louder as it spoke. "You're really into dark colors, and you never smile. Which is weird, since all of the girls just gravitate toward you even when you're an asshole."

"So what, you stalking me now?" Sasuke asked, glaring back at the satisfied teen. When he shook his head, Sasuke slowly turned back to face him. "How do you know all of that?"

"Do you think they let me sleep in detention? I do all those stupid 'happy birthday from student council' things while I'm after school. And since the girls all adore you at the school, yours was pretty hard to miss," Naruto said, shrugging while leaning on the only clean wall in the place. He looked around the entire cafeteria, his stupid grin never leaving his lips. Sasuke stared at the boy for a few seconds, opening his mouth to speak. The blonde beat him to it. "I saw your family at parent teacher conferences. They were telling me about your brother and stuff, so that's how I figured your family out. And I don't think I've ever seen you wear a brighter color than dark blue in the entire three years we've known each other. So I know you don't fancy things like happiness and laughter. Or even smiling."

"Shut up."

"Someone's sensitive."

"Only to dobes." That got him a glare. Satisfied in winning the verbal match, he picked up the mop that Naruto had left and started to clean again. He heard movement behind him, but didn't turn to look. The two worked in silence for the rest of the time, occasionally glaring at the other for reasons only they could back up. But Sasuke couldn't stop the strong urge to smirk at what the boy had said earlier. Such an idiot. He goes to the parent teacher conferences and talks to other kids parents. Why doesn't he just bring his own? Probably because of his grades.

Once the two had finished their cleaning, they walked back the counselor's cabins. Blue eyes were facing the sky, watching the stars and paying no attention to the path they walked. The complete ignorance was amazingly stupid in Sasuke's opinion, but he wasn't the teen's mother. If the teen got hurt, it wasn't his issue.

"Hey Sasuke?" Speaking of the devil.


"You ever wonder if we're not the only ones out there? Like if we're really just one out of a hundred planets like us?" At the random ramble, Sasuke scoffed.

"Why does it matter? We're here and they're not. It doesn't matter what's out there, because they don't seem to care about our species. Don't bother with the 'what if', deal with the 'what is'." He watched the younger male blink and glance back to him. By now they were through the main part of their walk, though neither seemed to notice.

"You're a friggen jerk." There was a pause before he spoke again. "You wanna take cafeteria duties at night with me?"

"What?" They both stopped in front of the cabins, standing in front of each other. Naruto seemed as shocked about his question as Sasuke, but quickly recovered with a grin.

"I just don't want to get stuck doing it with Neji or something. One wrong move and I'm history with that guy! At least with a teme like you I know you can't beat me up. Ya know?" The blonde laughed for a few seconds before he noticed Sasuke walking away from him and back toward his cabin. "Hey wait! Get back here you jerk! You can't just walk away from a conversation."

"Every time I hear your voice, I lose brain cells." Sasuke felt the smirk against his lips grow when he heard the growl from Naruto. Finally stopping at the door, he glanced back to the seething boy, amused. "But I guess anything is better than these brats."

"Good! And next time, you're mopping!" The energetic fuzz ball ran into his cabin and shut the door, leaving Sasuke to himself in the night. Sighing at the random energetic teenager, Sasuke pushed into his to clean off and sleep, not knowing he had started the most important two months of his life.


"Prepare to eat asphalt dog breath!" How had he been roped into this? Watching Naruto cockily dribble the ball between his legs, Sasuke had just wanted to know where the bathroom was. That was all. So how did he end up being dragged into an all out basketball war with a practically foaming-at-the-mouth teammate growling back at the smirking teenage? Not to mention they had a full house watching them from the stands.

"In your dreams kitsune! Me and emo boy are going to wipe the court with your ugly face." What were these, pet names? In all honestly, 'emo boy' didn't really set well with him. He sent a glare at his 'teammate' who was too busy sticking his tongue out at Naruto to notice. He glanced to Shikamaru, who stood next to Naruto with the most bored look on his face. But if he was so against the idea of exercise, what had he agreed?

All Sasuke had wanted to know was where the men's bathroom was. His and Naruto's group of kids were assigned to play basketball for their day activity while Sakura and Neji's groups went out to the lake for swimming. But halfway through teaching the kids (who weren't acting quite as demonic today) how to dribble a ball, Sasuke got a call from nature. He tried to ignore it, since he wasn't sure leaving the kids with Shikamaru was the best idea, but after 20 minutes his body couldn't be ignored. Seeing no bathroom, he knew he needed to find someone who did know. Since Shikamaru was too busy trying to avoid physical exercise and Kiba was getting some more basketballs, he was left with one option.

"Dobe." Naruto's kids watched in awe as their counselor shot a point easily from the foul line. He had to admit that even though the dobe had been a pain for the past week, he was really good with his kids. Not to say that Sasuke was bad, because he was an Uchiha after all, but Naruto seemed to enjoy the positive attention from the children.

"Hey teme! You struggling to teach your kids how to play?" The offhanded comment made Sasuke frown.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto shrugged while he grabbed the ball that had rolled back to his feet. Spinning it on one finger was just to piss Sasuke off he was sure.

"Well I mean, I don't think I've ever seen you play a sport before. And you're not exactly structured to play anything physical." After his comment, Naruto did an once-over Sasuke's body as if to prove his point. Sasuke didn't bother to deny the boy's accusations. He knew he wasn't bulky like some of the kids at their school, but that did not make him weak. What he lacked in body he made up for in strength and agility. So yes, he stayed away from football and hockey. He left those sports to the boneheads.

"I'm better than you think. And you're not exactly a heavy weight either. You're smaller than I am."

