PROLOGUE - My Uncle And His Son

Little 3 year old hinata hid behind her father's back while clutching his yukata. It was normal that her father went to talk to strangers (for hinata they were still strangers) but this time it was different the man he was talking to looked exactly like her father. she cautiously looked at the man what was he called again?

ahh it was Hizashi-sama She saw something move behind his back and was silently shocked to see a identical pair of eyes looking at her. When he saw the little girl he smiled at her and she reluctantly smiled back.

He pulled his fathers sleeve and when his father bent down to his height a smile grazing his lips. He cupped his hands near his mouth and whispered to his father "Father she's...(blushes)...cute. Whats her name?" hizashi suddenly broke into a laugh and looked at his older twin brother, "I believe they--" he gestured at his son and his brothers daughter

"--Havent been properly introduced". Hiashi caught on and chuckled as well "How rude of me, This my brother, is Hinata" he gently beckoned the little girl, whom he loved so much, to introduce herself. Hinata reluctantly stepped forward and gave a little bow

"uhh Ha-Hajime-memashite! ." hizashi immediately adored this little creature and by the look on his sons face, he knew he felt the same way. "Nice to meet you little hinata" he showed her an affectionate uncle-like smile and she suddenly blushed and hid behind her father.

"And this brother is my Neji" he gestured toward the little boy who walked forward. It was a sign, a bonding, a marking of fate & destiny. Hinata and neji always played together since then, they were inseparable and the two fathers quickly recognized this.

They talked about it and finally came to a conclusion, To marry them when the time comes to not only reunite the main and branch house but for their happiness as well. It was obvious that the two loved each other but hiashi and hizashi never expected that they, [okay] only neji, will come to hate his cousin so much.


Hinata was greatly troubled neji hadnt been playing with her for months ever since she learned that uncle hizashi was dead. She recalled having cried, a lot, more than she could remember (not knowing that her mother was next).

When she accidentally saw Neji she was elated but when she called out his name she was suddenly terrified and trembling at the way he looked at her, so much resent, hatred and contempt. She never seen that in anyone's face before.

Still trembling she slowly waited for his warm smile. Hyuuga Neji turned his back to her and walked away not noticing the tears that slid down her face and how she ran way, her bare feet bleeding because of the rocky path. Another marking, a twisted play of fate.

Chapter 1: The blond and blue-eyed Love (Hinata 9 and Neji 10)

It was hinata's first day of school at the Academy and to say that she was nervous was an understatement. She sat at the very far end, away from curious eyes. Her silvery eyes with a lavender tint to it colored eyes were unusual and would always draw attention which for her was a complete no-no!

She laid her head on her desk and thought again of her beloved niisan she remembered that they once shared a promise before what was it again?

"Hina-chan! when its your first day of school at the academy i'll walk you there and back home! heh! i'll protect you from evil guys just like father said and i'll already be genin by then!" He spoke with a grin, how could she not trust that innocent face and those identical warmth and care filled eyes?

She blushed to an impressing shade of crimson and nodded slowly "Ok-okay niisan!" she said in her beautiful summer-breeze like voice that never failed to cheer him up

"Its a promise then hina-chan!"

'Why did he change?' she thought to herself knowing that those warmth and care filled eyes were now replaced by hatred and contempt.

Wanting to distract her thoughts away from a certain chestnut haired silver eyed boy, she glanced warily around the room. SHe was seated next to A wild looking boy who was snoring loudly in his seat and a puppy on his lap, the way his mouth was open made her silently giggle to herself.

On the other side was a Pink-haired beautiful girl she was suddenly saddened cause she knew she looked nothing near beautifeul, with her navy-blue-black hair cut into a boyish style and baggy clothes she looked more like a boy than a girl but oh how wrong she was, she looked like a precious fragile porcelain doll with her pail skin and enormous eyes, she perfectly projected innocence.

The girl turned and looked at her and caught her staring, she immediately blushed and poked her fingers together hiding her face with her bangs the girl smiled her inner saying 'Waaaa too cute too cute!'

"Hi my names Haruno Sakura! whats yours!?" hinata blushed more and slowly raised her gaze halfway, peering through her bangs and incredibly long lashes "Hyu-Hyuuga Hina-nata"

she timidly smiled and blushed a new brighter shade of crimson. Sakura didnt know if she can hold back wanting to hug the shy girl thinking 'Oh my god is a person allowed to be that cute?! waaa i want to hug her she looks better than my dolls -'

The school bell rang and she sat erect at her seat anxious to get the day over with. A brown haired man entered the classroom his short somewhat spiky hair pulled back into a ponytail.

While he was trying to get those present a loud thudding came outside and all turned to look at the door for the late new comer. A Boy with sun-yellow hair and the bluest eyes hinata had ever seen walked through the door and stood infront of the classroom and he proudly shout out with one hand pointing to all in the class

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto! Your Future Hokage!" he thumped his clench fist to his chest as a silent promise to everyone and some laughed, others glared and some just stayed sleeping like the nara boy but the wild boy was already awake yet still a bit groggy.

Hinata felt something tug at her heartstrings and she smiled to herself while a new blush adorned her cheeks, now looking admiringly at the beaming blue-eyed and orange-clad boy while Sakura thought how weird and stupid the new boy was and how hot sasuke was, with the exception of hinata, the same every girl in the room was thinking.

Neji was watching outside the academy unnoticed, it was 'Her' first day of school and no matter how much he hated her he had to keep his promise, well at least that was what he forced himself to think.

The whole night he spent tossing and turning in bed knowing that the next day was 'her' first day of school, he was suddenly struck by a pang of fear 'Maybe some of them might bully her or she might get hurt or worse she might...'

he thought of every bad thing possible happening to her the whole night and resolved to watch her, besides he thought 'It is my job as her protector'.

