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Rukia looked around as Tessai jumped down next to her Urahara was already preparing some kind of training for her that would help get her powers back in a little under an hour or so. She was curious as to what the training might be, but she didn't like the looks of it so far. Kisuke was standing by a deep looking pit and talking to Jinta and Urru. They kept glancing at her, which made her uncomfortable. So, to distract herself, Rukia admired the training ground instead. It was had a fake sky for a ceiling, but to her it looked pretty real. There were random rock outcroppings, and overall it looked like it had been used more than once. (AN: basically a copy of what Kisuke had under his store)

"Um…so this training…" Rukia began, but Tessai merely hoisted her up by the waist "H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" she demanded, pounding on his broad, muscular back. He ignored her protests, and started to walk over to the pit. The feeling of badness from before doubled.

"W-Wait! You're not going to throw me down there, are you?" she asked nervously, but Tessai showed no signs of hearing her at all. Once they reached the edge of the pit, he stopped.

"Good, good. Now that the both of you are here, we can start the training, but I'm assuming that Rukia wants me to explain it first." Kisuke said in a too-happy-voice "Well, the way this works is we throw you down into the pit and you've just got to get back up before your time runs out. Simple as that."

"Kisuke…" she growled. She knew that nothing was simple when it came to this man.

"Oh, well we'll be cutting your soul chain, so if you don't get out of the pit before your time runs out…then you turn into a hollow. And if you do, your father will make sure all of us die slow painful deaths for doing this Rukia, so please don't turn into a full hollow." Kisuke said, but begged at the last part. He didn't want to ever have to face the wrath of a maternal, overprotective, angry Aizen.

"But why can't you just let me turn into a hollow and then use the Hogyoku to turn me into an arrancar?" Rukia asked

"Because, first we would need to get the Hogyoku from you father, and secondly…if you became an arrancar, you'd be stuck that way for the rest of your life. I doubt you want that." Kisuke sighed

"No, you're right." she said without thinking, but it was probably true. She wouldn't want to spend the rest of her life, or afterlife, as an arrancar.

"Okay then! Let's get started with your training!" Kisuke said, and with that he pulled out his zanpakuto.

"Kisuke…if you so much as-" Rukia never got a chance to finish her threat because Tessai tossed her up in the air above the pit. As she fell, her eyes saw a metallic flash, and she felt a deep pain in her chest. That pain intensified once she landed on her butt.

"Ow…" she rubbed her sore bottom, wishing that Tessai hadn't thrown her up so high. She looked down at the white hospital robe which was stained with blood in the center. Coming out of her chest was a chain which was…eating itself.

"What?!" her eyes widened in horror at the sight. She had no idea what she could do to stop this.

"Oi Rukia! You better hurry up before time runs out!" Kisuke called down from the top, causing Rukia to panic even more. She ran at the dirt wall, trying as hard as she could to push against gravity. If she had her powers she could've just flown out, but if she had her powers and that damned fox faced bitch hadn't struck her there, she wouldn't be in this mess.

"AAAHHH!!!" Rukia yelped as she fell back down, feeling the push of gravity weigh down upon her as she landed hard on her back. Wincing, Rukia got back to her feet. That was when she realized something. Her arms were bound. She had no idea how she couldn't have noticed before, but that was what was keeping her from reaching the top. Coupled with gravity and the sudden loss of two very important limbs, her balance had been thrown off dramatically. With her arms like this, she wouldn't stand a chance of getting out of here before her chain ate itself. Rukia vainly tried to run up the wall again, but it was useless. She fell to the ground again.

"Damn…" she looked down at her chain. It was gone. That was when she sat up a little bit, and saw that it was still there, but the last two links were gobbling each other up.

"No! Damnit stop!" she cried out in desperation, but the hungry links didn't listen to her. How many times had she seen this happen to some poor unfortunate soul? How many times as a shinigami had she witnessed this event? When the last link dissolved into nothingness, her head straightened up as if it were attached to strings. She fell to her knees and her mouth opened in a silent scream as white foam poured out. It came from her ears, her eyes, her mouth, her nose…and the worst part was the burning. The sensation of fire licking her entire face as if the foam was white fire…

"The mask is forming first. It's rare, but it usually shows a sign of resistance." Kisuke observed, but then shook his head and sighed "Go ahead and do it, Tessai."

"Right. Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts." he had been able to skip the first part of the incantation, but the spell got more complex, and even he had to use the incantation at this point. White spiritual fabric enveloped Rukia, which was followed by large iron bolts that pierced the fabric.