"Hey! You take that back jerk!" Naruto jerked his attention to his right when he heard laughing. When Sasuke noticed the dangerous gleam in Kiba's eyes, he knew he wasn't going to like where this was going.

"Hey, look idiot, I just want to kno—"

"So you think a hot shot when it comes to basketball, eh fox boy?" Kiba's interruption into Sasuke's question almost made the Uchiha groan. He knew where this was going, especially with that insult. Naruto was born with three scars on each of his cheeks. It wasn't a big deal to most until sophomore year when Naruto had fallen asleep in English. Kiba had drawn over them with permanent marker, making the lines pop out. And though Sasuke didn't stare, he had to admit that it did make look Naruto look fox-like. The entire day, Naruto had to walk around with the marks on his face. Ever since then, Kiba had officially given him the name 'fox boy'. In return, Naruto had super glued a collar around Kiba's neck with the dog tags reading 'Uzumaki's bitch'. And people wondered why Sasuke considered them idiots.

"Why, you think your better kibbles?" The two conceited boys stared at each other with an intensity that could have heated a room had they been indoors. But the sun glaring down on them was hot enough to compensate. Taking a challenging step toward the blonde, Kiba snatched the ball off of his finger and rolled it down his arm and across his shoulders to catch it in his other hand. The blond shrugged, casually starting to pull his shirt off as he spoke. "Well why don't you stop with the fancy tricks and get to playing."

"Is that a challenge Uzumaki?" The teen in question tossed his shirt over to Sasuke, who glared at him in annoyance. He was not a coat rack, especially for the smelly idiots in front of him. So when Kiba's shirt hit him in the fact, it took all his pride to keep him from lashing out at the two. Instead, he dropped the shirts on the ground and stepped on them.

"Before you two imbeciles go at each other, I have a question to ask." This was really getting annoying. All he wanted to do was go to the bathroom and get back to the kids. He had left them with Shikamaru for over five minutes, and that could be deadly. To the kids or Naru he wasn't quite sure.

Naruto's head snapped over to Sasuke, and an evil grin curled the blonde's lips so fast, Sasuke didn't stand a chance.

"Alright, I'll play a game with you. But not one on one, that'd be too easy to beat you with. Let's see how much of a hot shot you are when you've got Sasuke on your team. Me and Shikamaru against you and Sasuke. The first team to five points wins." Sasuke was in shock. He wasn't sure if it showed on his face or not, but for the moment he didn't care. That stupid idiot had just thrown him into something he never asked to be a part of. He quickly tried to put an end to this scheme.

"I'm not playing, dobe. I just want to know where the bathroom is." Both boys broke eye contact to stare at the glaring boy, who didn't let up on his gaze.

"What the hell's wrong with you teme? You just said you were good at this game. Why wouldn't you want to play? Besides the fact you're on a loser team." If Naruto was trying to get him angry, it wasn't working.

"Either way I would have been on a loser's team, despite the score. Now where is the bathroom so you and Kiba can continue with your game?"

"Well if you're going to be that way…then I'm not telling you where they are." If looks could kill, Sasuke would have been charged with the murder of Uzumaki Naruto. But the blonde was still breathing, and looking very arrogant now. "If you'll play one game with us, I'll tell you where they are. If not, be prepared to wet yourself in front of everyone."

"You can't be serious." But the look that Naruto gave him made it clear that for once, he wasn't joking. Trying to find a way out of the situation, and the idea of doing something as disgusting as public urination, Sasuke looked over to where he had left Shikamaru. Luckily, everyone seemed to be in one piece. "You'd never get Shikamaru to agree to it."

"Watch me, I'm very persuasive!" Naruto practically skipped over to the other boy, where the two engaged in the longest conversation Sasuke had ever watched. And why was it so long? Because now he could feel the cramps in his stomach from the severe need to pee. And the two were acting like they were discussing the meaning of life.

But finally, a miracle occurred. Shikamaru not only stood up from the bench he was laying on, but walked over to the court and mumbled, "I'm in."

And that had been the end of Sasuke's escape. Not that he didn't try other reasons why they couldn't play. He tried to use the kids, but they were all so taken by Naruto's charm that they rushed to the stands to watch them. Then he tried to reason it was too hot. That had ended up in Naruto ripping his shirt off of him in the roughest possible way. He would have tried more reasons if not for the fact that his stomach was really starting to hurt, and he could almost feel the water swishing inside whenever he moved. So as calmly and quietly as he could, Sasuke relented.

"Fine. One game." The smile on Naruto's face looked like it was about to fall off from lack of room.

"Great! The bathrooms are right behind the basketball shed, you can't miss em if you look from over here." Sasuke would have strangled someone, but he had more urgent needs to take care of. Without another word, he walked briskly to the bathrooms. Because there was no way he was going to run. By the time he had gotten back, the crowd had grown to include the other two set of kids along with their counselors. They were coming back from the pool when Naruto had so generously invited them to watch. And as soon as Sasuke's name had been dropped, the two girls had raced to the stands. The only reason Neji agreed to watch was his curiosity in how well his intelligent friend faired in sports.

And that was how Sasuke found himself staring into the clear blue eyes of determination. He should have just let them have the win. But the pride inside of him wouldn't let that happen. After all, he had unwillingly agreed to this. There was no backing out now. So slowly he moved into a defensive position that had the blonde smirking. With Hinata's help and some searching in the sport shed, a little girl blew the whistle that started the fierce game.

And surprisingly, the two teams were dead even in skill. When Shikamaru and Sasuke finally decided to take the game as seriously as one could against their will, their bodies were helpful instead of deadweight. Even though Sasuke didn't want to admit it, when the score had been tied at 4-4, he had forgotten that he didn't want to play. He ignored the screams of his name as he dribbled the ball in front of him, feeling the sweat drip off the side of his face. He didn't care as much as he should have. His body and mind were focused on one thing. The wipe the taunting grin that had been plastered in place the entire game.

