Kagome half-walked, half-ran to her locker the second she was let out from detention, which ended up looking like a distorted limp. She didn't know which one would come first: the night, or a panic attack.

She hummed along to the tune of "Into the Sea" by The Album Leaf as she rummaged through the messy containment of junk, controlling herself enough not to squeal out in excitement.

The thought of nothing going happening tonight never came to mind, but when her phone buzzed in her back pocket, she instantly being worrying. There really was no reason to, someone else would think. But if that someone had met Kagome, the worrywart, they'd understand why.

She set aside her backpack on the floor while searching for her phone that she would eventually have to dig out of her pocket with unnessecary effort, and when she finally reached the thing, she dropped it on the wooden floor of the hallway.

"Dammit," she muttered as she dropped to her knees to put the cheap phone back together, searching vigorously for the back piece of it with annoyed eyes.

"Needing this?" a charmingly deep voice interrupted her exploration just when a large, rough hand reached towards her, holding the missing piece she was looking for.

Kagome looked up at the boy as he grasped her hand and placed the item into it. She didn't miss how he held her hand in his much longer than necessary, and pulled her hand out with some force, a meek smile on her lips. She raised herself off her knees embarrassingly and dusted off her pants awkwardly.

"Heh, thanks," she mumbled out, grudgingly placing the backing back onto her phone.

"You're gonna have to be more careful with that. You might need it sometime, and you won't be able to use it," he pointed out amusingly, smirking.

Kagome raised an eyebrow at his comment and couldn't help but giggle under her breath. "I am. But I'm afraid I'm just too much of a klutz to really register that," she grinned while slamming the locker shut with a loud, clanging noise. She looked up at his face for a moment to see if she recognized him from somewhere. He was handsome, that was for sure. But, oddly enough, he was nothing compared to Inuyasha. She didn't think anyone was. Wearing her backpack low on her left shoulder, she waved once. "Thanks for the advice. . ."

The boy wore a sly smile on his face at her sarcasm and reached over to hold her backpack for her. "Any time, my lady."

She practically guffawed at all of his chivalry, roughly grabbing her backpack back into her hands and playfully smacking him on the arm. Her cheeks grew red with chagrin as she didn't know if they were friends enough for her to do that. "Please. I already have one servent who does that for me, I don't need another," she murmured with a sigh, crossing her arms. The thought of him made her heart ache.

The boy arched an eyebrow curiously, hoping it wasn't of his gender. "Oh? A boyfriend?" he asked with clenched teeth. Not another one. . . he thought loosely.

Kagome giggled uncomfortably. What was with this guy? "Well. . . yeah, basically." The good-looking boy cursed inwardly, a drop of sweat dripping down his forehead as if he were a cartoon.

"I'm Miroku," he blurted, extending his cloth-covered hand towards hers. She shook it generously, smiling genuinely at his friendliness. One thing she noted about this Miroku was that he definitely liked to flirt.


Her phone buzzed again, surprising her, and slipped out of her hand once again. But, thank the lord, Miroku was as slick as a fox, catching it with ease before it fell to the hard ground.

He handed it back to her with an appealing chuckle. "Clumsy girl."

She blushed hard and took her phone gratefully, this time holding it with two hands just in case. He laughed louder this time as she placed it in her pocket and stared at the ground difficultly.

"Hey! Kagome!" a feminine voice called from far off in the distance, over to their side. Kagome raised her head and smiled happily as she waved over to her friend.

"What's up, Sango? Haven't seen you in a while," she stated with a disappointed look on her face.

"I kno-o-ow, I've been sick for a while. Damn flu," she muttered, immediately grinning as Kagome began giggling. After a moment, Sango noticed there was a person next to her. She looked over, eyes going wide as a random boy was practically drooling over her. She stepped closer to Kagome and put on a huge, fake, smile. "Who is this?"

"Oh, uh, this is Miroku," she laughed as she saw his expression, spreading her hand out in front of him as if he were a grand prize, and quickly went back to her position.

After a couple of seconds passed by, Kagome snapped a finger in his face, practically waking him up as if he were spellbound, and giggled, making a knowing face.

He was so lovestruck.

He shook his head blindingly and quickly recovered from his humiliating stance, reaching out his hand unsteadily to shake hers. "Right. Well, who is this lovely lady?"

"This is Sango, Miroku," she stated as if it were obvious, smiling.

Sango chewed on her bottom lip as she shook his hand, glancing up at him from under her dark lashes, smiling. "Hello."

Kagome suddenly felt like an old person, too experienced. And Kagome never felt experienced. She had to get out of here.

"Hmm. . . well, I guess I'll just let you guys talk. . ." she offered sort of awkwardly, feeling third-wheelish. She then laughed as they were still gazing at eachother, chatting absently, not even noticing Kagome was talking. She then slipped out of the hallway and ran back to her car, starting it up as fast as possible, since it was already almost five. Jeez, how long was she at school?"

Once she got home, she dashed all the way up stairs, across the hall, and down to her room. Panting, out of breath from all the running, she strolled to her closet and rummaged through every single dress she had, until she came across the perfect one. Casual, yet beautiful.

Tonight was going to be perfect.

And she was going to make it happen.

. . . One way or another.

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