Chapter 1: Mason

On a cool October afternoon, the Lyoko gang wait at the front of the school.

"What are we doing here again?" grumbled Odd.

"I told you, a friend of mine from Colorado is coming here for school." said Ulrich.

"And what's his name again?" asked Odd.

"Mason," said Ulrich.

"To think I could be in bed right now, or at least eating breakfast." moaned Odd.

"Here comes the bus!" said Aelita.

The bus pulled into the front of the school and a maroon figure with a gym bag came out.

"Hey Ulrich!" said Mason.

"Mason, how are you?" asked Ulrich.

"Fine, fine. Good to be in France." said Mason.

"Everything is already set up in your room." said Ulrich.

Mason looked back to see the others.

"So these are the friends you are always talking about?" asked Mason.

"I'm Odd!"




"Nice to meet you all." said Mason.

Mr. Delmas came walking up.

"Ah! Mr. Laird, so nice to have you here! Here's your key and your room is room 197, close to Mr. Stern and Della Robbia's. We all hope you have a good time here at Kadic." said the principle walking away

"Well, I'm going to take this stuff up to my room", said Mason "Umm........Where is my room?".

"We'll show you." said Aelita.

The whole group including Mason were walking up the stairs when Sissi, Nicholas, and Herb came walking down the stairs.

"Hello, losers, who's your handsome friend?".

"Apparently you're not the frindly type so I'm going to make this quick; who are you?" asked Mason.

"Sissi, Ulrich's girl.......".

"YOU'RE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" yelled Ulrich.

"You won't be able to deny it soon, Ulrich dear......." said Sissi.

Mason started laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" snapped Sissi.

"YOU and Ulrich, that's the best joke I've ever heard!." chuckled Mason.

"What do you mean?" asked Sissi

"It means IT'S A JOKE, you and Ulrich? Give me a break.... I've seen MEN prettier than you." said Mason.

Sissi stormed off with red on her face with laughing behind her.

"Well, enough with comedy hour, I need to get this stuff in my room." said Mason leaving the gang with their business.

Mason unpacked his boxes and gym bag and settled into his room.

"Computer, T.V, 's here, just need to get rid of these boxes." said Mason.

Mason stacked the empty boxes and started heading torwards the dumpster then--


A door came and hit Mason down.

"Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry!" said a girlish voice.

"It's all right." said Mason, pushing the boxes out of his face.

When he did push the boxes off he met the most beautiful face he had ever seen. The hair, the eyes, everything was perfect.

"Hellllloooo. I'm Mason." grinned Mason.

"Emily." she smiled, helping Mason up.

"Nice to meet you." smiled Mason.

Then a big stony figure came up.

"Hey, bub, don't be stpuid and mess with my girl." snarled the boy.

"But I'm not stupid, I'm Mason." he grinned.

Emily tried to hold back a giggle

"And you are?" smiled Mason.

"Rex, and don't forget it!" barked the boy.

Rex walked away.

"Nice to meet you too." said Mason.

"Sorry." said Emily.

"Nah, it's nothing to breathe about." said Mason

"I'll see you later." said Emily walking away

Mason picked up the boxes, recycled them, and left for his room.

At dinner Mason got a tray, got his food, and started walking to a lonely table. He also heard the girls saying about how cute or handsome he was and slightly blushed.

"Hey, Mason!" said Ulrich, "Come sit with us."

Mason willingly sat down next to Ulrich and started eating while Odd started pigging out and Mason stopped eating, then just stared.

"Uhhh, does he always eat this way?" asked Mason.

"Yeah, unfortunately." said Ulrich.

After dinner Mason was in his room again, messing around with his Iron Man action figure when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." yelled Mason.

It was Odd, holding a flyer.

"Can I help you?" asked Mason.

"Can I help YOU, join our band the Pop-Rock Progressives." said Odd.

"I don't want to join." said Mason.

"Please?" asked Odd.

"No" said Mason.



"Pretty please?" asked Odd.

"NO!" yelled Mason, pushing him out the door and slamming it

Later he heard another knock

"Odd, if you came to ask me AGAIN, I'll!!" said Mason opening the door to find it someone else.

"Oh, hi Emily. Sorry I thought you were someone else." smiled Mason.

"Ulrich told me, that you could help me." said Emily.

"Hmmm? Ulrich??" asked Mason.

"I have a problem with my monitor, it's not turnng on." said Emily.

"It depends, will the big bad boyfriend kill me?" asked Mason.

"No, he THINKS I'm his girlfriend." said Emily.

"Okay then, let me see it." said Mason.

Emily took Mason to her room and he looked at the back of the monitor.

"Nothing's wrong, just that it isn't plugged in right." said Mason.

" I don't know a computer top to bottom, but I do know when something's not plugged right." said Mason.

Mason plugged it in and it turned on.

"There it works." said Mason.

"Thanks." smiled Emily.

"You're welcome." said Mason, leaving.

That night was peaceful as Mason fell asleep thinking about Emily, Rex, and maybe the new friends he had gained.