Neither of the boys moved at first. Sasuke stood behind the half court line, and glanced briefly at Kiba to see Shikamaru had not let up on his defense. Looking back at the idle opponent in front of him, he knew he had no other choice but to bring the ball to the hoop himself. So he continued to dribble the ball for a few more seconds, hoping to psych the blonde out before he moved forward. In almost a predatory way, he watched Naruto lick his lower lip in anticipation, his whiskered scars only adding to the image of a fox staring at dinner. But Sasuke didn't stop as he ran straight toward the dangerous opponent.

But the clash of the titans happened a little different than he expected. Out of all the moments in the game for Sasuke to trip, it had to be then. We he was only inches from Naruto and the winning shot. But fate didn't seem to like Sasuke, because instantly his shoulder crashed into a hard body that had not been expecting the extra weight. The two hit off of each other and went down hard. The way that Sasuke's shoulder was tilted toward the ground, he knew he was in for a world of pain. So closing his eyes seemed like thing to do in preparation.

But a yank to his right changed the course of his body. Instead of landing on tar with the snapping of his collarbone, he fell straight against Naruto's body. He felt Naruto's back hit the ground with a thud and then a few inches of a sickening grinding of skin against the court followed. It took Sasuke's mind a few moments to catch up with his body, hearing the painful groan underneath him. Pushing his eyes open to look down at his human pillow, he almost winced as the excruciating look that he knew the boy wasn't faking. Moving as quickly as he could, Sasuke rolled Naruto to his side, ignoring the hiss that followed the movement.

"Naruto! Dude, can you hear me?" Both Kiba and Shikamaru had run over, the competition easily forgotten. Sasuke stared down at the vicious tears of skin. Parts of the peeled skin hung lifelessly off of his back. The blood was staring to become a problem, and smart parts of the tar were probably causing immense pain inside of the open wounds. Not wanting to have him roll back onto the open sores, Sasuke leaned him to lie on his stomach.

"Kiba, go grab the water bottles so we can wash out the wounds. Shikamaru, grab me the first aid kit. It's somewhere near our stuff." His tone was sharp and clear, leaving no room for arguing. Not that either boy cared to stay with Naruto with the gruesome marks on his back. Once the boys left to do their tasks, Sasuke calmly lifted his head to the stands, where several of the kids were crying. Trying to ignore them, Sasuke looked up to Neji, who currently was keeping the girls from running over to them. "Neji, take everyone and get them away from here. Bring the kids to lunch or something; get their minds off of it. Kiba and Shikamaru will catch up in a minute."

Neji nodded before corralling the small group of distressed children out of the area, Hinata's soft promises of ice cream relaxing most of the children. Still, it was obvious that the kids from group three were still extremely upset even when forced away from their counselor. Sasuke let out a weak sigh and looked back at the injured boy. He was not expecting to see two open blue eyes staring up at him.

"You teme…I'm fine. You worry like a girl." Naruto laughed but shut his eyes and hissed when he tried to move his body.

"When you act like a child, I have to treat you like one. Now don't be an idiot and stay still. Even you can see that you're in no position to move." Sasuke knew that he sounded harsh, but he didn't care. Naruto had done something stupid and deserved it. Why would he pull the extra weight into his body, knowing it would make a harder impact on the ground? It wasn't like Sasuke had asked him to.

"You know, for being so scrawny, you sure hit hard." The pain wrapped around his voice like a glove despite the smile. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the comment, looking up to the two counselors when they came back with the supplies. Sasuke started to unscrew the cap of the water as he spoke.

"Neji's in the cafeteria, and both of our teams need to be calmed down. I'll fix the idiot up and get him to the nurse. You two go help the others."

"Right-o boss man." Kiba saluted Sasuke before he glanced back down to Naruto, awkwardly shifting on his feet. "Get better Naruto."

"Don't worry. I've still got to kick your ass."

"In your dreams." Kiba laughed, seeming to feel better from his friend's ability to brag. Once the other two left, Sasuke placed his hand onto Naruto's uninjured shoulder in the case that Naruto flinched. Sasuke heard Naruto grunt a bit in discomfort from the coldness of the liquid washing his wounds. Looking up to the teen, he narrowed his eyes to see he had opened the first aid kit, flipping through the pages.

"Put that down." Naruto didn't seem to pay attention as he stopped on one page.

"Says here that you should put the gloves on to keep bacteria away from the wound," Naruto read. He glanced back at Sasuke and pushed the box toward him. Narrowing his gaze on his 'patient', Sasuke was tempted to leave him as he was. But when he saw Naruto wince despite his continuation to talk, Sasuke knew he was trying to get his mind off the pain in his back. "Come on, you aren't very good at this first aid thing."

"Do not speak unless you're reading the instructions," Sasuke ordered. Naruto moved to complain, stopping when Sasuke reached into the first aid kit for the gloves. He grinned before relaxing again on the pavement, starting to read to Sasuke. Sasuke followed the instructions quietly; relieved by the fact there was noise. Silence would leave room to think about what the dobe's reasoning was behind the moronic stunt.

It took a while to get Naruto's back fully cleaned out (luckily there were tweezers to take the pieces of tar out). But the worst part came at the covering of the wounds.

"They're too small." Was the sentence that started the ball rolling. Naruto glanced over his back in annoyance, which Sasuke was sure his eyes mirrored.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, they're too small. How else can I simplify that?" The adhesive bandages, though they came in several sizes, were too small to cover any of the real wounds. And Sasuke was not going to waste time playing Tetris with bandages to make them fit.

