Where Will The World Take Us Now?

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Chapter 1: The Truth Revealed

During my first year of being a newborn vampire, I haven't killed any humans like everyone expected. The control I have over that is beyond anything anyone has ever seen. I'll admit there were times when I was tempted but I never acted on it. I'm glad that I not only have the my family to help me but my control as well so I can set an example for my daughter, Renesemee. The only thing that's been hard about being a vampire is trying to keep the secret from Charlie. I know he wonders but yet I can't tell him. I can't put him in that kind of danger. I've had enough of the Volturi even though I've only seen them twice in my life. I wish I could tell him the truth and not have to deal with the Volturi. How can we continue to let Renesemee see him as fast as she's growing? I don't know how we're supposed to explain it. How much more can Charlie take?

"What are you thinking?" Edward asked me as he came up to me and put his arms around me.

"It annoys you that you can't hear my thoughts, doesn't it?" I asked him teasingly.

"Only when you keep them from me." He replied.

"It takes a lot of concentration to do that remember?" I asked.

"I know. That's why I asked you what you were thinking. You looked like you were upset or something."

I sighed. "I was just thinking about how much more Charlie can take. How are we supposed to explain Renesemee growing so fast? Or the fact that I don't age? Or all the other things that go along with being a vampire? It all happened so fast… I…" I trailed off.

"Bella, he was told not to ask questions. If he does we'll just have to remind him of that."

"I know, but how much longer do you think he'll be able to keep that up when Renesemee is growing faster than any human and I'm not aging and…"

"Bella, love, don't think about it. Let's deal with it when it happens." He told me as he brushed his fingers on my cheek.

"You're right." I sighed again.

"Momma?" Renesmee asked as she walked in the room rubbing her eyes sleepily, her skin glowing like diamonds in the bright sunlight of the morning.

"What is it, Renesmee?" I asked her as I picked her up. She put her hands on my face and showed me a nightmare she'd had.

"Renesmee, we won't let that happen." Edward answered before I could. "We love you very much."

"He's right, Renesmee." I told her as I held her close.

"We see grandpa today?" she asked.

"If you want to." I replied and she nodded.

"We should hunt first." Edward replied. I agreed and left with Renesmee to dress her and we went into the forest as a family to hunt.

Later we showed up at Charlie's to see Jacob already there. Apparently they'd been talking. Charlie looked like he didn't believe something he was just told. I looked at Jacob suspiciously and looked up at Edward. He had his jaw locked and was glaring at Jacob.

"Bella!" Charlie greeted me coming out of his shocked state and hugged me. I hugged back with one arm as I continued to glare at Jacob. "Renesmee, how are you?" he asked cooingly as he took her from my arms. Renesmee smiled at him.

"What's going on?" I asked Edward in a barely audible whisper that I knew Charlie wouldn't be able to hear as he walked over to sit on the couch with Renesmee.

"Jacob has been talking to Charlie about what we are." He whispered back just as audible as I had. I glared at Jacob. "He didn't tell Charlie exactly. He's given him the hint to let him figure it out himself."

"He should know. He's gonna have to figure it out eventually." Jacob defended himself. "And like he said I didn't tell him just hinted to him."

"And what do you think would happen if the Volturi found out he knew the truth?!" I hissed at him. He recoiled from me.

"They don't have to know and plus how do you expect to explain Nessie's rapid growth or the fact that you don't age?" he asked in a hushed whisper.

"That isn't the point!" I hissed at him.

"Sorry. I just thought he should know enough to figure it out."

"You should leave it to me!"

"Bella, there's nothing we can do about it now. We'll have to see what happens." Edward told me calmly as he took me in his arms and started pulling me away from Jacob. "And as for you…" he said turning to Jacob. "Don't act on your own for things that involve us. It was our business whether we tell Charlie or not."

"Bella? What are you guys whispering about over there?" Charlie asked as he looked up.

"Nothing, dad." I said as calmly as I could while continuing to glare at Jacob. I looked away from him and went to sit next to him on the couch. Edward followed and sat in a chair next to the couch. After a long visit with Charlie, Renesemee fell asleep curled up into Edward. Jacob had left the house although I knew he was just outside. I decided we should be going too. I didn't want to give Charlie the chance to ask about us. But it was too late.

"Bella…" Charlie addressed me as we stood up and turned to leave.

"Yes?" I asked trying not to sound worried.

"I know I'm not supposed to ask questions but…" he started to say. I stopped and stared at him. What was he going to ask? "I can't help but wonder if something Jacob said was really possible."

"What are you talking about?" I asked trying to act as if I had no idea.

"Well since Jacob is a… well you know… he can shape-shift… I started to think about what that would mean if the stories could actually be real."

"Stories?" I asked still trying to sound confused.

