'How many?' The captain asked abruptly.

In the space of seconds nearly the entire team had armed themselves (Josh was still fumbling over his carbine, I noted) and had the steely gaze of those ready for action.

I noted the weapon held by the captain with envy. The shotgun, I had felt, was my calling weapon. It was so devastating, so up-close-and-personal.

Precious seconds later, I snapped out of my envy and said coolly 'I didn't get to count, they got in range before I was able to see them. Perhaps this wasn't the best place to camp, plenty of cover to hide in.'

'No time to dwell on the past.' The captains said abruptly, followed by frowning, his mind going through the information. I could think of what was going through there as well. If there was only a few enemies who by chance managed to get through, our best bet would be to hunt them down carefully. If there were more then a few, our best bet would be to get to the vehicle we had, a military car basically, with reinforced metal, basically a box on wheels.

He came to a decision fast, which was why he was captain, after all.

'I'm not risking our lives. Besides, at the very least we should report back. Our main priority is to get to the vehicle; our secondary is to kill any opposition.'

Well, none of us were going to argue. All but one of us cheered in fact, that one was Ochaz. It probably wasn't that he wanted to fight the enemies, but he never seemed to talk. We had thought him mute, but his medical records said nothing of it.

We exited the room, weapons in hand. Ochaz came out last, and I noticed idly he had bent down to pick something up before leaving. Probably forgot a grenade or something, if he was making mistakes already, I could only imagine what would happen to him later. Cut down after forgetting to reload when he had the chance.

We went down the rather large with three in a row, except for the captain in the front who was on his own.

Lower and lower we went, we were nearly at the ground floor when it struck…

The captain had just gone around a corner, and flung himself back right into the first group as another burst of those glowing fragments drove themselves into the wall. The first three were stunned as the captain rammed into them, but the other two (me included) acted. We dashed forward, not bothering to aim, and fires.

It was then I got my first look at them. It was a good thing I was already firing, because I froze at the sight of them.

The pictures I had seen on the posters showed them to be what seemed to be a comedic mix of a human and a flytrap, an enlarged heard with teeth that jutted out awkwardly on a flimsy body.

It was rather different, even in the brief glimpse I got before it was riddled with bullets, it struck fear into me. The skin was a mottled grey and bulging with muscles, the fangs out of its large mouth looked vicious, it had four yellow, merciless eyes that seemed to give you a vision of your death. It had armour on, and a strange glow from some sort of backpack that had tubes attached to it.

Bullet after bullet thudded into it, however it managed to remain upright and alive for a surprising amount of shots, several of which struck its skull, before finally collapsing to the floor, dead.

We didn't stop to examine the body, we kept moving. Except now I and two others were in front, and the entire group was on hair-trigger alert. Our ears waiting for the slightest sound, the sense of urgency had increased.

We were at the front entrance, exiting at a hurried pace straight for the jeep. Gunfire burst out from nearby buildings. Had they been waiting for us? They didn't look that intelligent, the gaze I had seen before in those yellow eyes had been bestial.

But there was no denying the tactics used now, we fired back half-heartedly, but really we could barely see them and they had plenty of cover. Luckily we had parked close to the entrance; we could hear bullets pinging off the car. Hopefully they wouldn't be smart enough to shoot the tires.

We jumbled into the car as fast as we could. Not bothering to wait for all of us to get comfortable, the captain put his foot on the accelerator and the car went off.

All we could hear was the thud of whatever those creatures used for bullets and loud thrumming engine. Had they pierced the engine? Were they tearing through the armour and seconds away from stopping this vehicle and ending us.

And yet I made the mistake of looking back.

They were swarming in. Like a swarm of hornets they charged forward, wildly firing after us.

Still, we were gaining distance from them. Although my heart didn't stop pounding until they were out of sight. We had gotten away, unless we were leaking fuel. Hesitantly, dreading what the sight may be, I glanced to the fuel gauge. Still high, what a relief.

'…What the hell were those things?'

The silence was finally broken, it only occurred to me now that one of us could have been shot as well. Looking around, we all seemed to be unharmed…

But I thought that too soon, John groaned as he turned over, revealing a bloody mess. Several shots had torn through areas around his chest, and blood was all too eager to seep out.

Ochaz immediately crawled over me to reach him, I turned away sharply. I must admit to not being a fan of seeing allies in pain.

Or hearing them, but I couldn't exactly turn off my hearing while he screams in agony.

The captain glanced back, then turned immediately back to the road. 'I'm stepping on it.'

As we continued driving towards our headquarters, it was strange going past these derelict homesteads. Already most of the front lawns were choking on weeds, broken windows a sign that looting had already happened. The war had only just begun for us, and yet already we were moving back.

The Government had done so much to comfort us, tell us that the defeat of Europe had left the enemies weak, that any attacks would be a weary force that couldn't do a thing. But did they believe that?

Considering how far they had fallen back already, I doubt it.

Already it was becoming apparent, this war was going to be a lot harder then they made it out to be.