"Oh! I have an idea!" Naruto's sudden shout made Sasuke jump. He quickly recovered with an eye roll while the blonde struggled to sit up.

"Well there's a first."

"Shut up, I don't see you using your amazing brain." Before Sasuke could speak, Naruto held up a rolled cloth bandage. "Just use the gauze pads to cover the wounds, and wrap this around my body to keep them in place. I've seen them do it on Baywatch like 100 times."

"You watch Baywatch?"

"Duh! Have you seen their bathing suits?" Sasuke scoffed and grabbed the gauze from the kit, starting to press it against Naruto's back. He kept the gauze in place with the medical tape while Naruto unraveled the bandage. He took the bandage from the teen while he spoke.

"No wonder you're so dumb. That show is garbage."

"And I'm sure you watch the discovery channel while sipping tea and debating about Darwinism. Real mat—OW! Damnit get off of me!" Sasuke pulled back quickly from wrapping the wound, realizing one problem with Naruto's plan.

"I can't get to the front of your body without leaning on your back." Naruto didn't seem to listen, still complaining from the pain shooting through his back. Sasuke easily found a solution to the problem. But the willingness was not there. "Hn."

"Hn? What does 'hn' mean this time? I don't speak Uchiha." He sighed at the grumble from the other male, slowly moving to sit in front of him. The two stared at each other for a few seconds in silence while Sasuke debating leaving the wounds as they were and having the nurse deal with it. But if somebody bumped into Naruto, the gauze would easily fall off. The bandages were needed to keep them in place.

"I'm going to have to wrap you from the front." There was no room for discussion in Sasuke's voice. Blinking, it took Naruto a few seconds to realize what that meant in position change. Sasuke arched an eyebrow when he saw a slight change in color in Naruto's cheeks. Did the dobe actually have an embarrassment level?

"N-no way! I'm not having a guy straddling me and pressing into my body! You're gonna have to get all close and shit."

"It's not like I want to do this either, idiot" The awkward silence that fell between them only made the situation worse. Neither one wanted to start what they both knew had to be done. There were a few moments of squirming, scowling, and avoidance of eye contact. A warm breeze passed by them, seeming to knock them out of their silence.

"Fine, just do it quick. I'll just think of a girl doing it or something," Naruto mumbled weakly. He stretched his legs out in front of him, as almost an invitation to start. Sasuke saw how Naruto's cheeks were still pink, and he mildly wondered if his cheeks had changed color. He really hoped not, because he didn't have whiskers or tanned skin to hide it.

Shifting to straddle Naruto's thighs, neither boy made eye contact as the bandage was being wrapped. Occasionally their chests would touch, which stopped bothering Sasuke after the third brush. The teen under him was another story. Whenever the need to wrap his back came, Naruto would tense up and stay tense until Sasuke slid his fingers away from the wounded area and pulled back.

Sasuke couldn't exactly say he was relaxed either. The weak breathing brushing against his bare shoulder wasn't something he was used to. He had near girls plenty of times, but never this close. Most of them just latched onto his arms when he walked. It was easy to ignore the extra appendage. But feeling hot breath against the skin was different. The feeling sent a shiver down his spine, which he ignored. Even though his mind had assessed the situation as a needed but not wanted contact between him and the blonde, his body didn't care. The nerves were sensitive no matter who touched them.

"Hey, n-not so tight." Sasuke blinked out of his thoughts when he realized he had pulled the bandage roughly against Naruto's back. He felt a second shiver at the grip on his arm that had brought him back, and still hadn't moved from his bicep. But he didn't focus on it.

"This is your fault," Sasuke mumbled, finally moving one last time against the dobe's body to finish the wrapping. He felt the hand tighten on his arm in protest.

"How is this my fault? You're the one who tripped! Stupid teme, I should have known you couldn't play sports." Sasuke narrowed his eyes when the tilt of Naruto's head directed the breath to glide along his ear. He wasn't sure if he was angry at the words or action, but he knew that he didn't like his non-filtering body. Didn't it know that Naruto was a guy? And more importantly, an idiot?

"You're the one who caught me." Just for spite, though Naruto wouldn't be able to tell, he let his breath move against Naruto's skin. The teen dropped his hand from Sasuke's arm, but not before he shivered. It was relieving to know that every teenager's body reacted to sensitive touches, no matter the sex. After all, the blonde's body had.

"That's because you're my friend." That caught Sasuke off guard. Moving away from the chest he still had been pressed again, he couldn't see any fakeness in Naruto's smile. He must have seen the confusion in the obsidian gaze, because he shrugged and took the bandage from Sasuke's hands, tying it into a knot in the front. "I mean yea, we fight a lot and sometimes I really want to dunk your head in the lake. I get tired of watching you brood in the corner over pointless stuff. I hate how you get stuff handed to you like girls and good looks. Eh, I guess there isn't a lot that I like about you actually.

"Well no. I like talking to you, even if you are a prick. I guess there's just a lot of things I like and a lot of things I don't like about you. So it balances out and leaves me with the conclusion that you're my friend, in some weird twisted way. I'm not sure how my mind works, it just tells me what to think and I think it. Damn I sound dumb." As if he could ever get self-conscious, the rambling teenager ran his fingers through bright locks of hair before looking up at Sasuke and grinning. "But you're still a teme who needs to loosen up a bit."


"Like now! I just gave the best confession of friendship you'll ever get and all you say is 'hn'? That's not even a word you jerk! Gah I knew I should have saved that for someone special." Despite his loudness, Sasuke could tell that Naruto meant what he said. By the avoiding of eye contact and sudden burst of loudness, he was trying to hide it. And for some reason, that made Sasuke feel like maybe, just maybe, having the idiot hang around him wasn't as bad as he thought.

