Klonoa Heroes II: Wakeless Dream

By Rhah the Last Warlord

Disclaimer: I don't own Klonoa or any related characters that appear in this story; they belong to NamcoBandai/Klonoa Works. I own any original characters and the scenario, some locations, and other things that you'd raise your eyebrow about if you are a hardcore Klonoa fan. Okay? Okay.

Plot: A dark star…a forbidden gem in a lost world…lost in form and time. The Dream Traveler must assemble his band of allies as his new adventure begins with an enigmatic being that falls from the sky…

Notes: A pseudo sequel to the Japan-only release, Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal. This game was Klonoa's first RPG on the GBA and it was quite a worthy title with an interesting story. This is my continuation for it. This tale contains many elements that you've come to expect from the yarns that I spin, from the dark themes and interesting characters to the fast-action and drama. It'll be up to you if you want to read it; I won't make you. The only thing I'd appreciate is reviews from those that do read. Thank you.

Vision 0: Prologue

A vision of a distant world came into view. A vision that was no clearer than a piece of stained glass, depicting many forms but ultimately showing one single picture…static also prevented the scene from displaying clearly. The signs of war were apparent; decimated fields, craters, felled buildings, skies blackened with smoke…blood. All of this over one event: the showing of the ancient relic, the Dark Fantasy Star. Two beings of great power fought for it; one fought to put it away, the other battled to control its power and with it, all worlds. Once again, the earth shook and a jet black cabbit was thrown back, barely catching himself on the ground. He looked up, showing his ice blue eyes and gasping for breath. He must have been quite fatigued. He wore a shirt that was ripped and shorts that were curiously missing one leg. In his hand was a ring…it was gold and held a green gem.

He tightened his grip on said ring when a being presented itself in front of him. He was a sizable white wolf that wore a rosary and in the center of that rosary was another ring, except that his was silver and bore a purple gem. Five horns exited from his head and two more from behind it. He had one long tail and a deep aura radiated around his feet and paws. His eyes were crimson red and he gave the cabbit a fanged smile as he spread his black wings. The cabbit spoke with anger towards the wolf, but his voice could not be heard. After he was done, the wolf spoke back but again, soundlessly. The two exchanged more soundless words before the cabbit whipped his ring and produced a sword of wind from it. The wolf smirked and crouched low to the ground, producing an intricate blade from a magic incantation.

In a flash of movement, the two beings rushed at one another and once they made contact a grand explosion was the result, white and black energy sparking to and fro. Once the spectacle had gone, they had too…a clear silence had taken the place of the soundless clashes…though it was then that the sound returned. The only utterance was that of a dark and evil voice…growling and roaring in the distance…

"This world will not escape again. No worlds will ever escape. The mirror shall be crossed…and the storm shall rage…leaving no existence in its wake."

Rhah the Last Warlord Presents…

Klonoa Heroes II: Wakeless Dream

Rhah: I put this up to see if it would attract attention. If it does, I'll continue. You know how I measure attention, right?