"Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh," Kagome mumbled to herself as she dashed frantically through each room. Where is it?! she screamed internally, peeking through her bedroom door to see if her great aunt was still awake. She was currently visiting Kagome and her family for about a week, and had no place to stay besides her room. Kagome didn't mind, though, since she loved her greatly. Her brother was off doing who knows what with one of his friends, promising to be back in a couple of days.

Apparently, she was awake.

"Oh, Kagome, dear!" Her great aunt's wrinkled face broke out into a wide smile. Even if she was elderly, she had a wonderful smile. "I almost forgot you had school today," she chuckled under her breath, raising herself from the bed to walk over to Kagome. She wrapped her arms around her for a brief hug, and Kagome responded with a quick and gentle squeeze on the shoulder. She laughed nervously, a little impatient. She couldn't help it, though. She was about to be late for school!

"Good morning, Aunt Ayna. How are you feeling?" she asked in a rushed voice, trying to make some conversation so she wouldn't seem rude. Her chocolate eyes skimmed through the small room, still eagerly searching for her homework.

"Just fine and dandy, thank you," she grinned at her own choice of words. She had been sick lately, with her old age and all. She wasn't expecting perfect health or anything either, but they both knew that she just liked to think positive. "And you?" She was aware of Kagome's roaming eyes, and her own eyes narrowed, confused.

"I'm great," she nodded with a half-hearted smile. "Just looking for something..." she trailed off, finally resting her focused gaze on a sheet of white paper sticking out from under the bed. Aha! Found you, you little sneaky thing.

Her great aunt watched her skip across the room and snatch a lined paper from just under the bed.

"Look, Aunt Ayna, I got to go to school, but I'll see you later, okay?" she asked with a smile. Her aunt reassured her with a small smile in return.

"Of course, dear. I'll see you then." She let out a low laugh as Kagome quickly leaned in for one last hug, and darted out the door.

Kagome gasped when she glanced over at the clock as she passed through the kitchen. Ten minutes. She immediately grabbed her bag from the living room chair and ran out the door, slipping her jacket on in the process. It was about sixty degrees, so it was pretty cold today rather than usual. She jumped right on her new silver bike and began her ride once she got down from the long flight of stairs that stood before her home. The sun was shining brightly today, but the loud gusts of winds slightly ruined the beachy feel to it. Oh, how Kagome missed wearing skinny-straps and shorts.

Once she finally got to school, she practically threw her bike into the bike rack, sprinted through the doors, and bounced into her first block seat. She exhaled a huge sigh of relief as the shrill bell rang right when she got in her seat. The annoying teacher strolled through the door, looking a little restless himself, and Kagome didn't really notice something until that second.

Her hand flew up into the air as she waved it around, especially eager to be called on that moment.

"Yes, Ms. Higurashi?"

She fought the urge to roll her eyes at how he addressed her. She hated when teachers called her that; it made her feel old.

"May I go to the bathroom, please?" she questioned formally, her eyes innocent and pleading.

He sighed. "Quickly."

She leaped out of her chair and practically ran to the girl's bathroom, gasping in horror at her appearance. She guessed the cause of it was the fast and furious bikeride. Her ebony hair was disheveled terribly from the wind, her dark locks sticking out in every direction. She ran her pale, slender fingers through it, attempting to comb it out in some way. The action tamed it down a little bit, but just barely. She sighed deeply. This is as good as it's gonna get. She then walked through the stall and once she finished her business, sauntered out of the bathroom in no hurry at all. The one thing that she would absolutely love to miss was first block. Mr. Tamakizoa was not one to go easily on students if they ever did anything wrong. Even if it was just dropping a pencil, he would give them detention, accusing them of "a horrible attempt at glancing at someone else's paper". It was so irritating.

As she got closer to the classroom, she stopped right outside the door. Something, or someone, caught her eye. She turned her head curiously and her deep brown eyes widened minutely at what she saw. No wonder he caught her attention, his hair was pure white. The boy was apparently new, with her never having even seen him before. She knew practically everyone in this school, she was so kind.

Her head tilted to the side as she studied his features. He was turned the other way, toward the office desk as he was obviously chatting with the receptionist. But, she could tell that he had a muscular build to him, with his short-sleeved shirt showing off some of his biceps. He was also tall. Very tall. He was wearing dark blue jeans so she could tell that he was still slim. Slim and muscular? That was weird to Kagome.

He was sort of pale, but not as pale as her, of course. She was probably the most lightest girl in the whole school, with her pale complexion. She didn't particularly enjoy tanning or anything, finding it boring.

She was broken out of her reveries when she barely noticed him turning around and staring at her with an odd expression. She couldn't really tell what it was, but it made the blood flow through her body, and finally reaching up to coat her cheeks in embarrassing scarlet. Her heart also began to beat faster.

She also noticed how golden his eyes were. They were wide and mischievious, amber as caramel.

An amused half-smile sat on his lips before he turned around again to ask the lady at the desk to repeat something he obviously didn't hear. Kagome blinked a couple of times before reaching out to the door handle with a shaky hand and walking back to her seat in a daze.

She didn't know who this new guy was, but she was most definitely going to find out.