"Let's get you to the nurse; I'm sure this won't be the last time you're there." Sasuke moved off of the complaining teen. Wanting to shut him up, he held his hand out in front of Naruto, who slowly grinned before using it to pull himself up. Sasuke moved out of the court with a babbling idiot behind him.

"I knew it! I knew you liked me! Come on teme; say I'm your friend!"

"Sure dobe, something like that."

"Cop out!"

"Hn." And they continued to argue all the way to the nurse's office, their relationship growing with each insult.


It was hot. So hot, that Sasuke could feel his fingers trembling when they slid into spiky blond hair, tugging in need while the idiot continued to lick at his navel. That wasn't where he wanted him. And if he was going to let him take control for a bit, he was going to do it right. He could already feel his hips working against sinful fingers that touched him in a way that was unique to their owner. A thumb brushed the slit of his tip, which dripped with hot pre-cum. If not for the gentle bite against his happy trail, Sasuke wouldn't have made a noise. As it was, it was only a soft grunt, but he could feel the grin against his skin. Damn idiot.

One quick lick to his tip got his back to arch. It was uncontrollable, and Sasuke was too busy keeping his moans to himself to even care about his body. His hips had betrayed him as soon as tanned fingers wrapped around his central need. His skin had flushed under every suck from that sinful mouth that was now wrapping tightly against his shaft. Sweat pooled between them, and the darkness of the room was causing ever touch to feel more heightened. He felt blunt nails lazily trail themselves against the inside of his thighs while that mouth brought pleasure Sasuke wasn't even sure existed. It was too much and not enough. He felt his hips push up in bliss, racing toward the need to finish. The tongue was rubbing the slit, the hot cavern it laid in sucking the rest of his throbbing member. He felt his hands grab whatever was under them for grounding as his head started to fill with white. It was hot. It was perfect.

It was a dream. A dream that been bugging Sasuke for two weeks. He sighed and stared at his desk, which was covered with information about recurring dreams. One scientist said that no two dreams were exactly alike, but they invoke the same feelings and emotions, which causes the dreamer to think it's a recurring dream. Well yea, he knew that. Sometimes they were inside, sometimes outside. There were cases where they were dressed and others where nothing but a sheet separated them. And some of them Sasuke couldn't even think back to without smacking himself. But the main focus was always the same.

He had read that a dream like this could be caused by a problem or stress in a person's life. Well, the kids gave him tons of that. They had done nothing besides destroy every possible toy or game that they had. It was enough to make Sasuke want to scream. But he wouldn't, because he was Sasuke. So saying he was under more stress than usual was true. And since he normally ended the night cleaning the cafeteria, it could explain why the dobe was in his 'nightmares'. Nightmares were things that scared you. They made you sweat and squirm, and have trouble sleeping for hours. They make you scared to sleep because of having them. They can even make you scream in your sleep.

Yup, it was a nightmare alright. Just a horribly twisted one that somehow invoked his body to harden to the point of pain. It was actually why he woke up most of the time, disgusted and aroused. It was a dream that Sasuke didn't want to have again. Sigmund Freud said that everyone was a sexual being, and that dreams helped people play out their fantasies. That their unconscious mind was trying to force them to see something they didn't know or want to know about. And since the day at the basketball courts, where Naruto had made Sasuke realize just how responsive the skin on his ear was to his touch, the dreams wouldn't stop.

"I'm going to kill him." Sasuke muttered, grabbing the papers and tossing them into the trashcan near the desk. He sighed and looked out the window at the kids who were waving goodbye to the staff at the camp before running to where their parents were waiting. It was Friday, which meant Sasuke was able to go home if he wanted. Normally there wouldn't be a doubt in his mind to get away from this place. But the thought of being alone for a few days seemed a lot more relaxing than getting bombarded by fangirls as soon as he stepped out of his house.

It would be even worse than normal this weekend since it was his birthday. His parents had already given him his present by paying off the rest of the money for his car. Itachi had gotten him tickets for a concert for a band he didn't really like, but the brother's had never really been too close. Plus, he was sure he could find someone to buy them off of him. In a way, he would be making money off of the present, so he wasn't really bothered. There was nothing really to go home to, other than a headache.

"You haven't left yet?" Sasuke blinked before he turned to face Shikamaru, who sighed and moved over to lie in his bed. He didn't understand why the lazy kid was so tired. He convinced the kids to make shapes out of clouds for two hours instead of archery. Sasuke didn't argue since it gave him time to look up the research on his 'problem'.

"I'm not sure I'm going home yet. I might stay here for the weekend," Sasuke replied, making sure the papers in the trash were facing downward. Shikamaru sighed and rolled onto his back.

"Figured." There were a few moments of silence between them, though nothing awkward filled the space. Once they started to talk, Sasuke realized how easy it was to get along with his co-counselor. So long as he didn't have to work, Shikamaru was a generally good guy. They didn't talk too much, but their conversations were never boring or meaningless like a certain blond haired boy he knew. "I wouldn't want to go back to the town if I was you. I'm sure the fangirls have planned a big attack for tomorrow."

"Talking to Sakura and Ino again?"

"Those two know more gossip than anyone else in our school. So I figured I'd warn you before you walked into your own death." Sasuke nodded before he stood up, moving toward the door for some fresh air.

"I'm guessing your heading home, so I'll see you Monday." Was Sasuke's response before leaving Shikamaru alone in the cabin. He stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes before sighing and closing his eyes.

"Being friends with Naruto is way too troublesome," He mumbled, before pushing out of his bed to go tell him friend the news.


