Chapter Two-Words Unspoken

I felt cool air carress my lungs, and a strong, powerful scent overwelming me. My body hurt, like I was thrown down a thousand flights of stairs. I saw a bright, blinding light, shining through my eyelids. It hurt everywhere; I never felt so much pain in my life.

The light soon disapeared, replaced by a more familar image. Edward. He looked tired, if that's possible for a vampire to be, that is, and thirsty. His pitch-black eyes were a dead give away. He looked mournful, as if he'd just been at a funeral. He disapeared instantly.

I realized, he practically had been at a funeral: mine. So Edward did change me into a vampire. I could've sworn that was a dream! Why would he give in now to changing me? After months of begging, now? I don't even remember what I said that was so convincing; all I remember is the pain.

"Bella?" A low voice whispered. The voice was too deep to be Edward's, I realized. But then who could it be? "Step back, dog. She's really weak from the transformation." Edward snapped. It was Jacob. Edward never snaps at anyone, unless it's a wolf or Jake.

Jake scoffed. "Leech." My eyes were open by now, and I could see Edward standing far from my best friend, disgusted. Immediately, two pairs of eyes, both black as night, flashed to my face. "Bella!" They both exclaimed at the same time. The scream hurt my ears; it was like nails on a chalkboard.

They ran to my side, Edward reaching me first. "How do you feel, love?" I nodded, softly. "Okay." Jake smiled his wide, toothy smile I missed. "See? I woke her up!" Edward rolled his eyes. "Yes, you did." He said sarcastically.

All this squabbling was making my head spin. "Ugh." I had a headache, and I was very hungry. But I'd have to concentrate on my rumbling stomach later.

Edward and Jake stopped talking instantly; Jacob stopping somewhere in the middle of 'sucking the life out of her' or something. "She saw it, didn't she?" Jacob's voice was monotone. "Yes." Edward didn't look away from me. He looked at me like it was the last time I'd ever see him. it's the opposite, right? If I am what I think I am (I still can't remember clearly) then we wouldn't have to worry about good-bye's, wouldn't we?

We can't. We're immortal, aren't we? Do the rules not apply anymore? Edward and I would never, ever have to say good-bye, and leave eachother, right?

Yes. We would.

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