Hey there. This is my first Twilight fic and my first written story in a long time. I know that countless stories have been written about the time in-between Edward and Bella's separation and their reunion. But, you know, maybe you'll think this one is extraordinarily different and stick around. I normally don't do stories with more than one chapter, as I tend to lose interest and never finish longer ones. But, hey, it's Twilight. If there's anything that could hold my interest, it's this. By the by, Stephanie Meyer is a literary goddess.

On the title; Spanish has never been my strongest area, but 'luctuoso' should mean mournful (or something similar) and 'a capella' is an Italian term for a song sung by a vocalist with no instrumental accompaniment.

Summary: Edward left Bella during New Moon and her way of coping with the loss causes her to be hated by everyone in Forks, including herself. All she wants is to be with Edward again, but would he even want to look at her after everything she's done?

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters in it.

A Capella Luctuoso


He broke my heart, shattered it on the ground, and scattered the pieces all over the world. He left me in a forest, he left in Forks, and he left me all alone with some meaningless 'I hope you get over me' speech. He robbed himself from me, from my life, leaving me to wallow in my memories, keeping him with me. He's made me cry, worry, bleed, he's put me in the hospital and embarrassed me and laughed at every single one of my insecurities. He ran away from me, when he KNEW that I'd gone too far to ever get over him, I'd passed the point of no return the moment I'd met him.

He's made my life so miserable. So why can't I hate him? Why can't I stop from dreaming about him, or sitting at my window every night, waiting for him to appear? I love him when I should hate him. Oh, God. I want to hate him. I want to be able to exist without him, to breathe without thinking about him. All I can do is drink him in until my heart seems ready to burst, only to find that it's been starved.

My zombie mode is scaring my friends, worrying Charlie sick, turning Renee's hair gray. Why don't I care more about that? Why can't I make myself seem happy, just to ease them? They shouldn't have to waste their lives worrying about mine, it was already gone. But I can't bring myself to give a damn about them. Why should I bother making them happy when I breathe pain and drink grief?

I will do something, I'll change, but not for the menagerie of people who crowd around me, waiting to see if I'll kill myself before or after I go insane. I'll change for me, and for him. He wanted me to be happy, happy without him.

Edward… you're such an idiot.

Yeah, yeah. I know it's a slow start, but I'm worked really hard on Chapter 1. It gets better, I promise! So go ahead and click on that little 'Next' arrow at the bottom of your screen. Truuuust me. :3

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Next Chapter: Bloody Crusades- Break-ups and heart aches, a review of what was, guilt and comfort.