Friday night came and left without much of a fuss. Sasuke was basically alone except for Kakashi, who had offered to stay in case of an emergency. He didn't see much of the older man, since Kakashi preferred to be alone in his cabin. That was fine with Sasuke; he enjoyed the solitude of the camp. When there were no kids running around the noise left with them. The site was actually very quiet. Saturday he had spent walking around the camp area and mountain trails that the kids were going to be headed on in a few weeks. Even though they were going to have maps to guide them, Sasuke still wanted to know what he was getting himself into. So for his seventeenth birthday, Sasuke was alone.

Until night time. The rain wasn't bad at first, when Sasuke had moved back into the camp. But by the time Sasuke had showered and changed into his sleep wear, the rain was coming down in buckets. He stared at it for a while, the temperature dropping a bit from the amount of cool water that contrasted sharply with the hotness of the summer sun. So Sasuke shut his window and prepared to go to sleep.

A knock at the door caught him off guard. Slowly Sasuke moved off of his bed and to the door, his eyes staring down in confusion when a soaked Naruto with a just as soaked backpack grinned up at him.

"Hey teme, happy birthday!" Without asking he entered, kicking his ruined shoes to the side next to Sasuke's. Sasuke shut the door to keep the rain out, glancing back now at the puddle that surrounded Naruto's feet while he stripped his socks off.

"What are you doing here?" He only got an eye roll from his guest before he headed into the bathroom, leaving footprints on the floor behind him. Sasuke wasn't sure what Naruto was trying to pull, but the idea of being alone with him was unsettling. They were alone in the cafeteria. But it was because of their job. They had to be in there, alone if nobody else wanted to stay and help. That was just a part of them being counselors.

But this was something different for Sasuke. He had school friends, and he did some after school activities with people to make his college resume look good. He was invited to more parties than he could think of. But never once had a friend of his come over to his house. Most of his popularity was with girls, and he certainly did not want them to come over. The others were only friends when school was in session. The closest thing to a friend for Sasuke was Neji, and even they had never been to each other's houses. He just talked to Neji more than anyone else.

So when Naruto came out of the bathroom in sleepwear, a towel around his neck, and a present in hand, Sasuke wasn't sure what to do.

"What? I know you've seen a present before!" Naruto laughed and tossed the wrapped up box to Sasuke before jumping onto Shikamaru's bed. He finished scrubbing the mess of hair that now flopped in his eyes from the weight of the water and threw the towel over the puddle he had made earlier. Looking up to Sasuke, he grinned. "I left my clothes in the shower to dry, since I figured you had already taken yours. You're lucky that my bag was waterproof, or else that thing would have been ruined! And don't worry about clothes for me, I left my stuff back at my cabin for the weekend!"

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke asked again, staring at the teenager who was cleaning his ear out with his pinky. Tossing the present onto the bed, Sasuke moved into the bathroom and grabbed a q-tip, throwing it at Naruto. "That's disgusting. Use this."

"Shut up, I couldn't find them when I was in there," Naruto replied, grabbing the smaller instrument and starting his work again.

"You are an idiot." He only got a growl in return. Sighing, Sasuke slowly walked over to his bed, sitting next to the present. He knew the look he was giving the bright orange wrapping paper was cautious because he heard the teen snort.

"It's not a bomb; I'm waiting for Christmas to put that one together."

"As if you could."

"Hey! Take that back!"



"Dobe." He looked up to see Naruto cross his arms and pout like the kids in his group. Shaking his head at the childish antics, Sasuke slowly put the present into his lap before he started to open it. From the corner of his eye he could see Naruto squirming, a clear sign of nerves. The thought that Naruto cared enough to be worried about Sasuke's reaction made his stomach knot. He drew his attention back to the present, pulling off the cover of the white box. He blinked as he stared down at the hoodie, which looked surprisingly comfortable. He picked it out of the box, the hoodie white with black flames coming from the edges. It didn't look cheap or easy to get, which led Sasuke to the assumption that Naruto had actually thought about it. Slowly, he let the hoodie rest in his lap, looking over to the now panicking boy.

"I-It was just in a display I saw. I just…well you're so damn emo all the time, you never wear color. But I wasn't going to go buy you a princess pony shirt or some stupid shit like that. So I saw it, and it's not completely black or anything so you won't be quite as bad. I don't know if it's your size, and I don't really care! It fit me so I'm assuming it'd fit your scrawny body. And…ya know…it's your birthday and stuff."

"Why?" Naruto blinked at the question before narrowing his eyes on Sasuke, moving over to hit him. Sasuke was quicker, pushing Naruto back onto the bed before the blonde could get in a punch. A match of wrestling ensued, the two reversing roles between the victor and the defeated. Finally a cry of joy was heard as Sasuke glared up at Naruto, who had successfully pinned his body to the bed. Both set of legs were tangled between the other's, their breathing choppy and one face flushed beneath whiskered cheeks from the struggle. The other boy continued to scowl, trying to ignore how close their bodies were. Unwillingly his mind flashed back to his dream for so many nights, Sasuke shaking his head to destroy it.

"Get off of me." He snapped out, which only caused the goofy smile to grow. He tried to push farther back into the bed when Naruto leaned closer, unaware of the meaning 'personal space'.

"Come on, say I'm stronger," Naruto taunted, sticking his tongue out like a child. But his body was not young; there was no baby fat to be seen. His stomach, as far as Sasuke could remember, may have been even toner than his. Not that he would ever admit it to the blonde.

"You're such a pain."

"Yea, but you like it."

"Like a child likes a cavity." At the boyish pout that Naruto gave, Sasuke switched the subject. "You never answered my question."

"What question?"

"The one you came over here to hit me for?" Naruto paused as if thinking before shaking his head.

"Nope, doesn't ring a bell." If Sasuke had control of his hands, he would have punched the idiot.

