Judd's POV

The plane ride was excrutiating. I prayed the whole way there. I was suprised to see them still on tv when we got off the plane and went into the terminal. We met a fellow believer named TArnack who gave us a ride after he heard about Vicki. When we got to the newly introdcued building they were gone. It was just a repeat. I sighe din frustration. Buck put a hand on my shoulder.

"It's not over yet." He said. Lionel amened in agreement. Tarnack agreed to drive us to Nicolae's house. They weren't home..at least he wasn't. THis was gonna be harder than I thought. I looked out into the road and saw a limo about to pull into the drive way. Buck moved..Lionel, Ryan and I to a hiding space beside the trash got out first and then Hattie. Then finally Vicki came out. It was like watching her in slow motion. SHe was exactly the way I remembered. She turned her head and noticed Buck.

"Buck!" She said. She ran over to hug him but a guard held her back and picked her up. She was draped over his arm like a towel on a waiters arm in a fancy resturaunt. She struggled against his grip.

"Hey put her down man it's just me." Buck said. It was a good thing that he was wooking inside the global comunity...or we would have been dead.

"Buck!" Carpathia said turning around. "I am so sorry that you weren't here to cover the story on our precious Vicki." He said as he motioned for the guard to put her landed with a thud. I wanted to kump up and save her..but I couldn't.

"Sir." Buck said walking over to him. CArpathia exetnded a hand and he shook it.

"Come in Buck." Carpathia invited. Lionel shifted uneasily behind me as Buck went in. Followed by VIcki.


Vicki's POV.

I didn't eat dinner. I wasn't hungry, I wanted to talk to Buck so I sat at the kitchen table. I was able to hug him goodbye before he left. He leaned downa nd whispered,

"We'll be back for you." In my ear and then he left. WE'll? So there was someone else. Could Judd possibly be here? I went straight to my room and layed on my bed, reading th eBible. I needed some more faith. I didn't come down at all. I stayed in my room. I finally decided to watch the news. Carpathia was on the television. My mind reeled. I needed some comfort. I fell asleep finally around eight o'clock at night.


Judd's POV

Our plan was set into motion at midnight. I climbed the fire escape up to Vicki's room. I crawled through the window quietly. I picked her up and she cried out. I tried to shush her. I put her on my back and climbed back onto the fire escape. Lionel was waiting at the bottom. Ryan climbed back up the fire escape and grabbed her things. I handed her off to Lionel and then went to go get the things from Ryan. Then he climbed down the fire escape and we both ran down the stairs. Buck came around with a car and we climbed in. Vicki's head was in my lap. She stirred and hit me in the kncoked the wind out of me.

"Vick. It's me judd." I said trying to wake her up. A shot burst through the window.


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