"Well, looks like its time…" Tessai muttered as he prepared to invoke the last part of the spell.

Rukia was falling. She was falling into an endless black void, a whirling maw of nothingness just waiting to swallow her whole. The usually peaceful snowy, nighttime palace and city before it had been destroyed. Her inner world had been shaken to pieces. Next to her, Sode no Shirayuki appeared, calm as ever.

"What do I do?!" she shouted, but it wasn't necessary. Her zanpakuto could hear her fine.

"You must find your powers before you fall into the hollow void." as the snow zanpakuto spoke, countless giant white snowflakes swirled around them Rukia felt like she was in a snow globe.

"But how?!"

"That is for you to figure out." her zanpakuto replied, calm as ever. Rukia closed her eyes shut. She thought of Ichigo, of her sister, of Renji and everyone else who was or had been close to her. She thought of Kaien.

'Don't die without your friends, Rukia. Don't die alone.'

Rukia reached out with her hand, feeling towards the source of the voice as she freefell into nothingness. From one of the snow flakes, a beautiful blue ribbon sprouted from the tip. Cold, strong power surged through it, and flowed into her body as she grasped it in her right hand.

Rukia smiled as she fell into the abyss.

"Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbiddings!" Tessai chanted and a huge metal cube made from reiatsu plummeted down into the pit. Just as it was twenty feet down, a light from the bottom of the pit shone intensely before shooting up like a Shiba firework.

"W-Woah!" Tessai was thrown head over heels and knocked back into a rock quite painfully "Ouch…" he said weakly, wincing and twitching as his glasses which had been knocked askew poked into his face. The light landed on the edge of the pit, revealing a black clad figure with some white spiritual fabric and an iron bolt clinging to its shoulder. The figure was small, had black hair, and was wearing a white wolf-like mask with deep blue lines etched around the mouth in the shape of fangs, giving it the appearance of a snarling beast.

"Is it a hollow…or a shinigami?" Jinta breathed, holding his bat aloft in case the thing that had once been Rukia attacked. Urru held her broom defensively, but Kisuke just grinned. Then he started to clap.

"Well done Rukia, well done! You now have your powers as a shinigami back." he called out as the fierce looking mask fell off her face and shattered into a million pieces as soon as it touched the ground. She frowned at him, drawing her dark eyebrows together slightly.

"Easy for you to say, Kisuke. You weren't the one in that pit…but I guess I should thank you for helping me regain my powers." she sighed after patting her zanpakuto. The weight of the sheathed katana felt comforting, reassuring, especially now and after all she had just gone through.

"Well, you can rest now since that must've been tiring, but after that we start training. But before you take a nap, there's someone I want you to talk to." Kisuke said as he hid part of his face behind his fan so that only his eyes were visible.

"How pathetic. You're just a hollow relying on its instincts and nothing more." the blind shinigami said. Ichigo got up again, snarling. He swung his sword down as hard as he could, but the shinigami blocked it calmly, not even flinching when faced with such a vicious opponent.

"If you cannot learn self-control and master yourself, then you will never rise above the level of a Gillian class Menos." he said quietly, but loud enough for Ichigo to hear him.

"Shutup! I don't care what the hell you think!" he growled, before rushing at him again, and bringing his blade down once more. He kept slashing and stabbing at the wretched shinigami, but it was completely useless.

"Your movements and actions are like that of an animal. You're far too predictable, and you rely heavily on your instincts to guide you in battle." Tosen said as he cut Ichigo's shoulder. The blade penetrated his hierro.

"So what?" he snarled, getting angrier and angrier by the second like a caged beast.

"Observe Ulquiorra. He is a hollow as well, yet he fights with reason and purpose. He can think of a plan to defeat his opponent. He can sense weakness. He can plan his next attack and figure out things that someone with no sense of mind would never be able to accomplish. Because of your mindless style of fighting, you know nothing but bloodlust. That will be your downfall." as he spoke, the number of cuts Ichigo obtained increased. His regeneration couldn't keep up, and soon he was on one knee, panting and trying to raise his blade.

"Like I said, your pathetic." the shinigami spat before stabbing Ichigo's shoulder, thrusting the blade in without mercy, and then withdrawing it, creating a small fountain of blood.

Ichigo's fists clenched at the memory of that fight. Before that, he had almost never lost a fight. As far as he could remember, only Tatsuki had beat him in a fight, and years later he finally surpassed her before leaving the dojo they went to together as kids.

