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If I could change the past by going back in time, I would. If I could change what had happened on that fateful day that I had gotten that text message from the mystery man, I would delete it and act as if I hadn't ever gotten it. Just maybe if I had done that, I wouldn't be a mess right now and I wouldn't be sitting in a room with Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. Vince McMahon had ordered us to straighten things up before things got worse. My boyfriend—or ex boyfriend, whatever he considered himself was glaring at me, his green orbs staring into my own blue ones.

"I don't understand, Heilly; how could you fall in love over just stupid text messages," Jeff asked with no emotion but I expect that his emotion was drained.

"They weren't stupid!" Randy protested defending the messages he had sent to me.

"Shut it, Orton," Jeff snapped at his colleague.

I winced at the tone that Jeff's voice had when he was talking to Randy and there wasn't an exact word to describe it either but it wasn't anywhere close to a civil tone either. I felt responsible for this; hell, I was responsible for this. I winced again as I heard Jeff toss my cell phone onto the table and I moved my eyes up to his and saw the anger and the hurt mixed into his green eyes. The anger was more present in his eyes but I knew that he was hurting and there wasn't anything I could do because I put that anger and that hurt there.

"Heilly! Say something!" Jeff shouted, angrily.

"I don't know what to say," I said weakly.

"Bullshit, Heilly! Don't you lie to me!" Jeff shouted again.

I pulled my knees up to my chest in the chair I was sitting in as Jeff's glare continued to stay on me and didn't stray. I still didn't understand how I could let myself get into this mess. I never thought once in my life that I would be the one to be in the mess this big and between two men.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say," I muttered lamely as I chewed on my bottom lip.

Jeff laughed and it wasn't exactly a happy laugh more like a mean laugh as if he was laughing at me. I looked down, my chin pressing against my chest.

"That's what a whore would say," Jeff snickered as he pulled out one of the chairs and sat down in it.

I gasped a little. Jeff hadn't ever called me a whore, not even in teasing. I looked back down, pulling my eyes away from his and I refused to let him see the tears that were building in my eyes. I hated to cry; especially over a man but I was in love with this man and to hear him call me that, it just was unbearable.

"Hey! That is unacceptable man," Randy said finally finding his voice as he got up and walked over to me and pulled me into his arms.

"You should have no say in what I say to her, Orton," Jeff hissed at the younger man as his arms were folded over his chest.

"I don't make her cry, Hardy," Randy snapped back at the current WWE Champion as he cuddled me close to his chest.

I sniffled and took a deep breath and looked up at Randy then over at Jeff. My heart was confused and I knew that I had to make this right, somehow.

"You cannot have us both, Heilly, you need to choose," Jeff said, sighing as he ran his hand through his multi colored hair.

I knew that it would come down to that and I knew that I would have to eventually have to choose between the two men that seemed to mean the world to me. I didn't know how I could have let myself fall in love with two completely different men and not know who I wanted to be with. Both men were polar opposites. Where Jeff was compassionate, Randy was confident. Where Randy was loving, Jeff was intense. Both men had a lot of qualities but they always seemed to overlap and ooze sexiness out of the both of them. My father would not be happy with this one; especially since I had just managed to get him to like Jeff after all the doubting he had done after Jeff had failed several drug tests. But who was I supposed to choose? Who did I want to choose? Who did I want to be with? I guess I should explain what had happened about four months ago…