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Summary: During 7th year Harry and Draco become friends. They fall in love with each other even though neither one tells the other. Harry defeats Voldemort, but decides to leave it all behind for awhile. Let the Wizarding World move on and his friends move on. However, Draco cannot let him go and he spends his life searching for him. Will he find him and if he does will he be able to bring him back to the world he belongs in and to the man who loves him??

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Chapter 1

The sky had darkened as an ebony haired young man sat beneath a tree at the edge of a lake. His eyes were a piercing green that rivaled the most pristine emeralds in existence. He was lean and of average height. His skin was a nice golden brown. Sitting next to him was a boy of almost opposite coloring. His hair was a pale blond and his eyes were silver in color. His body was lean as well, but he was taller than the dark haired boy next to him. His skin was as pale as the moonlight. Their names were Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

To everyone they were sworn enemies who were on opposite sides of a war that had been building for years. Harry was set to defeat a snake-like man named Voldemort, the leader of dark wizards and witches, the man that Draco's father followed. In all ways they should not be sitting together on this darkening day, but they were and that's all they wanted.

They had become friends through their seventh year because they were tired of fighting. They were tired of spitting out words of hate at each other when deep down they didn't really feel it. However, they had to keep it a secret and they usually kept their meetings in private, but today they didn't care. It was as if they sensed that this might be the last time they could be together so they were and they couldn't be happier.

They talked about basic things such as Quidditch, their last year at Hogwarts, and what they planned to do afterwards. They didn't talk about the war or the impending doom that they were sure to experience. They didn't want their possible final moment to be ruined by that topic.

"I was thinking, when we are all done here and You-Know-Who is defeated we should take a trip together. See the world. Leave the craziness behind for a bit," Draco thought aloud as he looked out across the lake. His hand was intertwined with Harry's like they had become accustomed to. Their relationship was borderline friendship and something more. They didn't feel the need to rush. They wanted things to go how they were meant to go.

"That would be wonderful. I would love to travel the world with you," Harry replied with a smile as he looked over at Draco. Draco returned the smile kissing him on the forehead.

"Harry, I feel like this is the last time I'm going to see you," Draco said in a worried tone.

Harry sighed wondering if it were true. "I don't know. This very well could be the last moment we have together. You-Know-Who could easily destroy me before I could destroy him."

"Don't think like that. You are going to defeat him and we are going to travel the world," Draco encouraged turning to face him.

Harry smiled slightly at him. "I hope you're right."

"Malfoy's are always right," Harry quirked an eyebrow at that declaration. Draco grinned sheepishly. "Okay so this Malfoy is always right, well at least since we started being friends anyway," Draco replied.

Harry smiled back rubbing his thumb against the back of Draco's hand. He looked past him and up into the sky. It had darkened further causing the hairs on the back of Harry's neck to stand on end. He turned back to Draco taking a deep breath.

"Harry, what's on your mind?" Draco asked picking up on the change in his friend.

"Draco, I have something I really need to tell you, something that I've been meaning to tell you for a long time," Harry began.

"Okay, what is it? You can't be breaking up with me since we aren't exactly together," Draco teased.

Harry smiled at him and took another deep breath. "Draco, I'm in-" Harry began, but he was cut off when they heard screaming from the castle, lots of screaming. They turned around quickly drawing their wands and standing up. They looked at each other fearfully as they raced towards the castle listening to the screaming that got louder and louder as they got closer.

When they rounded on the castle they came upon what could have been a beautiful sight in different circumstances. Flashing across the sky were different colored lights of spells and curses. Defending the castle were several aurors and fellow students of both boys and in front of them were cloaked figures of Death Eaters completing their Lord's task. Draco and Harry rushed forward sending stunning spells at the closest Death Eaters to them.

"Harry! Be careful!" Draco yelled as they ran into the battle head on.

"Drake, you be careful!" Harry yelled back. He flashed a smile his way and Draco returned it as he ducked a curse of some sort.

