Klonoa Heroes II: Wakeless Dream

By Rhah the Last Warlord

Disclaimer: I don't own Klonoa or any related characters that appear in this story; they belong to NamcoBandai/Klonoa Works. I own any original characters and the scenario, some locations, and other things that you'd raise your eyebrow about if you are a hardcore Klonoa fan. Okay? Okay.

Plot: A dark star…a forbidden gem in a lost world…lost in form and time. The Dream Traveler must assemble his band of allies as his new adventure begins with an enigmatic being that falls from the sky…

Notes: A pseudo sequel to the Japan-only release, Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal. This game was Klonoa's first RPG on the GBA and it was quite a worthy title with an interesting story. This is my continuation for it. This tale contains many elements that you've come to expect from the yarns that I spin, from the dark themes and interesting characters to the fast-action and drama. It'll be up to you if you want to read it; I won't make you. The only thing I'd appreciate is reviews from those that do read. Thank you.

Vision 10: To the Sky

Ishara Desert; Bleached Canyon

It was nighttime in the desert; the normally hot climate had dropped considerably, now being ten or so degrees above freezing. Our heroes were sitting around a blue bonfire (no doubt set by Kharma) and they didn't seem too rattled by the nighttime chill. Klonoa was lying flat on the sand, looking straight up at the clear skies; the moon was out and not only was it full, but it was much closer to Lunatea on this night, this giving it the appearance of being bigger than usual. Guntz was also lying flat on the sand, but his eyes were closed.

"We should reach the Sky Platform by tomorrow. From there, it's just a straight shot to the temple." Klonoa said.

"I wonder if Lolo and her caravan seriously trekked through this unforgiving desert to get to the platform." Guntz said.

"There are lots of ways to the Sky Platform; this one is just convenient for us because we're already in the desert."

"Fair enough."

Klonoa chuckled and then sat up; he looked beyond the fire and noticed Kharma sitting by himself on a high sand dune. Naturally, the cabbit walked up the dune and stood next to his recently transformed friend. Kharma looked at his "Big Brother" but then turned back to what he was focusing on, which was nothing.

"You alright?" Klonoa said.

"Haaaagh…I don't know. For the most part, yeah, I guess I'm fine but…oh, who am I kidding? No one wants to listen to my incessant brooding…" Kharma said.

"Well, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't curious and/or worried, would I?" Kharma shrugged. "So, go ahead. Talk."

"I…I'm kind of…kind of scared…of what else I could possibly turn into. I…I don't want to hurt you guys. I'm also pretty nervous about going to this Sky Temple place…"

"There's no reason to be nervous. I mean honestly, I'm pretty sure people will be scared of you…but as soon as they see you with me and how harmless you really are, they should calm right down."

"I…I guess…"

"And you do want a hero medal, right?" Klonoa brought his own out. "If so, then we have to go to the temple."

"Yeah…yeah, you're right, Big Brother! There's nothing to be scared of!"

Kharma stood up and gripped Klonoa in his massive arms, squeezing him in a loving hug. The cabbit hero smiled despite the crushing pain in his spine and after a few seconds of this, Kharma put him down. They both walked back to the fire and sat down.

"Had a hug-it-out moment?" Guntz said.

"Yeah, I guess…" Kharma said. He rubbed the back of his mane.

Guntz said nothing after that and just smirked; the relationship between Klonoa and Kharma brought on some of his own pleasant memories. The blue beast looked at Klonoa and shrugged before lying on the ground and curling up; as soon as Kharma started to fall asleep, the flame in his lantern dimmed before finally going out. Not long after, Klonoa followed suit, sleeping under the massive moon and the star ocean…

Next Morning

As the sun started rising the next morning, the heroes set off once more. The area that they were currently traversing was called the "Bleached Canyon" and for a good reason; the porous rock was near white. The heroes walked in the shadows, realizing that it would be much easier for them to avoid going blind from the sun reflecting off of the rock. The journey mostly took place in silence, no one really having much to say in the energy-sapping heat…well, until…

"Arrrrgh! I'm hot! There is nowhere near as hot as this back home…save for staring directly into the mouth of a volcano…" Kharma said.

"You know, your complaining is only going to make you feel worse. Just shut up and walk; it'll take your mind off of the heat." Guntz said.

Surprisingly enough, instead of snapping back with his own attitude-fueled remark, Kharma actually remained silent, walking at the end of the group. Klonoa looked at him and then back at Guntz, before shaking his head and continuing to walk. The heroes continued moving until they were stopped by a sheer drop; Klonoa, in his infinite courage, looked out over the edge and noticed that the drop led to the lower floor of the canyon, where there was a river and lots more shade. The cabbit backed up and reconvened with his group.

"Hey, there's water down there. And it more than likely won't be as hot." Klonoa said.

"The problem is, how do we get down there without killing ourselves?" Guntz said, putting his fingers to his chin.

"Well, I could get down there easily. Maybe I could just carry you guys down." Kharma said, strutting himself slightly.

Before Guntz could make a remark, everyone noticed a flock of flying moos coming out of the canyon. Klonoa looked at them…and smirked; the dream traveler ran up to the edge of the rock, charging a wind bullet, and when one of the monsters was in his sights…

"Wahoo!" Klonoa said.

He fired a gigantic wind bullet and it caught one of the moos, causing the victimized monster to blow up larger than any enemy would normally. Klonoa held up his prize and turned back to his friends.

