Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki isn't exactly your 'normal' teenager. He's been able to see spirits since he was quite young, and one night, because of that, his life will change forever. Though how could a change in the way he received his powers from Rukia change things? Read and find out.

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"It will be temporary. But to defeat the hollow, you must become a Soul Reaper." Rukia Kuchki rasped, and tried to sit up.

"You must take my sword and stab it into the center of your being."

"Then give me that blade, Soul Reaper." Ichigo said, and took the blade, unaware of the hollow's blood dripping off of it.

"My name is Rukia Kuchki." she said, and thought of how much this human was like Kaien. She was unaware of the hollow's blood on her zanpakuto too.

"And my name is," the hollow drew closer "Ichigo Kurosaki." and with that he stabbed the sword into his heart, and a blinding flash lit up the area.

When the light died down, Rukia watched a dead hollow fall to ground. She was still in her Soul Reaper shihakusho and still had her zanpakuto, which meant that she still had her powers.

Rukia looked up, to see Ichigo, but when she saw him, it unnerved her a great deal.

Ichigo wasn't wearing a black shihakusho, but instead a white hakama, with a white jacket with one tail coat (arrancar, Espada uniform, slightly similar to Ulquiorra's) and white sandals and black socks.

Though what scared the Kuchki the most, was the hole in his chest, almost exactly where his heart should be, and the white and blood red mask fragment on his face.

Rukia saw that his outfit was similar, yet the opposite to a Soul Reaper's, and yet he had a zanpakuto, or at least a sword.

She saw the hollow's blood drip from his hand and on to the concrete.

He hadn't used his zanpakuto? Impossible!

Rukia silently debated in her mind on what she should do.

"Hey, Rukia." Ichigo turned around to face her, and shook his hand free of the blood "What now?"

"Huh?" she asked stupidly

"When'll this wear off?" he asked, picking at the mask fragment

"Um…." that was a good question.

"Well, look who it." someone said, and they stepped out of the shadows.

"Urahara." Rukia hissed through her teeth

"Who? Hey, do you know this guy?" Ichigo asked, looking from one Soul Reaper to the other.

"Unfortunately, yes." Rukia growled, glaring at the shop keeper.

"Well, it appears that you can't even walk Rukia-chan, and as for you…" Urahara eyed Ichigo, not with distaste, but almost a strange curiosity "So why don't you" he pointed his fan at Ichigo "get her, and we'll go back to my shop.".

Ichigo walked over to Rukia, and bent down and whispered "Can we trust him?"

"Yeah, we have to-it's not like we've got much of a choice." Rukia sighed, but then let out a surprised squeak when Ichigo picked her up, and carried her bridal-style.

When they finally arrived at the small shop, Rukia glanced at Ichigo.

What was he?

He defiantly wasn't a Soul Reaper, but he couldn't be a hollow…or could he?

Tessai, Urahara's large assistant, relieved Ichigo of Rukia, and started tending to her wounds.

"That's a nasty cut, ." he observed, and applied some alcohol to the wound and cleaned it. Rukia didn't say anything, but just grimaced and nodded.

When he finished tending to her wounds, she limped into a room where Urahara and Ichigo were waiting.

"So, it seems like we have a lot to talk about." Urahara said, hiding behind his fan

"Oh, really? What for example-"

"Ichigo becoming an arrancar."

"What?" both Ichigo and Rukia asked

"An arrancar is a hollow who has removed its mask and gained Soul Reaper powers." Urahara explained

"Wait-so Ichigo is a hollow?!" Rukia asked

"Yep." Urahara

"Do mean that I'm one of those monsters?!" Ichigo asked, sounding a bit scared

"No, technically speaking you are a hollow, but an arrancar is a completely different kind of hollow. You don't have to eat human souls. As a regular hollow, I'd say you're a Menos…at about the level a Vasto Lorde."

"W-WHAT???" Rukia gasped

"A what?" Ichigo asked, still confused

"The most powerful hollow, and the last stage in the evolutionary line of hollows, a Vasto Lorde. They are easily above captain-class level, strong enough that if ten came together, they could bring down the whole of Soul Society. There are very few, and those few exist in the deepest, darkest corners of Hueco Mundo." Urahara explained

"…" both Ichigo and Rukia were silent

"…did you have anything on your blade while transferring your powers?" Urahara asked

"…" Rukia thought back, then remembered the hollows blood on her zanpakuto…


"Um…there…was some…………………………………………hollow's…blood…on my…………………………………………………………………………………zanpakuto." she said nervously.

Urahara nodded "That would explain it."

"Explain what?" Ichigo asked

"How you became an arrancar and not Soul Reaper…."

"Okay, but there is a way to reverse this right?" Ichigo asked nervously

"No. But look on the bright side!" Urahara grinned

"WHAT bright side???" both Ichigo and Rukia asked again


'That's a good point…what bright side…it gives people something to read? What the hell? Where did that thought come from?! Um…the bright side is, the bright side is-aha! That's it! Man, I am so clever!', Urahara thought, then said

"THAT is something you'll have to find out on your own." Urahara grinned mysteriously from behind his fan, then snapped it shut.

"Well Rukia, since you need to recover I'll get you a gigai, and Ichigo, since your body was destroyed in the blast, I'll get you a gigai too!" and after he gave them their gigais he booted them out in a matter of minutes and bid them goodnight.

"…" Ichigo looked at Rukia, and got in his gigai

"Hey…um…Ichigo?" Rukia asked, already in her gigai. She was wearing a simple white dress, and Ichigo's giga was wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of slightly faded jeans.

"Yeah?" he asked, walking off towards his house. Rukia followed him.

"I think Urahara meant for us to stay together."

"What the hell?"

"I think I should stay at your house."

"Yeah but…where are you gonna sleep? And how am I going to explain it to my family?"

"…You figure that out."

"Wha-First off 'ya crazy midget, you're the one who got me into this me-OW!!!" Ichigo received a comical blow to the head for a glaring Rukia, who wasn't very happy about being called a 'crazy midget'.

She smirked, and ran off towards Ichigo's house, leaving a frustrated, tired, and still somewhat confused arrancar.

Ichigo just rubbed his head and sighed as he jogged after her.

After, how bad could it get?

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