If only he knew how to release his zanpakuto…even though he talked to Zangetsu, his blade had never told him anything other than his name. That, and Ichigo had no idea how an arrancar was even supposed to release their zanpakuto. He couldn't just rely on his instincts this time. He'd have to learn it from someone else.

"Ichigo?" the arrancar had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he barely noticed the voice behind him. He turned to see Rukia standing a few feet away, wearing her shinigami attire.

"Rukia, you-"

"Kisuke helped me get my powers back. He asked me to come see you before…well, before I go back to bed." she said. Ichigo stared at her for a few moments.

"You should already be in bed." he frowned at her. Rukia shook her head.

"Did Kisuke…tell you about…?" Rukia trailed off

"Tell me about what?" Ichigo asked

"Did he tell you about the plan to go to Soul Society and rescue Ulquiorra?" she finally blurted out. Rukia covered her mouth and looked around. Thankfully, it was just her and Ichigo.

"Oh yeah, he did." Ichigo said flatly. Rukia looked at him a bit more closely.

"What's wrong?" she asked

"…I was just thinking about when I fought that shinigami…what he said…"

"Okay, and what did he say?"

"Well…Rukia, you don't think I rely on my instincts in battle too much, do you?" he asked uncertainly. Rukia didn't understand what this had to do with what Tosen said to Ichigo, but she could tell from the tone of his voice that it bothered him very deeply.

"Um…" she thought back to all the times she ever watched him fight. It was kind of true to say that he relied on his hollow instincts in battle a lot. Rukia had never really watched any other arrancar fight, but the way Ichigo hardly drew his sword and fought with his bare hands reminded her more of a hollow. That and just his overall style of fighting. It wasn't random…but there was something to it that gave away deep traces of a hollow.

"Sort of." she said, being honest "Why?"

"It's just that…"


"Ah! God, what the hell was that for!?" Ichigo shouted as he rubbed his sore head. He hoped a lump wasn't forming from the hit received, courtesy of Rukia and that damned sketch book she carried everywhere.

"Stop beating around the bush and spit it out! And stop being depressed! I know you lost, but so what? So what if you rely on your instincts in battle? If you want to change that, then get stronger! If you're afraid of failing, or afraid of losing again, then nothing will ever change!" she yelled at him, and hit him with the sketch book again. She was tired of his emoness.

"Where's your resolve?" she asked angrily, grabbing the collar of his jacket and brining him down to her eye level. They were very, very close.

"I you don't have what it takes, if you don't have the resolve, if you're afraid of failing so much that you don't even want to try then don't come to Soul Society. I'll go alone with Kendai if I have to." she huffed, before turning on her heel and walking away. Ichigo looked at her retreating figure in shock. It took him a few minutes for her words to finally sink in to the point where they actually had an effect on him. Sighing, Ichigo ran one hand through his spiky orange hair before walking away from the spot he had been rooted to for so long. He needed to find Grimmjow.

'It was you who gave me this power.'

"Come with me hollow. If you follow me, I'll give you greater power." she promised. He remembered following her to that lonely white place, which had once been ruins but now it truly looked like a palace. He remembered following her past odd looking hollow creatures. They resembled humans, or no, shinigami. How ridiculous. He followed her into a darkened room, and when the doors closed, she turned to face him. She invoked an incantation, some sort of spell that he had see shinigami use before. He could tell she was shinigami from the first time they met in the white sands, but curiosity kept him from killing her. He was only curious.

His mummified figure tumbled down the steps until it stopped. He could feel a powerful reiatsu coming from someone or something nearby. The reiatsu increased until it became a searing hot flame of energy, licking at his soul. He wanted to scream in agony but his mouth was closed. Everything around him was completely white. His soul was breaking down, morphing, changing, being recreated and finally he was one again.

"What do you desire?" a voice asked. He couldn't tell if it was male or female, hollow or human, old or young, or anything else about it. It was just a voice. He couldn't answer, but the sound seemed to know what he wanted already. The light gradually faded away, and as it did, his mask started to chip and break. He felt a warm, gentle hand on his bare face, sweeping aside the last bits of shattered mask. The shinigami studied him closely.

