Hello!! So this is my first Twilight fic ever, and it's just an idea I've been kicking around. I have the first five chapters written, and most of the story planned out. This is also my first non-romance story, and is an exercise in character development. As usual,. constructive criticism and general encouragement is a must!! Hope you all enjoy it!!

Prologue: Things I Knew

I knew a lot of facts by the age of eighteen. I knew that the square root of pi was 1.775. I knew that the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. I knew that Hamlet was considered the epitome of a tragic hero.

I also knew that my father was going to kill my mother someday.

This wasn't a fact a dwelled on. I don't even think I acknowledged that fact until after it had happened. There were a lot of facts that went unacknowledged like that. That list is perhaps longer than it should be.

I knew my father was a bad man.

I knew my mother was a good woman.

I knew their relationship would eventually destroy us all.

I knew that dancing wasn't going to solve these problems.

I knew I had to dance anyway.

I knew it would hurt me, just as my father did, eventually.

I knew that fate was on my side when I finally was hurt.

I knew the new doctor was much more than he appeared.

I knew his family was as well.

And I knew, in the farthest corner of my mind, that they were my true family.