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The sunlight seeping into the room shone a warm light upon the sleeping woman's face and slowly, yet surely the young woman gently fluttered her eyes open to stare at the white lace canopy of her bed.

It had been a week since that faithful day, the day when she became Takanishii Himeko. The thought brought a radiant smile upon her beautiful face.

That day, she awoke to a whole new world, with new friends, a new palace she could now call her home (not a house to be imprisoned in but a home to share new and wonderful memories with those she loved) and a new family who she would never replace for anything in the entire world, even her father's attention couldn't tear her away from them, her family.

Her heart warmed and swelled at the image of her new family, she will make sure that she would be a person they'd be proud of. Someone they could call "Takanishii Himeko" with no regret and hesitation.

She had been going through an intense training program (after much, much, much pleading) with Takumi as her reluctant mentor.

(They had said that she was perfect the way she was and that if anything should ever happen they would lay their lives to protect her, her reply was a very gentle "I wish to protect those i love as well, i would not be able to bear it if i lost you as well. I already had lost one family, my heart---" She clenched her fist at her chest to emphasize her meaning "---Would not be able to take it if i lost another")

And so her hell on earth training had started. Takumi was a real slave driver beneath that teasing facade, he had even said that "If you want to get stronger, I wont go easy on you just because your my adoptive wife, which by the way, we must arrange our honeymoon soon."

A very flustered Hinata replied that she was an "adoptive SISTER" which takumi replied with a vague shrug and a wink along with an outrageously slow perusal of hinata before saying that "If you say so wifey but i would NOT accept if you train halfheartedly, if you want to train you should train as if your life depended on it,

which in a way your life does depend on it. But be careful, i wouldn't want such a delectable body to be too bruised and scarred, especially on our wedding night"

Hinata decided that arguing with him would take too much energy so she ignored most of his perverted comments.

The first thing they started to focus on was her lacking speed, takumi had stated that most of the hyuuga family techniques relied heavily on speed and force.

So to solve this troubling factor, Takumi had used "The Voice" to weigh down every apparel she would use, clothes, cutlery, everything, were as heavy as her own body weight and would keep getting heavier with each passing day.

Author's Corner:

to quell every ones curiosity "the Voice" (as explained by Takahiro) is the takanishii's most powerful and hidden technique, passed down from generation to generation of clan head and ONLY their offspring (but that certain offspring could never teach the voice if s/he is not the clan head, only the clan head and their offspring know of this to prevent an uprising within the clan)

wherein a takanishii could control anything, animate or inanimate, using their voice (it could even go beyond the laws of nature) and it doesnt use too much chakra (only a beginner would feel exhausted after executing the technique),

because once you use it many times your body would ration the amount of chakra used until you would only be using about 3% of your chakra and stamina every time you perform the technique.

The only downside to this amazing power was that, during and after a person uses this technique they are literally blind, deaf and mute to everything but their voice for 3 minutes. Anything could happen in those 3 minutes, especially if your up against a powerful shinobi.

Sushi-chi:Thank you for listening!

End Of author's Corner

"Oh that reminds me." Hinata stood up, put on her robe which was now about 700 pounds, (she didn't mind it too much since she had gotten used to it) and went to the bathroom.

After finishing her morning rituals, which consisted of a shower and dressing up, she went to the kitchen and began making her family food, it wasn't that they treated her as a cook or a maid but because she had said that it was in repayment to their kindness and that she basically loved cooking.

The delicious aroma of her home cooked meals drifted through the house, alerting everyone that it was breakfast time. The first one to arrive in the dining room was Tsuki who was holding one of takara's hands. Takara immediately clung to hinata and tsuki went to sit at his usual place.

The next person who entered the room was takahiro who greeted hinata before sitting at his place at the head of the table. Then, the last to come was takumi, who unlike takumi and takahiro, was still wearing pajamas.

He yawned in a jaw-breaking kind of way before sleepily greeting his family, smiling tenderly at hinata and sitting down at the table. Their breakfast was filled with lighthearted chatter and laughter, this was one of the moments hinata treasured the most of her new life.

Even if her new life was perfect, she couldn't help but miss her old friends, she constantly worried about them. 'Has sasuke has come back? I hope naruto and sakura are fine. Maybe that flower Ino's been trying to grow has bloomed? I hope Choji's been eating okay

Has shikamaru confessed to temari yet? … Neji and tenten, were they married…?' The last one made tears form in her eyes and caused her heart to clench painfully…She would never know….

After breakfast, hinata would train with takumi who was , in fact, a brilliant fighter. It was even decided that he would be the next kage of thunder.

Takumi was trying to teach a new technique called "String Daggers" wherein hinata would shoot a needle-like chakra through her fingers that would instantly injure the opponent, since the number of chakra released would be numerous, it was the equivalent of "arrows raining" down on an opponent.

She would never say it but Takumi's laughter and teasing was deeply comforting, she felt safe with him and was becoming more attached to him each day.

The tender and adoring smiles he would show her, the kindness and love shining in his eyes as well as his caring and protective manner considerably warmed her heart.

"Himeko" Takumi said softly and the young woman smiled tenderly at him in response. She would never say that his voice saying her name, him smiling at her, him protecting her, him comforting her… were the things she treasured most in the world. It would be her own secret.

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