"What's your name, hollow?" she asked quietly. He shivered in response. The air was cold. This new body of his didn't have the same sort of skin or armor plating like before. He still had hierro, but the skin itself seemed so thin, like a human's or shinigami's. Something wrapped itself around him. It was some sort of soft material, and it was warm. He looked up at the shinigami, who had discarded her jacket and given it to him. Underneath the jacket, she wore a black top with sleeves so short that they were just thick straps.

"…" he could not from any words. Before, he never talked. He only howled if he was in pain or snarled when he was hungry. He made animalistic sounds, but never spoke a word. He tried opening his mouth to copy to sounds the shinigami was making, but he couldn't do it. He could understand her…but he just couldn't speak.

"You don't have a name? Hm…you're a bit funny looking, you know that? Almost like a clown…no…that wouldn't be a good name. Though…my father once told me something. He taught me a bit of Spanish, and I learned the words 'El que llora'. It means 'he who cries' in Spanish, but it's a bit of a mouth full, so why don't we just make it Ulquiorra? That's a good name, isn't it?"

He, Ulquiorra, clung to that word. He repeated it, and the shinigami smiled, nodding.

"Let's get you some clothes, and then some food. After that I'll find you a room and you'll be given your number."

'And it was you who gave me this name. Ulquiorra. That is my name. You gave me something to cling to; you gave me something to look forward to. You gave me something that was worthwhile, something that wasn't just trash like just about everything else in that white fortress. You gave me something, but I never got the chance to thank you for it. There's so much more…so much that I never thanked you for.'

Ulquiorra closed his eyes as he bowed his head slightly, thinking of Kendai. He opened his eyes slightly when he heard someone cough. He looked up from his lap and saw a nervous looking dark haired shinigami. The shinigami had some sort of sack on its back, held in place with a string and a strip of green material.

"Um…I…um…I have to…uh…come in and sweep. Is that okay?" he asked, and Ulquiorra saw that the shinigami was holding a broom. He nodded, and the wooden door of the cell opened up. For a moment Ulquiorra wondered why he had been placed in the thirteenth division holding cell instead of the white tower where prisoners slated for execution by Sogyoku were kept. The captain of this squad had already tried talking to him-about Kendai and Rukia. But Ulquiorra hadn't said word. He had been silent since arriving in Soul Society.

There was no chance of the shinigami getting even a word out of him about Kendai and her sister. They could torture him, threaten him, do anything, but he would not betray Kendai. No matter what.

As he stared at his folded hands resting on white clad lap, his usual clothes having been replaced by a white prisoners robe, he silently tried to think of ways to escape. Glancing at the restrictive cuffs which bound his hands and feet, and the chain holding him to the chair he was sitting in, Ulquiorra couldn't think of any ideas.

"So…uh…Ichigo what's up?" Grimmjow asked sullenly, seemingly moping. Ichigo frowned at him, but then breathed deeply and exhaled before speaking.

"I want you to teach me how to release my zanpakuto." he said, causing Grimmjow to look at him, mildly surprised.

"You mean your Resurrección?"

"Yeah, that." Ichigo nodded. Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at his request before closing his eyes and shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I can't." the blue haired arrancar said simply, causing the other arrancar's eyes to widen.

"But why?!"

"You're Resurreccion is something that you're just gonna have to learn on your own. Even shinigami can't be 'taught' to use their shikai. It's really something natural-something that can't be learned or taught, just something that'll come to you…I guess."

"You 'guess'?"

"Well, I was able to use my Resurreccion a few days after becoming an arrancar…it just came to me." Grimmjow shrugged again. Ichigo looked at him, dismayed to hear the arrancar's answer. Disappointed and not knowing what to do, he hunched his shoulders and stared down at his feet. Grimmjow glanced over at him questioningly, almost feeling concerned.

"What's got you moping all of a sudden?"

"Well…with invading Soul Society…I mean I just thought that if I could learn Ressurecion before we left…seeing as how I couldn't even defeat Tosen…" he grit his teeth at the humiliating memory of losing to a blind shinigami.

"Lost to Tosen eh? Hmph…well, he is…or was…whichever, it doesn't matter really, but he used to be a captain before defecting from Soul Society. I hated his guts…but after all, you really don't know too much, since you've only been an arrancar for a few months, and you weren't a hollow before then. Besides, once we get to Soul Society, you'll have your friends 'n stuff to cover your back and you might even get a little stronger from roughing up a few shinigami." Grimmjow gave him a feral grin, enjoying the idea of beating up a bunch of shinigami.

