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Chapter eleven: Destroyed Love (L'Amour Detruit)

He hadn't wasted a moment; he had fled after her at the sight of those pristine tears glimmering in the rain.

He had thrown on his robes faster than he ever had in his life, shoving past an outraged Pansy and calling her name helplessly through the mist. "Luna! I can explain!" he pleaded penitentially.

She fled to the castle, never turning back even once to glimpse Draco's ashamed face. This time she couldn't forgive him. He had lost his last chance.

Days elapsed excruciatingly for Draco. How long would this go on? Would she ever forgive him?

Why the hell had he done it? He couldn't figure it out. What could have possibly provoked him to think that a meaningless shag with Pansy could replace what he had with Luna? Why?

Draco buried his head into his pillow and groaned. "Malfoy, you useless git!" he muttered to himself.

Days transpired into weeks, and Luna still hadn't forgiven him. She sat quietly with Longbottom and Weasley in class now; her eccentric remarks which he had once found irritating had entirely dissipated. Much of her quirky personality had diminished now, Draco had noticed, she was rather silent nowadays and wore modest clothing in pale, simple colors. Every look he now cast at her brought him unspeakable anguish; to know that it was he who had caused her such pain. He had broken her.

He couldn't sleep anymore. Every night would bring lovely dreams of her. Her enchanting golden tresses, the bold patterns of her robes, the sweet irreplaceable scent of peaches and cinnamon...and most of her, her oblivious laugh, her striking eyes, and her sweet, innocent voice. And then, upon wakening, he would realize in a jolt that she no longer belonged to him and his heart would collapse. Draco cringed as he remembered all that he had once had.

She still wouldn't listen to him. Many times he would try to talk to her, and her eyes would look bewildered and begin to water. Countless times had he apologized and begged for amnesty, and yet it didn't mean a thing to her.

Yet more weeks passed as Draco withered alone in his room. His time at Hogwarts was nearly over, and all the others were out celebrating. Exams were over. The ball was approaching in a week. Draco, however, was deteriorating in his bed when this should have been the best time of his life.

He emerged out of his bedchambers the next day to collect his exam results. Even that had taken much effort. He had been ignoring the letters from his parents, who seemed to be growing concerned about Draco's health. He had been receiving vast number of owls, but by now he had stopped even reading his mail.

He had done surprisingly well on his exams. He had passed all his courses thus far, but Draco was immensely dreading facing Trelawney to get his Divination results. After much self-persuasion, he headed up to her classroom.

Trelawney greeted him warmly. She peered at him through her large spectacles as she spoke, "I am pleased to tell you, my dear, that you have done much better than I had expected of you. Your essay with Miss Lovegood was especially extraordinary."

Draco winced. She continued, "you should be extremely proud of yourself, Mr. Malfoy. Winning the quidditch House Cup, achieving remarkable marks...well done! Enjoy your final week at Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy. You have certainly earned it."

Ashamed, Draco thanked her and exited the classroom. With his head down, he didn't notice a figure gliding towards the door and found himself collide right into her. Papers scattered everywhere.

"Sorry," Draco mumbled. He began to walk away, leaving the girl to pick up her things when he realized who he had just crashed into. "Luna!"

Luna smiled nervously. "It's okay, I'll get them."

"No, no, let me help." Draco bent down at once, picking Luna's papers off the ground. An awkward silence ensued as Draco frantically thought of something to say to her. But what was left to say?

"Um, so I passed Divination. It was all because of you, really. Um, thanks."

"Don't mention it," Luna answered dryly. Her voice had lost its dreamy melody. Draco winced in guilt.

"Luna, you don't understand how sorry I am. If there is anything in the world I can do for you to take me back –"

"I don't think that's possible," Luna replied bluntly.

He could feel his eyes begin to moisten. "Please. Go to the ball with me, Luna. Come spend the holidays with my family. We'll get married, and I'll give you everything you want. Just please take me back! I love you."

Luna stared at him for a few moments without speaking. She sighed. "Take Pansy to the ball. Give her all those things."

Draco was dumbfounded. "What? No! I don't like her. I like you, Luna, I am nothing without you."

She shook her head. "You two are better for each other. I had a great time with you, Draco, but I'm afraid things can't work out between us."

He could feel his throat getting dry, and his eyes burning as they hung on to his teardrops. "You were right," she continued. "You're a Malfoy. We don't belong together."

He felt a sharp prick in his heart as he heard those words emerge out of Luna's perfect lips. It was unbearable to even look at what he had done to her...Those plain grey robes and the dullness of her voice... He had never seen her look this fragile before, not even that night when he had helped her fish her clothes out of the lake while she stood shivering in her towel. Never had she looked so defeated.

"I never did congratulate you for winning the House Cup, did I? Well, you deserve it. You should be proud. Have fun at the ball, Draco Malfoy."

It was at this point Draco could hold back those tears no longer, and they came flooding down his pallid face as she smoothly glided away. He wanted to call out to her; to tell her that he couldn't go to the ball without her, that he needed her, and that she was more important than the House Cup and how he should have realized it sooner...

But she faded away, finally gone from his life.


He took Pansy to the ball. He bought her the most expensive custom-made gown he could afford, which she looked absolutely stunning in. Naturally all eyes were on Draco and Pansy; all marvelling at the fact that Draco Malfoy had finally lived up to his potential. Not only had he won the House Cup and received excellent marks, but he had also scored the most attractive girl in Slytherin.

And perhaps they weren't all wrong. Pansy and Draco could eventually get married, uniting two wealthy, noble, pure-blood families. They would the envy of society. His father would easily land him a job at the ministry and he would be all set to begin his new life. Who in his right mind wouldn't envy Draco?

Slytherin head boy, former prefect, Quidditch captain...indeed, Draco Malfoy had truly lived up to his potential.

Either that or he had just lost the most important thing he had ever had.