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Summary: What if Harry did stab Edward during Biology? Post-War. EC/HP. Good!Draco. Good!Severus. Alive!Dumbledore. ONESHOT.


Niwasae Shiina

Harry growled inwardly as he felt Edward Cullen's eyes digging viciously into his head. The fact that the stupid vampire thought he could just glare at Harry and think that he wasn't noticing was pissing him off. The grip on his calligraphy pen was tightening as he felt the metal warm beneath is curled fingers. His emerald green eyes narrowed as he let his temper get the better of him. Harry took a deep breath to calm his temper before returning the death glare that he was receiving from the vampire. He tapped his sharp calligraphy pen on the desk and a light bulb went off. He turned an innocent smile on the suspicious vampire and "Mwahaha-ed" inwardly.

The stupid vampire wouldn't know what hit him…literally.


If there was one thing that could be said after the war, it was that Harry James Potter, the son of James and Lily Potter, held a deep fascination with pointy objects as he fully immersed himself with his Slytherin side. The petit and girly looking, boy-who-lived had taken to the pointy objects after the Basilisk incident and during the final battle; where he stabbed Voldemort through the stomach and severed his head. The final battle took place during the summer before Harry's 7th year.

During the school year, Harry could be seen reading books on sharp weapons and talking to the House-elves about kitchen knives and the like. It was also during said year when one Hermione Granger saw her best friend sitting by the lake with a razor in his hands.

That didn't turn out so great.

Harry was bombarded with questions and lectures on the nature of depression and cutting from the bushy haired girl.

After reassuring the distraught girl that, No, he was not cutting himself and many "I'm alright Hermione" did she relent.

When asked about the razor, the only reply she got was,

"I like pointy objects."

This caused the poor girl to become distraught again, which caused a lot of trouble with his other friend Ron, which then caused trouble with his Godfather, Remus Lupin, which got to the other Professors at Hogwarts, and then got to the Headmaster.

Thus leading to Harry being transferred to where he was now…in the United States of America at Forks, Washington for some R&R and to finish up his school year at the fantastic school of Forks High School.


'What kind of name is Forks anyways? Someone must've been drunk when they named the City and the School after an eating utensil.' Harry thought as he kept smiling at the vampire.

Harry looked down at his desk and placed both hands under the table calmly. He was reading over his notes as he brought his right hand, the one with his calligraphy pen, to his stomach and swiftly stabbed it into his seat mate's left thigh. All without changing expressions as he kept on reading his notes. When he heard a pained grunt, he smirked inwardly as he smiled and turned to the viciously glaring vampire. He twisted the pen before pulling it out with a fierce jerk, which caused the vampire to twitch.

"Is anything wrong? You seem pale." Harry said sweetly as he capped the pen under his desk and put it into his pocket, while pulling out another.

"I hope you die of ink poisoning you stupid vampire. Next time you think about killing me, do it. Don't just sit there thinking about it like some kind of retard. You retard." Harry muttered under his breath, knowing that Edward heard him.

He heard Edward growl lowly and "Kufufu-ed" inwardly. Nobody would suspect an innocent looking 17 year old with big, emerald green eyes and shoulder length coal black hair, which was tussled to boot. Harry looked like a kitten, which endeared him to many if not all the staff currently working at the school.

Harry packed up his bags as the bell was about to ring. When it did, he stuck his tongue out at Edward and skipped all the way to the door as it was held open by his brother, in all but blood, Draco Malfoy, who followed him to Forks to keep him out of trouble.

The tall and well built blond stared as Edward shot out of his seat, out the open door, and down the corridor.

"What's his problem, did you stab him with your pencil?" Draco asked suspiciously. He could have sworn he saw a large stain on the vampire's pants.

"No I did not stab him with my pencil." Harry said as the two walked to their last period, gym.

"Then what, pray tell, did you stab him with?" the blond asked. He knew that Harry wouldn't lie to him. Give half-truths, but never lie.

"One of the pens that Sev got me for my birthday." Harry replied.

"Wait, you mean one of those ink pens?" Draco asked. He opened the gym doors and led them to the locker room.

"All pens have ink Draco." Harry replied as both changed into their PE clothes.

"You know what I mean!"

"Of course I know what you mean Draco. Do you want me to just say it outright? Fine; I, Harry James Potter, stabbed one, Edward Cullen, with a calligraphy pen. Are you happy now? I don't see what the problem is though." Harry grumbled with a small frown. They exited the locker room and into the student infested class.

"You don't- Lord save me. Harry, you don't go around stabbing anything that walks." Draco groaned as they sat on the benches.

"Fine," Harry stated with a pout. "And I don't stab anything that walks Draco!"

Draco raised a brow.

"What? Oh, come on! That squirrel had it coming! It was mocking me."

"It was on the other side of the road collecting acorns for crying out loud!"

"That's what it wanted you to think! Anyways, I promised not to bother them anymore so when we go home you can give me back my shuriken."

"If I give them back to you then what? Are you going to go and start harassing the bears because their hunting fish?"

"Harassing is such a harsh word Draco. Besides, they're in league with the squirrels. We can't let our guards down Draco!" Harry stated with a serious look.

"My gods you seriously believe everything that you're saying don't you?"

"Of course, after all, I have a reliable resource who can back up my claims." Harry stated matter-of-factly.

"And who might this be?" Draco drawled as he took a sip of his water.

"The best-est Gryffindor in the whole wide world: Neville!"

Draco spat the water back out.



Somewhere in Hogwarts, a tall and handsome brunet sneezed before smirking.

'It seems like Malfoy found out what I told Harry. Oh well.' Neville thought as he continued his way to Herbology class.


Edward walked towards the silver Volvo in the parking lot with a twitch. When he saw his family standing there, he groaned, especially when he saw his family smiling at him in a teasing way. He turned his gaze on the pixie like girl and glared.

"So, how was class?" Emmet asked with a huge grin and a pointed look at the blood and ink stained pants. There was a hole about an inch big due to the fact that Harry practically ripped the pen out after twisting it in his thigh. There was smooth skin showing from the hole in the pants due to his fast healing.

"You knew it was going to happen didn't you?" Edward asked Alice while turning his glare at the tall and very muscular vampire.

She just giggled and hid behind her blond mate.

"Of course I did."

"And you didn't find it in your mind to tell me?" he growled.

"It's your fault Edward. If I had someone glaring at me like they wanted to kill me, then I would've stabbed them too." The pretty curvaceous blond stated.

"Shut up Rosalie!"

She glared but didn't say anything back. Everyone piled into the car but Edward as he left the others to go feed in the woods. All the while, a innocently smiling emerald eyed minx kept coming up in his mind.

"Just you wait Harry Potter. Tomorrow is another day."

And thus began the unusual courtship of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter.