During a holiday I found myself wanting to write a Resistance story, mainly due to the lack of them around.

This one is basic, just the point of view of another soldier during the Chimera invasion, although he is there at the beginning of Britains struggle.

I am trying to use good grammar, spelling, and description. If you feel like it you can give me tips, or constructive criticism. Even flames if they have merit.

Well, hope you enjoy this story.

Resistance: Breaking Point

'Damn it Private! They're in the bloody building!'

I bolted upright, my hands already feeling for my weapon which I always kept to the right of the thin sheets I called a bed. Quickly realizing my gun was missing, I felt a gun barrel on the back of my head.

'Pathetic human!' A deep, guttural voice said in my ear.

I tensed up, waiting for the shot…

Instead of a shot I heard something nearly as bad, human laughter.

'Blimey Private Zack, you should have seen the look on your face!' Someone behind me said.

'And you did?' I countered. Turning around, I saw the rest of the unit, minus the captain who was on sentry duty, cacking themselves laughing.

'Well, I can imagine it.' The soldier chuckled. He widened his eyes and dropped his jaws slightly. It was a pretty good imitation actually, not that I was going to admit it.

'Yeah, this entire unit is going to become a group of comedians after the war, aren't we?'

They all burst into laughter, and I couldn't resist chuckling. I should have seen it coming really; we'd been playing pranks on each other to relieve the boredom. We weren't the most organized or mature unit, I blame the half-Australian commander on that. He was on sentry right now, but I imagine he knew this was going to happen.

'well, we need a job after we bust these alien scum back where they came from!' A cheerful soldier with green eyes and blonde hair replied.

That would be John, and he HAD been a comedian, although how successful he was is left to the imagination. Naturally he was the second-in-command, and had a "humour rivalry" (in two interpretations, a joke rivalry and a rivalry that was a joke) with the captain, very "funny".

'So, who is on sentry duty next?' I asked quickly, trying to change the subject. Not that I didn't know that it was me already. John's eyes glistened with merriment, obviously catching the ploy, yet he remained silent.

'You are, in approximately seven minutes. You can't say we prevented that much of your rest.' A chuckle came from that voice, warm and amused, yet every syllable carefully executed.

That would be Joshua, the "genius" of the group, as well as the guy who tinkers with our weapons (for better or worse). When he first came he was quiet and shy, but I like to think this group gave him some life and courage.

Joshua tossed me my carbine, the throw was a bit short the best but I stretched my arm and grabbed it expertly, slinging it on my back.

'We didn't want you to shoot anyone by accident.' Joshua confessed.

Smiling, I walked outside the room to a hastily pushed-aside surgery bed, on it were numerous medical implements, all of them sharp. Casually, I picked up a syringe that seemed like the right size, the thin, sharp section coming out just above my pinkie. I pressed the button and some clear, odourless liquid squirted out. Satisfied, I turned to Joshua.

'You know, I don't think you can get the better of me.' I said casually, taking slow but large steps towards Joshua, my left hand holding the needle chest-level forward.

'This seems so gay.' John murmured, yet he couldn't help but continue staring.

Joshua's eyes were staring at the tip of the syringe, he didn't move, even for his gun slung on his back. I advanced further.

'This is all some sick dream, isn't it?' I whispered.

Everyone was now absorbed at what we were doing like a theatre performance.

I brought the syringe back, as if to stab, Josh tensed.

'How's it going lads?'

The spell was broken. Sighing, I tossed the syringe at the back left corner of the room.

'You still need some battle experience.' I told him coldly.

'I'm fine with guns.' He muttered, 'and you've never been in a real battle yourself!'

Ignoring him, I turned around to look at the captain standing at the door, he was tall enough that his short spiky dark brown hair brushed the top of the door.

I gave him a cheerful look, 'Anything out there?'

'With all your talking, I doubt they would be spotted until they had their guns blazing.' He chuckled, as well as most of the unit. Something about his good humour was infectious. Not that he wasn't without flaws, for one he should have waited for me to get there before coming in here.

Then again, we'd been here for a solid four days, and the last radio call we got from the beach front said it was A OK, so perhaps we really should relax…

'Well, I best be doing my part, don't be too loud people!' I waved at my team and left the room, taking a left up a staircase that headed up to the rooftop. I stared at the walls with distaste as I went. All plain and boring colors, Hospitals were purposely designed to drain the life of who entered, weren't they? However it was the biggest and easiest to defend building in the area, so we took it after "borrowing" what we could find in the empty town.. Not that a hospital being the easiest place to defend made me feel any easier…

I took a deep breath as I reached the top of the staircase, my hand gripping the handle of the doorknob. I wondered for a bit whether it was wrong to scare Josh like that, it keeps him on edge which is always useful in combat, shows that he needs to learn more which is good to keep him humble, the only negative is that it fractures the team a bit. Perhaps it could damage his psych too…

It was at that point I noticed my mind was wondering. Locking those thoughts to be reviewed later, I opened the door and stepped out, leaving the door open as petty revenge. The day was cold and windy, I chuckled at the thought of my unit shivering, that would prevent them from talking about me behind my back, aside from the obvious snide comments anyway.

The roof was a large and rather plain rectangle with elevation at the edges to prevent people falling off. The door was in the middle, with triangles showing the staircase going back down. Ignoring that, I continued gazing around the town.

After half an hour there had been no movement, I was about to fall under dull repetition when I noticed something out of the corner of ym eye in the south-east, movement.

I squinted, had something gone behind the church over there? I leaned forward…

And promptly flung myself back at the door as I heard a strange, high-pitched noise, followed by glowing shards (of metal, perhaps?) pelting above the roof where my head had been.

Glad that I had avoided the shots, I only remembered I had left the door open when I was teetering over the edge. I just managed to grab the doorknob and steady myself. Shrugging off the two close calls, I pelted down the staircase, shouting 'THEY'RE HERE!'

Well yeah, hope you enjoyed it

The main character wasn't meant to be the most likable, hope you see that.

Perhaps he'll develop in time, wars do change a person...