"The why are you on me?" Sasuke arched a brow at the sudden flushing that filled the younger teen's cheeks before he pulled away, quickly scrambling to the other side of the bed. Confused, Sasuke sat up and watched the almost nervous glancing that kept Naruto's eyes away from him. Getting sick of the mood swings, Sasuke decided to drop the subject. There was no point in getting the teen all riled up, especially before they went to bed. So instead, he looked down at the present and frowned. "The white is going to make me look pale."

"You already are pale," Naruto grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Besides, it's not like that will stop the girls from liking you. In fact, I bet they're gonna want you even more since I have such good style."

"If your head got any bigger, it would pop from the pressure." Before the idiot started another fight, Sasuke continued. "And the thought of more girls chasing me makes me want to burn it."

"You better not!"

"I said want, not will. Although to see your face, it may be worth it." Sasuke said, smirking over to the boy. Naruto just glared before looking away and crossing his arms. The similarities between him and the campers were astounding. It was no surprised that they favored him over everyone.

"I don't see why you complain. Any guy would want to be in your shoes."

"Because I can't even walk out the front door without one of them stalking me. You try taking a shower when there are girls outside of your window." A devious curl of Naruto's lips made Sasuke shudder. And it wasn't from fear.

"I'd let them in."

"Why? So they'd run?"

"Teme! I'll let you know that there are a lot of girls who find me attractive." As if to prove his point, he flexed his bicep to show that muscle that strained against the pressure. Sasuke stared at it for a moment before rolling his eyes.

"And how many of them have kissed you?" He could tell his answer by the flush in Naruto's cheeks and the growl he received.

"How many girls have you kissed?!"


"Yea well the probably didn't like it—what?" Sasuke shrugged at the shocked look on Naruto's face.

"I've never kissed anyone."

"No fucking way." The profanity that left Naruto's mouth made an eyebrow go up. "You, the Uchiha Sasuke, have never kissed a girl before?"

"What's the point in kissing someone if you don't like them? I'm not wasting my time with women who I could care less about." He knew the haughty way he said it would drive Naruto up a wall. His guess was confirmed by the way that Naruto glared at him and fisted his hands in the sheets. Feeling a bit prouder than he should have, Sasuke smirked and leaned closer to Naruto, seeing the blue tinted reflection of his own eyes. "And how many girls have wanted to kiss you, the Uzumaki Naruto?"

"Asshole." The two stared at each other, letting the word hang in the air. After a few seconds Naruto glanced away, an unreadable look in his eyes. Suddenly, Sasuke felt like the playful banter had taken a vicious turn. Naruto seemed pulled back, though he hadn't moved away physically. A sudden chill filled the air around them. Sasuke opened his mouth to say something, but found no words come to him. No insult or comeback. It was like this new Naruto had sucked him dry. Even Naruto's voice changed to a soft mumble. "Nobody's ever wanted to touch me. Why would they want to kiss me?"

"What about your parents? They've touched you," Sasuke said, watching in shock as Naruto's entire body flinched. The pain inside of Naruto's eyes was something Sasuke had never seen before.

"No, they haven't. Not for a long time." Naruto's voice was so dull; Sasuke was almost worried about speaking again. So Naruto did it for him. "My parents passed on 12 years ago. A fire in the house, while I was over my friend's house. The police said it was some arsonist who had been burning down things all over town. He was caught about a mile from my house. And the worst part was he knew my parents were in there. He left a four year old without a family, and killed two innocent people." Sasuke listened quietly; surprised that Naruto was able to talk about it so easily. But from the way that Kiba acted in gym, Sasuke knew that Naruto didn't flaunt the information around.

"I got adopted by a nice man named Iruka when I was six. He's really busy with work and stuff, hardly ever home. He works with the president, so that's kind of cool." He paused before looking back at Sasuke, the smile weak against his lips. "So yea, I don't expect people to want to be near me. That's why I bought you something for your birthday. You're the first person in a long time that I've felt needed by. Even if you are a jerk, ya know?"

Sasuke could only stare. That had happened to the bubbly teenager who would talk until the sun went down? The kid who never stopped to think about the negative parts of his life, or the strange looks people gave him? The boy who had glued the teacher's markers to the ceiling on April fool's day? The teenager that had annoyed his way into Sasuke's life? It was a complete change from everything Sasuke knew about him, and he hated it. Naruto had been smiling and laughing off everyone's insults. It wasn't because he was stupid. It was because he wanted to belong somewhere. The information set something off in himself. The fact that he could almost see the brightness of Naruto's eyes fade made Sasuke's mouth open without his command.

"Hn. I'd kiss you." He didn't know which one of them was more thrown off. Despite his need to freak out and take back what he said, Sasuke kept a cool composure and shrugged at the widened blue eyes. "So stop acting like that. Someone will want you one day."

"Sa-Sasuke…" He wasn't sure if he was externally blushing as hard as he was on the inside. He decided that sleeping in Shikamaru's bed was better than sitting here waiting for Naruto to react. He moved to stand up before his wrist was yanked down, making him fall back on the bed. He let shock only show for a moment before looking up at the teen above him, trying to see unaffected by the closeness of their bodies. He saw the confusion and nervousness that showed clear as day. But he didn't speak. After all, Naruto was the one who pulled him back. "Are you just fucking with me?"

"You're an idiot," Sasuke replied, rolling his eyes. He started to sit up, intending to push the blonde off of him so he could go to sleep.

"Let's kiss." The suggestion stopped Sasuke in his tracks. Looking up at Naruto slowly, determination was the only thing left to see. Sasuke leaned back on his elbows, staring up at the blonde who was now cradled into his lap. There was tension between the two. Maybe Naruto was scared that Sasuke was kidding. Because Sasuke was confident that Naruto was going to grin any moment and throw in some stupid punch line about his ass or some other part of his body. But instead, Naruto nodded his head. "Let's do it."