"Protego!" Harry yelled sending it to Draco who was shooting his own spell in the opposite direction having no idea that one was coming his way. Draco looked over to him gratefully and focused more on all sides.

"Expulso!" Draco yelled hitting a chunk of castle and sending several large pieces flying at the advancing Death Eaters. Several were knocked out or crushed.

Then they were in the middle of the battle. There were several bodies littering the ground from both sides. Harry stopped for a moment watching the scene in front of him in slow motion. So many lives were taken already. The Wizarding world was relying on him to save more than take. He caught sight of Hermione and Ron standing back to back fighting those around them and protecting each other at the same time. Fred and George were nearby looking the same. Luna, Neville, and Ginny had formed a triangle of protection taking down Death Eater after Death Eater. Then he saw others that he knew; his adoptive parents, the rest of his adoptive family, all of them. He felt his heart constrict a bit and then he turned to see his one time enemy fighting several at one time and he felt a lump rise in his throat. He needed to end this now, his life be damned. No more lives would be taken because of that man, except his own.

He edged Draco closer to Ron and Hermione who immediately took him into their protective stance and watched them fight together. The three most important people in his life were protecting one another; the three that he loved more than anything; the three that he was going to give his life to save. He took one last look knowing that he would never see them again. Each one managed to meet his eyes before he walked away. They looked at him knowingly. They feared for him and then something else crossed their features in that moment that they met his eyes. They knew he wasn't coming back. It was there on their faces. He smiled sadly at them and turned away running to the man that was going to end his life today.


Harry slipped through the trees following a group of Death Eaters further into the forest. They broke into a clearing and Harry knew that Voldemort was just beyond the trees ordering his followers to kill all those in his way, but leave Harry Potter to him. They knew their strict orders and now Harry did too. He decided to cut out the middle man and step into the clearing himself.

Voldemort turned to him when he stepped out there. He sensed him breaching his wards. "Ah, Harry, so nice of you to join us. Please sit, let's talk," Voldemort gestured to the rock in front of him.

"Voldemort let's end this right now. No formalities, no talking. It's over. I want to finish this. You've got what you came for. Stand up and fight me," Harry said.

"Why Harry, where is the challenge in that?" Voldemort taunted standing up, his cloak billowing out behind him.

"No challenge. Just a plain duel. Right here and now. I'm done," Harry responded in an even tone.

"Are you giving yourself willingly? Letting me kill you just like that?" Voldemort questioned. It distracted him enough that Harry was able to send a wordless spell at him. Voldemort realized almost instantly and sent the killing curse at him. Their spells collided mid-air, battling each other just as they had done in fourth year. Harry held on pushing all of his strength into the spell. Voldemort did the same. Then Harry's strength overpowered Voldemort's and as the spell reached the end Harry dropped his wand, breaking the connection.

A brilliant burst of light emitted from the connection sending Harry backwards and Voldemort screaming out in agony and then Harry saw the infamous white light. He smiled as he willingly approached it. He was sure that Voldemort was dead and now it was his time to go as well. He walked down the path, his life rushing past him only stopping momentarily on the faces of those he loved both past and present.

As he approached the end he noticed a bench. He looked at it curiously and took a seat. He felt the need to rest. He looked around at the bright landscape. Everything was pure white. He felt at peace here. He felt the weight of the bench change and he turned to see Dumbledore sitting next to him.

"Professor?" Harry asked closing his eyes and opening them again to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Hello Harry. I'd offer you a lemon drop, but seeing as we are not in my office and I don't have any here, I can't," Dumbledore replied with a smile and a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Thank you Professor. Um, what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"I know why I'm here, but I should be asking you the same thing," Dumbledore responded.

"Uh well, Voldemort killed me. I'm just sitting here for a moment to rest," Harry said.

