Voluntas necandi Chapter 6
Will to kill

Bella's sister decided to go with to watch instead of play- she wanted to play but figured they'd be too advanced for her to actually do anything. Esme greeted Bella warmly and shook hands with Raven politely; she sat down in the grass and played with the blades. Raven didn't say much lately, since her brother decided to stay in Arizona; he called almost every night still and Bella spoke with him most of the time because Raven was too angry with him to want to speak with her twin. Bella actually dragged Raven with her and Edward to his home and to the game; Aubrey tried every day to cheer her up and it usually worked.

Carlisle and Esme glanced back at Raven as she played with the grass and they began to form teams. Raven watched as Esme and Bella chatted together and her own sister seemed to be enjoying herself. Alice pitched and Emmett swung- Raven cringed… it felt like the skeleton was hammed with a iron fist when he fist. The sound echoed off the trees and Raven saw Aubrey laughing her and she stuck her tongue out at him, but it made him laugh louder.

Alice giggled as Edward came from the trees and Esme called it as an out! So Edward threw the ball back to Alice and she caught it easily. Aubrey who played catcher got Raven's attention. "Come on Rai- come hit the ball."

"I can't hit like Emmett can- besides I thought the bases aren't that far apart."

"We are vampires dear," Esme said with a smile and Raven nodded.

Raven nodded, "True Mrs. Cullen." She admitted and stood up but didn't go over to them; instead she told Bella she needed to take a walk and went around the field going behind the batter. She turned when Aubrey and Alice began yelling her name and she felt someone behind her.

"Eric!" she turned and saw it wasn't her brother, "Sorry- I thought you were someone else…" she stepped back when all three came forward. The really cute blond guy smiled, "Who are you?"

"James, Laurent and Victoria," James introduced them to her and they went to Carlisle and Raven finally saw how they'd changed from Edward in the field to being by Bella.

Raven turned back to James, "Why are you here?"

"To visit," he answered with a sly smile at her. She had to run to keep up with them, but Aubrey grabbed her before she could get to Bella.

Aubrey told her not to draw attention to her sister and Raven obeyed, he held her tightly against his front and he also took her hand. Carlisle explained to the nomads that they were just finishing their game, "I understand- Victoria and Laurent and I will try to catch you at another time."

Carlisle smiled, "That'd be wonderful." He agreed and James smiled and glanced over at Aubrey and Raven, she glared at him and glanced over at Bella where Edward was hiding her behind him. "We can go home and talk there instead of out here in this field," he suggested and James nodded. Raven reached behind her and took Aubrey's hand when the wind shifted. Edward moved more in front of Bella but James caught the scent from the human female.

James smiled and looked over at her- Raven stepped forward. "I have to protect my sister," she told Aubrey before he could keep her silent and James turned to her next.

"Your human sister?" he repeated.

"I'll turn her myself if she asks nicely," Raven lied. She trailed after James and followed him over to Bella but Edward and the Cullens got between them and Bella as Raven kept going and grabbed her hand and Bella gripped her sister's tightly.

"Powerful vampire," Victoria smiled at Bella and Raven. "Wonderfully amazing," she sighed happily and looked at James then to Carlisle. "You've been saving the human-."

"I assure you, Miss. Victoria- that is not the case. Bella is here as our guest as is her sister Raven," Carlisle explained quickly. "James-." Laurent and Victoria growled when Edward and Aubrey moved in front of their designated girl.

James laughed, "We'll take the girls and be on our way."

Raven grabbed Aubrey's hand and kissed it gently then moved her sister behind her, "Edward." She whispered quietly in his ear, "Distract them. Alice will tell you where I'm going," Alice suddenly nodded. Edward stared at her, "Distract them. Meet us when you can- I have to protect my sister."

"I'm coming with you- you won't be able too alone Raven."

"We'll be fine- I give you my word I won't turn her. I don't know if I can," she added and pulled Bella with her through the trees again they ran. They took Edward's car because Bella felt comfortable in it more; Raven drove like Edward did. Fast and not really caring for anything else; Bella sat crouched as Raven turned on the radio to drown out both their fear. "I have to keep you safe Bella," she said as soon as the music was turned down low enough when Bella turned it down. "I promised your mom and I promised my father and brother as well. I'm sorry I can't fight them off like Edward will be able too."

"Don't worry- Charlie!" she yelled but Raven didn't turn around, "What about my father?"

"Charlie will be fine. James and his friends know you're with me and we're not going back to the house." She added, "No matter what- I can't let your mom down by letting you get killed."

"Why me, James-."

"James is a terrible vampire, my guess is that anyway- he's not like Eric or Edward or Dr. Cullen Bella. He'll kill me first and then you…."

They drove all night and Bella was surprised when Raven woke her up to find them outside their house in Arizona. Eric wasn't there which caused Raven to worry. Bella was ordered to stay in the car as Raven went into the house and made sure it was safe. She went back and got her sister and dragged her inside quickly; Raven had her go downstairs into the basement where there were no windows and went back upstairs to get some things Bella wanted. Raven went back downstairs as the phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered.