"Are you crazy?"

"W-Well we're best friends! Best friends help each other out when they're upset! And we can just pretend that we're kissing girls! You said yourself that you don't wanna waste your first kiss-"

"I never said that. I said I didn't see the point in kissing one of those fangirls. I don't like them." For some reason, the pulse in his neck had started to beat faster than before. Staring up into unwavering blue eyes did something to him. By now he was positive that even with his Uchiha pride he was blushing.

"Don't you like me?" How could Naruto kid at a moment like this? When their mouths were barely a few centimeters apart, and he could practically taste the ramen he was sure the dobe had eaten for dinner. He was having trouble keeping their gaze, but he didn't want to be the one to look away. That would show weakness. He pressed his lips together for a moment, attempting to wet the inside of his mouth so Naruto couldn't tell the affect their closeness was having on him. But his battle was lost when Naruto leaned forward, their lips brushing while Naruto repeated his question. "Don't you, Sasuke?"

He wasn't sure who leaned in to start the kiss. Maybe they both did. But what he did know was that his first kiss went to an energetic blonde who used too much tongue way too fast. Despite his complaints, Sasuke closed his eyes and didn't pull away. They always say two things about your first kiss; make it a memorable one and enjoy it. Well, the whole kissing his best guy friend on his birthday in a random cabin made it pretty damn memorable. And the second part wasn't coming as hard as he knew it should have.

Because once Naruto got over the thrill of someone willing to touch him, he let Sasuke take over. The kiss was still messy, because neither knew what they were doing, but Sasuke learned fast that gliding tongues instead of thrusting was a lot more pleasurable. He continued to switch between open and closed mouth kisses, debating if he enjoyed the smoothness of Naruto's lips or the rough nerves of his tongue better. He couldn't pull away even if he wanted to, because two hands had cupped his cheeks to keep him in place. He decided the touch pleased him, because it reminded him of a girl and not because they were Naruto's thumbs stroking his cheeks. He tried to think of any girl he ever though attractive, but no matter what his image came back to blond spiky hair and blue eyes. His dreams haunted him while Naruto's mouth slid against his.

Finally he felt Naruto pull away. There was heavy panting between the two, but Sasuke's didn't want to open his eyes yet. The warmth of his lips was gently starting to cool, and be replaced with slight bruised feeling. He knew it wasn't abnormal; he had heard some of the girls who were hovering around him talk about. But he had never thought it'd be worth it. Quietly he slid his eyes open to see, with slight pride, that Naruto's lips suffered the same damage. They were darker and slightly bruised, but in a way that only enhanced his features positively. Glancing up to his eyes, he noticed a slight dazed expression. He wasn't sure if the teen was still woozy from the kiss or if he was thinking, but a shake of the head made them clear up again. They stared at each other, and it wasn't until Naruto yanked his hands back from Sasuke's cheeks that it suddenly became clear what they had done.

"Shit…" He saw Naruto press the back of his hand to his mouth, glancing away from Sasuke. He took a moment, for what Sasuke wasn't sure, before he spoke again. "Sorry, I just…teme…well you said that stupid thing…I got weird, I know. Shit…I-"

"Shut up." Sasuke didn't want to hear him anymore. There was something about the way he sounded almost regretful that angered Sasuke. Didn't he ask for it? Didn't he want it? Yea Sasuke said he'd kiss Naruto, but it was to stop the kid from looking so damn alone. It wasn't like Sasuke wanted to know what Naruto's kiss felt like. He had done what he did because Naruto asked him to, nothing more. The increase in his heartbeat was from lack of air. And the sweet warmth that trickled down through his stomach was something else he'd think of later. And of course his body was aroused; he was now a 17 year old guy!

There was a pause between them, before Naruto smiled. There was no fakeness between his lips, and Sasuke stared at him like he was crazy.

"So…was I good?" Naruto looked almost hopeful as he stared down at Sasuke, both overseeing that fact that having Naruto in Sasuke's lap didn't bother them. In fact, Naruto seemed more relaxed when Sasuke had shifted and slid Naruto closer to try and relive some of the pressure on his groin. Did he enjoy being close to Sasuke? Or was he still thinking of Sasuke as some random girl? Sasuke slowly leaned back on his elbows, thinking of what to say. He knew that he waited longer than he had to, but patience wasn't Naruto's strong suit. In fact, he doubted the blonde even knew what it meant. "Sasuke…."

"You don't know how to kiss. Your tongue practically gagged me, you tasted like ramen, and it was hard to breathe when your fingers kept my mouth from moving. If you ever do kiss a girl, you'll be arrested for suffocation."

"We-well you weren't so perfect either! Jerk!" Naruto hit Sasuke's head before scrambling off of him. He stormed over to Shikamaru's bed, throwing the sheets over his head and burying his face into the pillow. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the overdramatic boy, moving underneath his own sheets and shutting the light off. He closed his eyes, somehow feeling better in that moment than he had all day. "Hey, teme?"

"Yea dobe?"

"Well…thanks. For caring about me I mean. Never knew your hard ass could ever do that." Naruto's laugh filled the room, probably to try and hide his embarrassment. Sasuke took a different route, staying quiet until he knew his voice wouldn't voice his blush.

"You were making a weird face. That's all."

"Yea, well thanks. It…it really meant a lot to me, teme. And happy birthday Sasuke."

"Hn." It was all he could force out, because the fact that Naruto sounded so grateful for a moment of attention from an ass like him, that it hit something deep in Sasuke's stomach. Being unable to pin it to anything he had ever felt before, he decided to try and ignore it. It was the best he could do at the time.

After all, how was the great Uchiha Sasuke supposed to know he was falling in love?

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