It was going well for neji seeing how 'She' made a new friend with that haruno girl and how obvious it was that the haruno girl adored her. It was fine until a loud obnoxious kid ran in the room preaching he would become the next hokage.

Neji wasnt bothered by it, he had been hearing that ever since he was a kid, he rolled his eyes and contemplated that the orange kid was no doubt stupid, naive and most of all reckless.

Yes, neji didnt hate the kid but what pissed him off was how 'She' looked at him like he was some god and the new red tint to her cheeks and how she seemed to fidget around the kid made it worse.

He blamed it on the heat, of course it was the heat, "Damn summer heat! Making me delusional!" Hyuuga Neji was never jealous. Neji decided that he will enjoy seeing that uzumaki-boy dead.


Hinata was already a bit close to naruto but she never said his name before (too shy) He was her partner in one of the observation practices and other academy lessons.

After class hinata walked outside of the classroom with sakura beside her talking cheerfully about Sasuke she nodded and talked too, smiling the whole time but in truth the uchiha frightened her with those cold onyx eyes. suddenly Ino ran outside and clung to sasuke making sakura run after her shouting cheerfully to hinata

"See ya tomorrow hina-chan!!! HEY INO-PIG DONT TOUCH SASUKE!" she smiled at their silliness and was suddenly hit by somebody and all the books she carried (4 large grueling books) fell to the floor with a loud 'thud'.

Neji was about to help her when the orange kid came running to her, he felt his ire rise. Hinata was shocked that Naruto was kneeling beside her picking up her books

"Here's your books!" he smiled and hinata felt her heart rapidly beating on her chest. "Anou... Ari-ar-igatou Uzumaki-san" she smiled shyly and naruto blushed saying

"Just call me naruto-kun, uzumaki-san sort off makes me sound old" he handed her books and blushed when their fingers touched. It was an innocent and purely accidental scene but neji wanted nothing more than to kill the orange kid for touching what was his.

'Wait she is not yours! she killed your father and doomed you to a life of suffering! your supposed to hate her and you do! right?' neji mentally scolded himself and again he also thought that the only reason why he still watched over her cousin after 3 weeks is because he wanted to see her fail and rub it in her face.

Hinata was blushing madly even when she stood up, books in place. "Anou Hina-chan can i walk you home?" Naruto said, smiling warmly she peered at him through her lashes and saw the warmth in his eyes and smile so very unlike yet similar to her cousin. "Ha-hai!"

They walked silently back to her home all the while, hinata looking at her feet and naruto holding her books and talking cheerfully about how he would beat the uchiha and prove his worth to the village.

When they were infront of the house he gently handed her books back and blushing, lowered himself to her height and kissed her cheek. Dazed hinata stared at the retreating back of her first love while caressing the cheek with one of her hands.

He called back to her "SEE YOU TOMORROW HINA-CHAN!!" grinning and hinata felt her face heat up and she felt lightheaded from the lack of blood in other more important and needed more blood internal body parts.

"" hinata's face became a darker shade of crimson and ran into the house, smiling to herself.

Neji watched the whole panorama and felt his anger reach a boiling point as thousands of fleeting images on how to torture and kill the boy weaved through his mind.

He directed a murderous glare at the orange kid and returned to his own home.

His home was simple and he could smell his mother's cooking wafting through the air. "Mother! Im Home!" he called to the kitchen while slipping off his sandals before going inside.

He could here her mothers shuffling footsteps and she came out wearing a ruffly pink apron saying "Like my cooking? If not then, DIE" with her loving genuine smile in place. At age 38, Haruka Hyuuga still was as breath-takingly beautiful as in her youth only the little creases on the corner of her eyes and a few strands of greying hair showed her true age.

"Welcome home son" she smiled at him while wiping her hands on her apron. "Whats for dinner?" he grinned at her "Miso soup, tamago and rice balls. Which reminds me that im not done with the rice balls yet" she said to him and returned to the kitchen quietly saying over her shoulder "Dinner'll be ready in 10 minutes. Go wash up"

After the delicious dinner Neji lay on his bed and fell asleep with his hands folded behind his head, his long chestnut hair tied loosely. His room was simple yet all the things he needed were there,

A closet, a medium sized study table and 4 scroll paintings on each side pf the walls with calligraphic kanji meaning, "Strength" on top of his bed, the last thing given to him by his father, "Courage" on the wall facing the bed from his mother, "Wisdom" on the east side on top of the study table and "Honor & Destiny" on the west just beside the hanged picture of his father the one he brought home after his father's funeral.

He dreamed of A girl with a petite frame, bluish midnight black hair, silvery eyes, high cheekbones tinted with a slight pink and a beautifully curved mouth smiling at him placed on a pale heart-shaped face.

The dream became a nightmare when the image vanished and was replaced with that of the same girl only younger and with a pained expression on her pale face. She was wearing a white kimono and her tear-stained cheeks were bright with overwhelming sadness.

She ran away from him crying, her feet bleeding from the rocky path. He was frozen in place while watching the scene his younger self walking away while the girl went in the opposite direction fresh new tears stinging her eyes. Then out of the blue the uzumaki ran after her brushing past him and held her in a tight embrace.

She was crying on his chest, staining the orange fabric and he gently tilted her head up and softly brushed his lips on hers. Neji looked away his body feeling like a 200 pound boulder. He wanted this to end, to wake up and forget about it but he wasn't that lucky. He looked at them again his fists clenched tightly on his sides.

His jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed threateningly but he was shocked to see that it wasn't the orange boy kissing her, it was....Himself. He woke up drenched in cold sweat and finally made a decision. He would treat her as cold and indiferrently as possible and maybe, if he had the chance, he would kill her, the source of all torment, the main branch heiress, Hyuuga Hinata.