"I have your brother," it was James's voice. She heard Eric in the back ground, "Bring your sister with you to the ballet studio."

"I don't know where it is?" Raven whispered, "Is my brother-."

"He'll be fine for now."

Bella had heard where Eric was and also knew that she had to go alone; she snuck out and ran down the sidewalk to the studio where she found it unlocked. She went inside and went upstairs to where she heard her mother calling her name; Bella sprinted inside and looked around. Her reflection stared back at her.

"MOM!" she yelled, "Mom, where are you?" She called but she heard Renee cry out her name a couple more times. Bella went forward and ran to a closet where she saw her mother staring back at her on a television screen; Bella frowned and went forward more and touched the glass but she only got a shock from the static on the TV's glass. "Mom?" she whispered. Bella stepped back and someone grabbed her from around the waist and she saw James's face before she was thrown out of the closet and across the room. She felt her head hit something.

"Where's my mother?" she yelled at James.

He laughed as he came forward, "Safe."

Bella caught on a tad late. Renee was safe with Phil in Florida. A cheap hoax done by a pathetic vampire human hunter. James nodded over to a video camera that was on a triangle stand and facing them- James reached Bella before she could speak ad grabbed by the back of the neck and she felt her body coil under his grip as he tossed her into the mirror. It shattered around her and she fell to the floor. James turned when something made a noise behind him; he jumped out of the way.

"You missed- come to save big sister."

"Least I can do," Raven muttered. "Step away from my sister James," she growled and raised the pistol to his chest.

"Going to shoot me Raven- I won't die from a metal bullet."

"These aren't metal, they're wood- just like getting a stake through the heart. Just like my mother taught me years ago- I'm an excellent shot James." She told him and he stepped closer to Bella who looked up at what was going on, "Stay still Bella." She called to her and Bella grunted, "James- I'm very handy with a pistol."

"How do you know it'll kill me?"

"If I aim at your skull- I can rupture a vessel. We may be vampires but we still need blood to survive- except for me and Eric of course; vampires can still bleed out." James snarled at her and went closer to Bella, "Take another step close and I pull the trigger James. I had a friend names James in New York- he raped and murdered my best friend. I've never really liked that name since," she said. "I'd love nothing but to kill you James- of course I could also leave that part for the Cullens. I'm sure they're on their way- I admit I didn't think this through enough to keep my sister safe and I'm sorry Bella." Bella didn't answer her, instead James chuckled.

"I bet you have no clue who you're dealing with-."

"I don't care," she answered. "I don't give a damn who you are-."

"Your little physic is here because of me-."

"You turned Alice?" Raven whispered and stepped forward- the pistol still raised, her arm wasn't weak from holding it yet which surprised her. "You're a pathetic vampire, picking on people weaker then you for laughs. Last time I saw my friend James…." Raven smiled. "You don't want to know what we did to him for doing what he'd done to our good friend." She whispered, "I think they gutted him and tore out his spleen. The guy who cut his spleen out was studying to be a male nurse- nice guy actually; he did a great job."

James stepped away from Bella now, "Who turned you?"

"Does it matter James?" she sighed, "My sire has no care for me." She told James calmly, "I'll give you a choice James: leave now and try to outrun the Cullen boys or stay and get shot through the eyes."

James laughed and Raven fired when he least expected it; Bella heard herself scream. As Raven ran over; James grabbed Bella's hand and bit it as she passed out suddenly. Raven shot him twice more and kicked him away from Bella and put the pistol in her belt; she pulled her sister away from James who lay still; his eyes open and staring at them.

Raven knelt beside Bella as Edward and the Cullens came in, "Edward he bit her!" Raven yelled, "You have to get the venom out. Please!" she cried and Edward knelt beside them. "Edward you have to save my sister."

Carlisle stared at her as she handed Bella to her; James's hand twitched and Raven warned Emmett and Jasper about him as she got up, "Where are you going?" Edward asked her.

She shook her head, "I can't be in here anymore. Her blood- it's too much for me." She cried and got up and stepped back- she saw James get up before Emmett and Jasper could get to him and he dove at Bella and Edward but Raven pulled out the pistol again and shot him in the right eye and then the left corner of his mouth. Carlisle went over to her and took her wrist and lowered it but she dropped the pistol all together and turned to run away but Aubrey grabbed her around the waist, "I have to find my brother." She cried, "I need him to keep me from hurting Bea."

"I'm here Raven." Aubrey whispered and picked her up and carried her further away from the bleeding human who was also her sister. Raven watched as Edward bent over Bella's hand and sucked the venom out of her veins and Bella seemed to have passed out once more. Raven didn't go with them to the hospital- she couldn't handle the pain Bella seemed to have been in.

When Phil and Renee came to the hospital- Raven waited with her father as she said nothing to him about what happened or why she was and Bella were in the city in the first place but she waited for Edward to explain. Phil scolded her for a long time with a long lecture and then asked about Eric; when she couldn't give him an answer where her brother was- she got in trouble for that as well.

It was decided by Phil and Phil alone that Raven was returning with them to Florida and Bella would return to Charlie in Forks.

Maybe i'll do a sequel... someday.