Title: Misunderstanding

Characters/Pairing: Azula/Zuko

Warning: incest

Summary: Azula thinks too much into why Zuko allowed her to live.

"You're mad! I know exactly why you're allowing me to live," the chained princess's word burst out at her older brother. "I'd rather die than live as your lover!"

The expression on Fire Lord Zuko face was the most confused and horrified look he had ever made in his entire life. What in world was his sister saying? What could she possibly be thinking? She was the last person he would ever want as a lover.

"Brother, I understand your reasons for wanting me. I can hardly blame you. I admit my past behavior has been … rather flirtatious. Maybe I've even sent you some mixed signals. But you're wrong to think I'm interested in romance with you," Azula replied almost apologetically. "I merely enjoyed you squirming uncomfortably when I pushed myself up against you. I enjoyed the panic in your eyes when I told you that there was only one way for you get regain your honor. It meant nothing."