"Bella, I have an idea and if it's right then well… you won't age among other things. You're cold as ice, and Renesemee grows faster than I've ever seen… yet even that I can't really explain." He said slowly then looked up for my reaction. I stared at him. "I'm not an idiot, although I feel like it for asking this."

"Asking what?" I asked trying not to sound panicked this time.

"Do the supernatural stories have anything to do with the things I can't explain?"

"Supernatural stories?"

"Bella, I think you know what I'm talking about." He said gently yet slightly annoyed.

I sighed. I knew I could no longer keep it from him. I looked up at Edward who was just as worried as I was. "Yes." I answered softly as I looked down.

"So you're really a… a…" he asked surprised not able to finish his sentence. I nodded. "And Renesmee?" he asked.

"Half and half. I carried her before I became this way." I told him softly.

"So Edward…?"

"Was the whole time." I answered. I looked up at him to see that he stood frozen with shock.

"That's why she grows so fast?" he asked suddenly.

"Yes. In seven years she'll have the appearance of a seventeen year old and she'll stop aging." Edward explained.

"Is the whole Cullen family…?" he asked. Neither Edward nor I answered. "I guess that explains a lot." He stated to himself.

"Charlie, you can't tell anyone about this though. It's supposed to be kept secret from the world." Edward told him calmly.

"Yeah. I see why." He replied.

"Not even mom." I added. He nodded.

"I just can't believe…"

"It's okay, Charlie." I tried to comfort him.

"I've got a couple questions." He stated. Edward and I looked at each other and then back at him.

"We'll have to do this another time we have to go now but we'll come back soon okay?" He just nodded and hugged me wearily. "Besides, if you're going to ask questions I think it would be better if Renesmee weren't with us." He nodded again and walked us to the door.

"Bella, how about I take Renesemee home and you can talk to Charlie about this." Edward suggested.

"Or I could take her and you both could stay and talk to him." Jacob said as he came up to us. We all stood staring for a second then Edward and I nodded as Jacob gently took Renesemee from Edward. We went back in the house with Charlie and sat on the couch with him once again. There was an awkward silence for a minute until he finally spoke.

"So if you're a… then how come you can be out in the daytime?"

"Myth." Edward and I answered together with small smiles.

"So you're not burned by the sun?"

"Myth." Edward and I replied together again.

"Sleeping in coffins?" he asked wearily.

"Myth." We answered again. "We don't sleep." I told him with a small laugh.

"Not at all?" he questioned.

"Not at all. We can't." I answered trying to suppress more laughter.

"And why are you laughing?" he asked.

"I'm sorry." I apologized as I glanced up at Edward to see him smiling trying to suppress his own laughter. "You're asking the same questions I asked Edward when I first figured it out."

"Oh." He stated softly. "So do you…" he started and swallowed hard before he continued. "Do you eat?"

I stopped my laughter and looked up at Edward.

"We drink blood yes." Edward replied. "But we are different from most. We try our best to only drink from animals rather than humans."

Charlie flinched.

"We as in the Cullen family." I added. "There are a few others who are that way too."

"What about Renesmee?" he asked softly.

"Well… she can eat food but she kinda prefers our diet." I told him as softly as I could.

"I see." He stated. We sat waiting to see if he was going to ask any more questions. "Is there anything else that I don't know about?" he finally asked after several long minutes of silence.

"Well…" I started and then looked up at Edward. He was just as tense as I was. "Aside from being faster than normal and stronger…"

"I get it." Charlie stated as I trailed off. "And I can't tell anyone." Edward and I nodded once.

"I'm sorry for not telling you. I just couldn't risk it and if anyone finds out I—" I started to say but Edward nudged me in the arm discreetly.

"I think I understand." Charlie stated with his eyes still averted from me.

We sat in silence again for another long period of time and finally got up to leave. Charlie hugged me and walked us to the door but I could tell he was still overwhelmed by what he had just found out. As we I slid into the passenger side of the Volvo I watched him give a quick wave and go back into the house. The quick ride home was silent.

"Bella?" I looked up to see Edward already on the other side with my door open. "Love? Are you alright?" he asked me.

"I'm just scared about Charlie knowing. What if the Volturi find out?" I asked in a hushed whisper that no human could hear.

He pulled me into his arms and held me close to his chest. "All we can do is hope that they don't." Edward told me in a low voice. I nodded once in agreement then we turned to walk in the house. Renesmee was asleep in Jacob's lap when we came in. We took her to our house, put her to bed, and went to our room.

"You're right. All we can do is hope. Hopefully the Volturi don't decide to come check on us again."

"Bella, love, try to stop worrying. They have no reason to." Edward told me in his soft velvet voice.

Even as much as I tried to convince myself of that I couldn't get my head around it. I only had one thought that scared me.

Where will the world take us now?

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