"Eh? Well…" Ichigo trailed off hesitantly, but then looked back at the Sexta Espada "What's with you all of a sudden? When I first came here you seemed kinda glum but now you've cheered up…" Ichigo narrowed his eyes at Grimmjow "You seemed to cheer up right after that part about beating up the shinigami."

"So what? The idea itself is great, and doing it will be even better. I'm sure we should get at least one or two good fights from those pathetic shinigami." Grimmjow savored the idea of being able to get a few shinigami, maybe even clash swords with some of the stronger ones.

"…" Ichigo had suspected that the hollows held grudges against shinigami, but he was surprised by how they let themselves be lead by one, and how Grimmjow and Ulquiorra seemed so devoted to Kendai, who was also a shinigami.

'But then again, me and Rukia are pretty close so…' Ichigo smiled a little as he thought of the dark haired shinigami with eyes that turned blue, violet, and gray depending on the lighting sometimes. Though despite noticed how Grimmjow's attitude towards shinigami seemed to contradict his words, he didn't say anything about it.

"Well…I guess there's not anything you could teach me then, is there?" Ichigo questioned. Grimmjow shrugged.

"I could train with ya, but first I should-" the Espada smirked evilly, "evaluate you." and cracked his knuckles. Ichigo swallowed, smiling back nervously.

"Well, actually, I'm sure Kisuke could…uh…help!" the orange haired arrancar turned around quickly to run away, only to be caught by the collar of his jacket and dragged down the hall by Grimmjow who now had a maniac grin plastered on his face to match his equally joyful and insane laughter.

"Ah c'mon! What's that shinigami gonna do that I can't!" Grimmjow grinned over his shoulder at Ichigo, glancing back at the helpless arrancar.

"C'mon, I'll show what a real arrancar can do!"

'Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be painful?' Ichigo thought desperately as he was dragged down the hall and out of sight.

Somewhere in Las Noches, in the East Sector…

"Kendai, you can't mope here forever." Szayel said as he walked past the curled up shinigami "I mean, you're going to be saving him after all! Nothing more romantic that a dramatic and desperate rescue to save someone whom you hold so dear to you!" Szayel added a bit of dramatic flare to the end of his sentence. He glanced at the shinigami who was curled up, with her legs folded up to her chest, her face planted in the folds of her hakama, and her arms wrapped around her knees, effectively assuming something remnant of a fetal position.

Szayel sighed, rubbing his forehead with his fingertips delicately. He walked back over to Kendai and managed to wriggled his hand under her chin and pried her face out of her hakama. Her face was dry, her eyes clear thought barely tinted with salmon pink around the edges, the swelling of tears having been gone long ago.

"This isn't and wasn't a complete loss. Even though I know you want to bust into Soul Society right now, at this very moment, just remember that you will need backup, and despite how long it seems, this is a very short-too short- period for everyone going to train and get ready. But so far they haven't even begun to plan Ulquiorra's execution, if their even going to have one, so from now to three days later, you'll still have plenty of time to rescue him." Szayel soothed. Kendai didn't even nod, but kept her usually bright green eyes downcast, darkened with the weight and tension of what was happening.

"So just try to smile and bear with for now, honey." Szayel patted her head, and then walked back to what he was working on before, though he glanced over his shoulder, seeing Kendai standing in the doorway.


"I'm not saving Ulquiorra out of 'romantic interest' or whatever." she said simply before leaving. Szayel turned back to his work smirking, with one thought in mind.

'And just how much longer are you going to keep telling that little lie to yourself, Kendai?'

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Grimmjow howled in rage, and bucked under Kendai's grip as she tried to force him into submission. Ulquiorra was right by her, also try to tame his fellow Espada, but even though they were both stronger than the blue haired arrancar, neither of them wanted to hurt him.

"NNOOO!!! YOU SICK, EVIL…AAAHHH!!!" Grimmjow cursed aloud as he struggled underneath them, desperate to get away.

"I WON'T!!!" he screamed, arching his back as Ulquiorra jostled him, nearly throwing off the skimpy bit of clothing he was wearing, if what he still had on could even be called that. Kendai helped Ulquiorra get Grimmjow back into the correct position, and they resumed their struggled against Grimmjow.

With a final push, they were able to accomplish their goal. Only after a few seconds, Grimmjow struggled to get up, clawing at empty air as shock coursed through his system. Both Kendai and Ulquiorra sleeves were rolled up, and both had a light sheen of sweat after continuously struggling with a stubborn Grimmjow. Kendai was already wet and not enjoying herself too much as Grimmjow pushed against her. More struggling noises came from Kendai and Ulquiorra, and mores curses from Grimmjow as he tried to break their firm grip.