"He killed you? How very interesting. Not quite though. You are in a state of limbo, but you were successful in destroying him so for that, congratulations. Now as to your current situation, would you like to be dead?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, I don't want people to hurt anymore or die because of me. I don't want to go back to a world where everyone praises me for saving them. It wasn't just me that did it, but no one else will get credit for it no matter what I say or do. I can't live in that world. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the past seven years there, a place that I belong, but I can no longer live there after this. I've done what I was meant to do and now it's time for the world to get closure and for that I need to not be in it," Harry explained.

"I see. Well, what about Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley? Or Mr. Malfoy? You want to leave them behind to be without you for the rest of their lives?" Dumbledore questioned.

"Ron and Hermione have each other and well Draco and I couldn't be together. People would never leave us alone and I couldn't possibly do that to him. He'll be better off without me in his life. He'll marry and have children and that's what I want more than anything," Harry explained.

"In a perfect world you and Mr. Malfoy would be together and press free. That's what you'd like isn't it?" Dumbledore suggested.

"Of course I would. I fell in love with him this year. I guess I've always felt that way, but now it's real and it's great. I tried to tell him before the battle started, but as always Voldemort had to take something else from me," Harry said bitterly.

"So you want to die and never have the chance to tell him?" Dumbledore asked.

"Like I said before, I don't want to put anyone through this mess that is my life. I need to be alone and this is the only way I can do that. Its better this way," Harry replied.

"Well, instead of death, how about leaving London for awhile? Go somewhere far away. Let the hype die down and when the time is right you can come back and continue your life. Death is permanent; taking an extended vacation is not. Make sure you tell someone though that you can trust. Let them know that you are alive and that you will be gone for awhile so at least when you do come back it won't be an entire shock. It is entirely up to you, but I think that's the best solution," Dumbledore explained.

Harry turned away from his mentor and father figure. He furrowed his brow as he thought about leaving his world behind for a time instead of death. He really didn't want to die. He just wanted to get away from it all. He nodded already making up his mind.

"You're right. That is the best solution, but how do I get away?" Harry asked.

"Go to this address and there you will find everything you need. After you are prepared you can move on to where you want to go. I believe The States are a wonderful place to go. Write two letters to whomever you choose and I will see that they are delivered. Good luck to you Harry and thank you for everything. I am very proud of you," Dumbledore praised as he started to walk away.

"Wait professor, how can I write them without any parchment or a quill?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Next to you on the bench are plenty of parchment and a quill with a full bottle of ink. Seal them up and leave them there. I'll deliver them. See you soon Harry, but not too soon," Dumbledore responded as he walked away.

Harry looked after him with a smile. He picked up the parchment knowing who he'd write to; Hermione and Ron and then Draco.

He looked around one more time thinking of exactly what he wanted to say to the three. Finally he smiled and began writing.


Harry sealed the letters casting a charm on them to cause the intended reader to take a form of an unbreakable vow to protect his plans. The letters were also spelled to only be read by the intended people and to anyone else it would be gibberish. He set them on the bench and looked around one more time. He stood and began walking back the way he came. The blinding white light faded behind him as he moved further and further away.

He reached into his pocket pulling out the address that Dumbledore had left him. He knew the place well and knew that as soon as he was out of limbo he would be able to apparate away leaving his old life behind in stasis. He reached the end of the walk way and looked back one more time. He nodded in confirmation before taking a step forward.

Everything was spinning as he came back to the present world. He heard cries of anguish around him and he turned to see several Death Eaters surrounding the dead body of their Lord. None were paying attention to him. He took one last look focusing on his destination and apparated away.


A bright light burst through the darkened sky. Immediately the battle stopped as everyone watched the light brighten the sky. They knew what it meant. Harry was successful. Voldemort had been defeated. The remaining Death Eaters on the battlefield dropped their wands as a pain shot through their arm. Many cried out in agony bringing the aurors attention away from the light. They stunned the remaining people and then tied them up.