"There we go! We can use him…and we'd better hurry up, because my arm feels like it's about to be pulled out of the socket." Klonoa said.

"So how do we do this?" Guntz said.

"Well, you and I will hold on the ring and we'll float down. Kharma can just impress us by finding his own way down."

"Big Brother!"

"I'm totally serious! Besides, you already said that you could get down easily."

Kharma couldn't deny that those were pretty much the words that escaped his maw in his undeniable bravado. He grumbled as he walked to the edge of the rock that Klonoa and Guntz were walking to; the cabbit and the wolf took firm hold of the Wind Ring as they approached the edge.

"Ready?" Klonoa said.

"As I'll ever be." Guntz said.

"Then…let's go!"

Klonoa led the charge and in a manner that would suggest that he was enjoying the entire moment, he jumped off the edge with Guntz in tow. As could be predicted, the massively inflated Moo gave its passengers a gentle ride down the canyon…at least until the wind came. Klonoa steered his and Guntz's ride pretty much expertly, avoiding crashing into the close walls as they became a threat; eventually, they hit the bottom and Guntz immediately let go of the ring. Klonoa laughed and shook his head.

"Well, that went well." Guntz said, brushing himself off.

"Yup." Klonoa said. He looked up at his inflated enemy. "Off ya go!"

Klonoa launched the Moo up through the canyon, where it deflated as it exited the cramped area. It looked back down at Klonoa and then started flying a little faster as it got farther away. The dream traveler laughed and then eyed the blue beast that was still looking down from high up the canyon. The cabbit waved and Kharma knew that it meant that it was his turn.

"Haargh…hopefully I wasn't bluffing too hard…" Kharma said.

The blue beast looked down from the ledge he was standing on; he scanned the walls, plotting the safest route that he could. Once he finished analyzing the canyon, Kharma crouched down to the ground and growled before leaping toward one of the walls; not truly expecting the wall to be as slick as it was, he started clawing at it. Before he could fall, however, he gripped the stone just enough to allow him to jump to another wall. This process repeated itself a few more times until Kharma got his rhythm, kicking off wall after wall; sometimes, he managed to run on said walls for brief strides before leaping to the next one. Eventually, the blue beast reached the lower canyon, where he simply jumped down to Klonoa and Guntz's level; he put a shallow crater in the earth as he hit.

"Hmph!" Kharma said, sitting up and puffing his chest out.

"See? I knew you could do it." Klonoa said.

"I don't know, you looked a little scared up there." Guntz said.

"Wh-what? No! No, no, no! I wasn't scared!"

"Ha, ha! Come on, let's go!"

The trio continued down the canyon path, which led to a somewhat covered area where a river was running through. The curved canyon above blocked out most of the sun, leaving the area to be much more comfortable.

"Aah…this is so much better!" Kharma said, as he took a drink from the river.

"Don't get too comfortable; we're almost to the Sky Platform." Guntz said, as he filled a canteen.

"I think we can afford to take a little break." Klonoa said.

The heroes acted on the cabbit's advice and after resting for about ten or fifteen minutes, they continued on their trek, ending up at the Sky Platform after about another half-hour of walking. The platform was a large, ivory, flat stone structure with six pillars surrounding it that were made of the same material. There was a large leaf insignia on the surface of the platform. Kharma walked up to it and immediately started walking all over it, examining it and sniffing it.

"Is this it?" Kharma said.

"Yup." Klonoa said.

"It…doesn't seem to be doing anything.

"That's because…"

"You're a moron." Guntz said. Kharma stood up and started growling while arching his fingers, causing blue and black lightning to arc across his body.

"Guntz! Anyway, it's because it requires magic to work. I'll show you."

As Klonoa walked up to the platform, Kharma immediately settled down, intent on watching the Dream Traveler work the foreign device. He pulled out his Wind Ring and held it in a firm position; the cabbit then started slowly bringing it around in a circle in front of his body. This caused wind energy to start spiraling around Klonoa's body, which culminated in him pointing his ring toward the platform and blasting a magically enhanced wind bullet at it. This action, in turn, caused the platform to light up in a display of lights and magic energy, ultimately resulting in the very center to rise somewhat and transform into a teleporting device.

"Whoa!" Kharma said.

"Yup, that's how it works." Klonoa said, crossing his arms and smirking.

"So, wait…no one can activate this except you, Big Brother?"

"Well, not exactly; really, anyone with a moderate level of magical prowess could activate it."

"I guess that means I couldn't activate it, huh…?"

"All you need is some training, Kharma. Maybe while we're in the Sky Temple, you can get some."

"Yeah, but we should get going." Guntz said.

Everyone nodded and stepped upon the central area of the platform one by one, each being teleported to the temple above. Afterward, the platform deactivated…and far away from it, a certain porcine witch doctor poked his head out from behind a boulder. Landahloh-Ji walked out from behind the boulder of which he was hiding and then awkwardly walked over to the Sky Platform. He started poking it with his staff and then raised an eyebrow.

"Hmph, that's it? All it requires is a 'moderate' amount of magical ability? If that's the case, this silly thing should be freakin' flying from me just stepping on it." Landah said.

The pig shrugged and waved his hand around in the air briefly, before a bolt of magic energy materialized in his hand. He pointed it towards the platform and fired it, causing the platform to react; the energy sparked all over the platform and in short order, it activated, revealing the teleport sigil. Landah cackled to himself and stepped upon the platform, teleporting to the exact same place as Klonoa and his friends: the Temple in the Sky.

Vision Ended.