But suddenly the door flew open, surprising Kendai and Ulquiorra enough to allow their grip to slacken, letting Grimmjow break free. He raced past them and hid in a corner in the adjoining room, glaring at his two former tormenters.

Standing in or by the doorway was Nnoitra, Szayel, Nel, Halibel, Barragan, Stark, and every other Espada, staring at them in shock.

"What the hell were you doing in there?!" Nnoitra demanded, causing a wet Kendai to glare at him.

"What do you think?! We're in the bathroom, with a full tub of water, trying to give Grimmjow a bath, until you all came along!" she snarled as she took off her white arrancar jacket which was thoroughly drenched after Grimmjow had made a titanic splash in his split-second-long escape. Some of the guys looked at her hopefully, but she pulled off the jacket to reveal a black tank top, disappointing them.

Ulquiorra was just as drenched as Kendai, and not looking too happy about it. Then again, he never looked happy about anything at all.

"Oh, so that's what was going on in here. But then…why were you trying to give Grimmjow a bath?" Szayel asked, leaning against the doorframe.

"Because Aizen-sama has developed cat allergies due to Grimmjow not taking a proper bath for several years." Ulquiorra explained, looking past the Espada to glimpse Grimmjow huddled in the corner of the other room, his towel (thankfully) still wrapped around his waist, but he too was soaking wet like Ulquiorra and Kendai.

"Oh…so that's all that was going on in here." Nnoitra sighed, walking away in lack of interest. The other Espada turned away and left as well, and Grimmjow escaped into the halls and into his room to dry and then take a catnap.

Kendai sighed and looked over at her subordinate, suddenly smirking.

"What?" Ulquiorra asked uneasily, not liking the look Kendai was giving him.

"You're wet." she stated.

"So are you…" he trailed off, and then caught the perverted reference. He opened his mouth to tell her what a perv she was but a camera seemed to magically appear in her hands, and she began taking pictures. Worst of all, it was the waterproof kind.

"What are you…?"

Weeks later, Ulquiorra got his answer…

Ulquiorra stared at the cover of Las Noches Monthly. Plastered on the front cover was a picture of him soaking wet, as well as a towel-clad Grimmjow and several other photos of male arrancar who were mostly scantily-clad. The article to go with the photos contained a small caption underneath that read 'Courtesy of the Arrancar's Women's Association'. Ulquiorra stared at it for a moment before tossing it into a trash bin nearby. But as he began to walk away, Grimmjow came running up to him, pale and scared looking.

"Ulquiorra, have you see this!?" he shoved the LA Monthly in front of Ulquiorra's face. Ulquiorra merely nodded, maintaining his stoic…ness…

"No, but have you seen THIS???" Grimmjow flipped open to a certain page in the magazine, to reveal several photos of a more graphic and serious nature. One of them was of Ulquiorra in his Ressurecion form, but the person who had been taking the photo must've somehow snuck under him without his noticing, and taken a picture when the wind blew a little. And worst of all…it was a flash photo.

"…" Ulquiorra tore the magazine out of Grimmjow's grip and flipped through the various pages, only to find more pictures just like it, including pictures of other male arrancar, including Grimmjow. All were labeled 'Courtesy of the AWA' and one page even advertised a calendar being sold by the AWA, promising new photos of a similar nature to the ones being showed, and saying that they would be put in the calendar.

"What the hell?!" Ulquiorra nearly screamed as he came to the fourth photo of himself, and this time he was in the shower.

Elsewhere in Las Noches…

"Wow, we made a lot selling all those pictures to LA Weekly!" Nel exclaimed happily as she counted the AWA's funds with Halibel. The blond Espada nodded, and glanced at Kendai who was laughing with her Sunsun, Mila Rose, and Apache as they looked through some of the photos taken by AWA members.

"I like these." Kendai held onto every picture of Ulquiorra that she could find, while Apache gripped a few Grimmjow pictures, and Sunsun grabbed a picture of Tesla in the shower. Mila Rose picked a few random ones, liking all of them.

"They seem to be enjoying themselves." Halibel noted.

"Well of course! Speaking of which, we should do this again!" Nel said happily, but Halibel seriously doubted that it would be so easy top snap such graphic photos of the male arrancar after they had seen the newest addition of LA Weekly.

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