Here we go. The absolute last addition to my first Twilight, fic. (sniff) It's a beautiful moment…

A Capella Luctuoso


Edward and the rest of the Cullen family have been home for a few weeks now. The hospital welcomed Carlisle back with open arms, and the mass of pubescent teens at Forks High School broke out into song when Rosalie and Edward were once again walking the halls.

Charlie was another story. I nearly had to come up with some terrible explanation for why Edward doesn't die when you shoot him fifty times. Carlisle and Esme made several visits, and Alice practically lived at our house before he finally decided that Edward could be trusted again. Even so, he still invited a boy over almost every night for dinner, trying to fix me up with someone else. Too bad I've already dated everyone he can find.

School life was getting better little by little. Angela and I are almost as close as we were before Edward left, and Jessica and I can sit near each other and still be civil. With Edward's psychic help, I was able to get on some people's good sides, at least to the point that they'd talk to me again. Boys were still a little timid around me, but Edward was at my side every second.

I took a leisurely drive one afternoon and saw that Fantecstasy had closed down. A little asking around let me find out that Emile had grown bored of being a businessman and decided to fly to Jamaica for a never-ending Spring Break in Negril. Good for him, it doesn't seem like I damaged him that much. Heck, it sounds like he's even wilder now than when we met.

And then I bumped into Arnold one day while cashing a check. He saw me and froze, but just made a beeline for the free coffee and ignored me. He was sweating, but I spied a small silver band around his left ring finger. I decided that I really didn't need to know, so I took my 40 bucks and left.

And now, my life has nearly returned from the bumpy detour. Someone could almost call my life normal, as long as they didn't find out that I spent every afternoon in a house full of vampires.

Alice had only gotten crazier since we'd had to part. She danced in a circle around me for nearly a minute before swooping in to kiss me on both cheeks and hug me until I passed out. And then, as soon as I woke up, Emmet grabbed me in a bear hug that nearly shattered my rib cage. Rosalie and Jasper kept their distance, but at least Jasper smiled at me. Madam Blonde Queen of Ice only nodded at me, her lips pressed together into a thin line. Esme was my favorite Cullen that night, because her hug only hurt, instead of torturing me. Carlisle was much more professional, he gave me a warm smile and a firm handshake to welcome me back.

That very first night after they had finished moving back in we had a private party. The music was French, 'Superbus,' a band that played constantly in Alice's head. The refreshments were a cup of Sprite and some potato chips for me. I was really stupid and asked if someone wanted to share. Ugh, I start blushing just thinking about how much they laughed at me. We did nearly every dance ever invented, then waltzed for about an hour. Then, finally, Carlisle made a toast, and I sipped on a Shirley Temple while everyone else watched.

All in all, I'm happy. I'm happy. I never would have thought… Who knew it could happen again?

One morning, as I waited for Edwrd to pick me up for school, I was flipping through the newspaper. Marmaduke was still acting silly, and as I flipped it closed, the top story caught my eye. Another murder in Seattle. I shivered, remembering Charlie warning me away from the city last night. It's weird, normally news like that doesn't bother me. But for some reason, all these stories just give me a bad feeling.

But then I heard two honks and smiled. How can I be thinking about this sad stuff when I'm so happy?

I grabbed my backpack, shouted, "Bye, Dad!" over my shoulder and darted out the door. He was waiting for me and I slid into the passenger's seat.

"Ready?" He asked, smile dazzlingly me.

I touched his hand, lacing our fingers together once again, and looked up at him. "Almost." He smirked, then leaned down and kissed me. "…Okay, now I'm ready."

And… Cut! Well, this is it, guys. It's all over, that's all she (I) wrote! Bella's happy, Edward's happy, and now the stage is set up perfectly for the events of Eclipse to occur. I really hope you all enjoyed my little alternate history for what happened during New Moon. I know that I loved writing it. TWILIGHT FOREVER!!!

Oh, and hey, be on the lookout for my next Twilight fic, "My Life Is Over, I'll Give You A New One." Here's a little spoiler for it, Bella has a backbone! Gasp!