Hermione, Ron, and Draco stared at the blinding light and then turned to look at each other a sickening feeling settling in their stomachs. They ran forward hoping that Harry made it. That he hadn't died. Please let him be alright, please Merlin. They thought in unison. Draco knew that Harry was going to tell him something important before the battle started. He hoped that he was going to tell him that he loved him and Draco would have told him he felt the same way. He wanted so badly to be able to see Harry to tell him that, to hear him say it too.

They followed the light that was still shooting out of the trees and soon enough they heard the anguished cries of other Death Eaters. When they burst into the clearing they saw aurors stunning the rest of Voldemort's followers and tying them up. They saw the cloak that was once Voldemort's, but there was no body, just a pile of ash. He had been completely incinerated. The three of them let out sighs of relief at seeing with their own eyes that he was gone with no hope of coming back.

Draco looked around for Harry. There was a blurry of activity and he was just hoping that Harry was somewhere in the mix, but then something caught his eyes. He started walking over to the item that was glinting in the fire light. He felt a lump rise in his throat as he realized just what was catching the light. It was Harry's glasses. He let out a choked sob as he knelt down to pick them up. Hermione heard his cry and rushed over. She looked down into his hands seeing Harry's glasses. She felt tears filling her eyes. Ron walked over as well and knelt down to pick up Harry's wand, his own tears coming to his eyes.

Draco started to shake as he sobbed. He sank to the ground next to the pile of ash that had been Harry. He held his glasses, his annoying glasses to his chest as he sobbed. Hermione sank to her knees as well and wrapped her arms around him crying on his shoulder. Ron stood there holding his best friend's wand and looking down at Harry's rival and other best friend. He was confused at first at why Draco was crying over Harry's death, but then the past year flashed through his head; Draco and Harry no longer fought, the looks that passed between them whenever they saw each other, the times that Harry would disappear for hours on end never having a good reason for being gone, the change in Harry's moods, and the fact that they had come to the battle together from somewhere else. Ron realized that Harry and Draco had become friends if not something more and he wasn't angry. He was glad that Harry had been happier despite everything and he knew it was because of Draco. He had a sneaking suspicion that Hermione already knew or had figured it out. Then he realized that Harry was gone. His best friend was gone and would never be happy again. He would never see him smile or hear him laugh again. That did it. Ron joined the other two on the ground and cried even going as far as allowing Draco to put an arm around him.

That was a turning point for the three. They each felt the sting of Harry's death and the regret at all the things they wished they had told him. They became friends then, forgiving each other for all that they had done in the past. If only Harry could be there to see it. They stayed there long after the aurors and Death Eaters had left, after Voldemort's remains had been scooped away, after the fire died out and the light of a new day began showing through the darkness. Others came to try and get them away, but they didn't understand that the three could not walk away yet. They weren't ready to leave Harry behind even though his remains would be picked up and he would be buried. They just weren't ready.

After several hours of kneeling and crying they finally stood. Draco still clutched Harry's glasses in his hands and Ron still held his wand. They didn't look at each other at first. Finally Ron broke the silence.

"Did you love him?" He asked Draco.

"Yes, I do," Draco replied.

"Did he love you?" Ron asked.

"I think he was going to tell me today. He started to before this all started," Draco replied sadness engulfing him once again.

"Then you should keep these. Hermione and I have had a lot of years with him and we have a lot of things for us to remember him by. His wand and glasses belong to you," Ron offered as he held the wand out for Draco to take.

Draco stared down at them thoughtfully. He reached out and took them. "Thank you. That means a lot to me," He whispered.

They both nodded. Hermione wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. Then awkwardly Draco and Ron hugged. Hermione conjured an urn for what was left of Harry and carefully directed the ashes into the urn all the while tears continued streaming down all three of their faces. When she was finished she sealed the top, a resounding pop of finality rang around the clearing. All three let out choked sobs and began walking away, back to more death and destruction.