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Jus sanguinis Chapter 1
Right of blood

'The right to take over the world of her own is unwanted, the right to take whatever she wanted isn't needed either.'Bella wrote for about three hours straight and after minusing the time she spent to look up what she needed, she had five pages done now. She was bored from the plane ride; her brother and sister were next to her and they were asleep. She tapped Eric and Raven on the shoulders; the twins woke up and yawned.

Raven pushed Bella's hand away from her, "Go away mom." she grumbled; they'd gotten up early this morning and the twins got very little sleep in the first place so they needed to sleep on the way to their father's in Forks. Bella frowned and tried to shove her off the seat, but Raven grabbed the back of the seat and Eric woke up and laughed a little. The Twins and Bella weren't really Charlie's, but he actually agreed to let them stay with him over the school year and until August so their father and stepmother could have quality time together. Charlie was nervous about having his ex-wife's step-children come to stay as well, but Bella would be there to help take care of them. Eric and Raven were seventeen and act more like ten year olds than Bella tried to act like a cop's daughter.

Eric was older by five minutes and had asthma but it never stopped him because it was small and rarely acted up; his sister, Raven was black haired and dressed like a goth chick, but never acted like one. Eric and Raven usually dressed the same even though they don't conspire to do so. Eric was sandy haired because he bleached his regularily and Raven always made fun of him for it; they both had light green eyes and they were shorter than Bella by only a half inch. They were identical even if they did deny it with every vein in their body.

'Eric and Raven are taking in Washington better then me', Bella wrote. 'I don't want to really be here, but I'll get over this part of my life for my mom's sake. I love you mom.' She finished and closed the notebook that her mother gave her before they boarded the plane. Raven giggled when Eric put paper over his face like a mask; Bella frowned when she saw his red pen make it seem like his 'paper face' was bleeding under the eyes.

"Stop it Eric," she snapped and he glared at her, but listened anyway because he and Raven promised their father they would. She sat back and sighed as she looked out the window and grabbed the seat when they began to descend....

Charlie and the twins talked more then he and Bella had. He took well to their presence instantly, probably because Raven flirted her way into his heart and Bella ignored them as she got front with her father
and they got the back. Eric kicked her seat on purpose but she forced it not to bother her; Raven got out at the house and closed the door. She beamed at Charlie, "Oh, Charlie it's pretty and the yard is wonderful!" she cried and went to her brother and took his arm. "Isn't it Eric- it's lovely isn't it?" he nodded, "Thank you Charlie for letting us come to stay with ya!" she said and he chuckled.

Charlie nodded, "Of course Raven." He grinned and frowned when he saw Bella's expression, "It's the same from... before- Bella." She nodded, "I didn't change your room at all." He looked at Eric and Raven, "You and your sister have your own rooms of course," he told them and the smiled at him.

Eric grinned, "Thanks Charlie. We shared rooms when we were younger, it was terrible!" It got Bella and Charlie to both laugh and Raven giggled again.

Bella's brother and sister were given the short tour and they thanked him again; Raven and Bella got dinner started at Eric shared his knowledge on baseball- something he began studying so he and Charlie wouldn't have those akward silences that Eric completely hates. Charlie gave him this: he knew his stuff. Raven tapped Bella on the shoulder in the kitchen. "What Rai?" she mummbled. (pronounced Ray)

Raven bit her lip, "Do you think your dad hates that we're here- I mean this was supposed to be the trip for you and your dad- father-daughter time." She whispered.

Bella turned to her, "I love that you're here Raven." She said honestly she turned to the counter, "I need you here Rai- you and Eric both." she promised and hugged her sister and Raven smiled into her older sister's hair.

Eric and Raven were Bella's age, yeah- sure they acted like brats slash children, but it was times like these that made Bella love her sister and brother alot more then when they were acting the way they usually do. Bella was just very nervous for school and how the school was going to react to three new students; the daughter of the police chief and then his daughter's stepsiblings who weren't even related to Charlie in the first place. Good thing they were the same age and in the same grade. Raven was smartest of the three of them, Eric was bravest and Bella had the cool dad.