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Pairings: Nejiten, Sasusaku, Naruhina, Shikatema.

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Chapter 1

By: turtlechick


"You feel that?" I asked, my voice hushed. I felt the hair on my arms stand up. A demon was close by. Everyone has the capability to sense a demon's presence, but it takes a true demon hunter to know the signs. A tickle in the back of your throat, or goose bumps are all a part of normal human life, that's why no one notices them. A demon hunter has the ability to know the difference between a twitch and an on coming demon. My pink haired best friend nodded to my question.

"You want this one?" She asked with a smile.

"You know it." With that said I concentrated and put my hand on the pouch located on my back, it held my arrows and my bow. The demon was a few hundred meters away and coming at a fast pace from the east. Sakura jumped in a nearby tree to give me the room that my fighting style required.

It finally came into view and I was ready. It spotted me right away and I jumped in the air, I took out a few of my arrows and strung them in my bow. I pulled back, and then let go hurling them at the beast in front of me. The arrows pierced its skin and he let out a howl in pain. It was dead in a matter of seconds. The demon fell to it's knees in defeat.

"You done Tenten?" She asked from the tree.

"Yep we're all done here. On to the next village in need." I exclaimed. She rolled her eyes at my enthusiasm.

That's the way it was, always had been. We traveled all over the country in search of needy villages that needed our help with their, 'pest problems.' There were more like us, demon hunters that is. In the world they practically ran the place and people like Sakura and myself were the only things standing in their way.

Most demons, like the one from earlier, have no real plans for world domination, they just want a tasty human snack. A handful of them disguise themselves as humans and walk the streets, they're the ones to look out for. They were the real masterminds to the recent infestations. We had only heard stories about them though.

So here we were traveling demon hunters, all we had were her fists, my weapons and the cloths on our backs. We were just looking for a place to belong.

"Do you think we're doing any good? I mean it's all we seem to do these days, is fight demons. It feels like we aren't even making a dent." I asked all of a sudden.

She took a moment to gather her thoughts. "Well think about it this way Tenten; we may not be making a dent in the demon population but at least the few we do take down won't be able to hurt anyone else's family like they did mine. I think that's the most important thing."

"Yeah I guess you're right about that."


It felt like we had been walking forever. The balls of my feet stung with every step we took. "Sakura are we almost there yet?" I whined.

"Yes Tenten, but I don't know why you keep asking every five minutes. That won't help us get there any faster." I groaned. "Hey Tenten?"

"What?" I guess that I was acting pretty pathetic for a demon hunter. My eyes were closed as we trudged on and my feet dragged about three seconds after the rest of my body as we continued to the next town.

"We're here." She said monotonously.

"Really!? Well it's about time!" I yelled pumping my fist into the air and picking up my pace.

"I swear Tenten you act more and more like a kid every day. I bet someone would think that you were a kid if you weren't as tall as you are." She muttered. I wore my hair in two buns on the top of my head, she called them childish, but I had worn my hair like that for as long as I could remember. I stuck my tongue out at her and skipped the rest of the way to the village.

"So how much money do we have left?" I asked, a hand on my stomach as it growled uncontrollably.

She sighed as she stifled through the small pouch she kept our money in. "Not much I'm afraid. The last village was very poor, so I couldn't ask for much." Yes, we had to ask for money for our services, but how else were we supposed to survive. People can only live so long on the thought of doing good for others. Stealing was just as bad and Sakura had always said that she would never sink that low.

"Oh and what about breakfast?" I asked, but afraid of the answer. She said nothing.

She tried to smile. "That just means that we'll have to camp out for the night. Now let's go get some grub." she attempted to look happy but the truth was neither of us had slept in a bed for at least a month now. It was really taking a toll on my back, but I guess it was the best we could do.

We grabbed something to eat, ramen to be exact, and headed into the woods to get a good night's sleep, well as good as it could get. There was something about sleeping on a nice comfy bed when you've slept on the cold hard ground for a month. I guess that bed would have to wait for the next town though, since this one had no demon problems.


The sun woke me up, another good reason to sleep indoors, the sun rose almost two hours before I was actually ready to get up. I stretched my arms and sat up, the sunshine blinding me as I slowly opened my eyes.

"You finally up?" Sakura had always been a morning person, ever since a group of demon destroyed the small village we lived in when we were little. She never truly got a full night's sleep anymore. She was woken by every little thing.

The day that demons obliterated our village was the day that we became demon hunters. The two of us were the sole survivors of the attack. We left it in shambles and traveled around, honing our skills by whoever was willing to teach us a thing or two. Through the years we had grown to be a pretty good team, no demon had the capabilities to stand in our way. Another thing that had become apparent over the years was our attitude toward demons.

Even though demons were the ones who had ruined our villages, I didn't hate them. They caused others pain, and that's what I didn't like about them. I continued to fight them not only for that reason but for the fact that if you ever came across a demon the situation was simple, kill or be killed, easy as that. Sakura, on the other hand, downright hated demons. I had no real family but Sakura had lost both her mother and father when the demons attacked. It wasn't good for your soul if you felt that much hatred for something.

After breakfast we were on our again. It was still early in the morning but Sakura had assured me that we were covering more ground this way. On the outskirts of town sitting underneath a tree was an old lady. She had a cane and her face was covered in wrinkles.

"You young ladies are demon hunters, am I right?" We stopped just before we passed her.

"Yes?" Sakura said unsure of what the old woman was getting at.

"Then I presume that you're headed north."

"No. Why?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard? There is word of a group of demons wreaking havoc up north." She said. "So are you headed there now?" There was a glint in her eyes.

"Well I guess we are. Thank you for the information ma'am." Sakura bowed politely, I was never much into manners. "Come on Tenten, we've got some demons to destroy." She grabbed my arm and led me up the road.

"That little old lady sure was creepy." I said when I was sure we were out range.

"Well at least she gave us some information."

"Up north? Huh."

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