This was going to be the last chapter, but I'm having too much fun with this story.

Back together

Emily squinted as the bright light came through the tiny opening in the dark curtains. She waited for her eyes to adjust before glancing around the room. Where was she and what day was it? She felt the arm over her waist tighten as it pulled her body closer. She smiled as she remembered her dinner with Matt the night before. Now she was lying in his arms in a hotel room reclaiming the love they once shared. She let out a contented sigh. She felt relaxed, content, and rested. That had been the best night's sleep she had had in a long time.

She turned slightly in the arms securely fastened around her to look at the face of the man holding her. She rubbed the arm draped over her naked body. She was wide awake. She thought about the best way to wake him up thinking back on previous mornings like this one where she woke up first. She grinned as an idea formed in her head.

Emily continued rubbing his arm as her foot began to rub his foot. Her foot traveled up his leg to his knee before making its way back down. It continued its playful progress until its owner let out a sigh. Emily smiled as the arms the held her pulled her even closer and lips began assaulting her neck and shoulder. She let out a giggle as Matt began tickling her. She turned her body so that she was facing him, their lips meeting in a passion filled kiss. They made love once and were beginning a second round when the sound of a ringing cell phone put an end to their fun.

Matt answered on the fourth ring as Emily grabbed hers before it even began to ring.

"Yeah, I had a good time, I think she did too." Matt said laying back down on the bed and looking at Emily.

"Lia, I don't want to talk about it right now. Can we do this later please?" Emily asked turning and looking at Matt.

He grinned and motioned for her to come closer as he tried to get Frank off the phone. Emily crawled across the king sized bed as Lia rambled on in her ear.

Their eyes met and they both said good-bye and quickly shut their phones. Matt grabbed Emily and flipped her on her back as they made love once again neither one remembering that they were supposed to be at the office over an hour ago.

Emily lay on her back catching her breath as Matt did the same next to her. Their cell phones both began to ring, and that's when Emily realized it was Friday. A day she and Matt were supposed to be at work.

"Oh crap!" Emily exclaimed as she grabbed her phone.

"Lia…its Emily. What's going on?"

Matt smiled as he picked up his also, bracing for the irate caller on the other end.


The couple got off their phones and laughed as they looked at each other. By now the entire office knew that Matt and Emily were both late for work and that neither one had called in. They also knew that Cheryl was furious with them.

"I think I'll head for the shower." Emily said collecting her clothes from her overnight bag.

Matt followed her into the bathroom intent on continuing their activities in there.

"I don't think so Flannery. You get in when I get out." She flipped the water on but didn't shut the door, which Matt took as an open invitation.

He waited until he was sure she was lathering her hair before entering the small room. Matt silently climbed in the shower wrapping his arms around her wet body. Emily sighed as she leaned against him.

"We're already late, and we're already in trouble, we might as well make it worth it." Matt said as he attacked Emily's neck with kisses.

"Maybe we could both call in sick." Emily responded as she turned in Matt's arms and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Do you think Cheryl would be suspicious?" She asked as her lips found his.

Matt took only one moment to answer with, "I don't care." Before silencing Emily with a mind blowing kiss. The pair made love making them yet another late by the time they both got ready. Matt made his way to the office while Emily finished getting ready. They had decided not to tell anyone in the office they had gotten back together, but to let them find out the hard way.

Matt walked in and walked immediately to his desk and sat down. All eyes were on him, but he flipped on his computer and got to work.

Emily strolled in thirty minutes later, carrying a cup of coffee. She made her way to her work station and tried her best not to look at the man across from her. She couldn't concentrate so she got her books together and walked to her classroom, which was not unusual during the breakup.

Matt saw Cheryl headed his way and immediately got up to avoid her. He jogged down the hall and found Emily in her classroom. He grinned when they made eye contact, and she smiled back, until Cheryl walked in the door.