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"And here…we…go!"

Sure it had been startling that the Autobots had managed to capture the infamous leader of the Decepticons, but it was another thing that she was being asked to be Megatron's psychiatrist. Vega wasn't even sure how the Autobots had managed to capture the leader of the Decepticons and imprison him in a mental asylum for therapy…therapy before his trial and most likely, his execution. Vega growled as she read over the report she had received from Optimus' top medical expert of the day, a stupid Omnicon named Signalflare. Her services were requested by that of Optimus Prime, she was the only psychiatrist with the ability to tame Megatron's mangled mind.

So much for flattery.

Growling, Vega got up from her desk and walked over to a small monitor that was in her office. She punched a few buttons and after a few seconds, she managed to set up a video transmission to the Autobots in Ocean City. She drummed her fingers impatiently against the computer consol before Signalflare answered her incoming transmission.

"Oh hey Vega," he greeted her, "I—

"I don't accept!" she barked angrily, "Just what in your right mind makes you think I'm at all qualified to deal with Megatron of all transformers?"

"We've read over your résumé and we're impressed Vega…you've helped cure more psychotic transformers than any other transformer we know."

"I'm a novice though, and I've only cured five patients!"

"That's still more than anyone else…you've never failed with a patient. And all of your patients have been similar to Megatron, just without the fame."

"Megatron is different, every patient is different. Megatron will eat a novice like me for breakfast."

"The asylum you work at has the best security we can find as well, so…he's going there, you are to be his therapist. Optimus will visit you on Cybertron from time to time to make sure everything is going alright."

Vega growled, "You mean I don't have a choice in this?"


"My youth doesn't worry you at all either? My gender? Did you take anything into account before you put this burden upon me?"

"Your boss, Vindemiatrix, has full faith in you Vega. Megatron is being transported to the Cybertron Mental Asylum as we speak. You have a scheduled therapy session with him tonight…if anything goes wrong, just let someone know. Everyone has full faith and confidence in you."

Vega pursed her lips to the side pondering his words.

"You'll be alright Vega. Signalflare out," and he ended the transmission.

Vega slammed a fist on the computer consol before leaving her office and heading to her boss' office. When she got to it, she knocked on the door and heard his baritone voice inside say, "Come in!"

Vega walked into Vindemiatrix's room, the door closing behind her. Vindemiatrix looked up from his desk and looked at her, smiling. "What brings you here Vega?" he asked.

"I'm giving Megatron therapy?"

"Yes, you're the only one who is really ready for the job."

"What about you sir?"

"You have had more success with patients than I have. And you know that I don't give therapy anymore…"

"Yes sir."

"I merely run this asylum, and I think you are more than ready."

"What's the point of giving Megatron therapy though if he's just going to be executed?"

"Optimus Prime wants to see if there's a chance he can be…saved I guess the word is. The last thing he wants to resort to is execution."

"I say we just kill him and—

"Don't you want a challenge Vega?"

She sighed heavily, "I suppose so."

"Megatron is going to be getting here soon; I'll notify you as soon as he's settled in. Then you can meet with him."

"Um…yay…" she sighed unenthusiastically.

"There are a couple things I need to let you know though, Megatron is different than any other patient we've ever had. We can't let him know that if he behaves better we'll let him out. He's in here for a long time."

"Wonderful," Vega remarked.

"Look, I know you're not happy about this, but your paycheck has been tripled."

Vega's optics widened, "For as long as I treat Megatron?"


"Alright, he can stay then. But if he doesn't improve and I'm left wanting to carve out sparks and bang heads together, he's getting out of here."

Vindemiatrix chuckled, "Deal."

And they shook hands. Vindemiatrix then handed Vega a folder on Megatron that was thick. Vega hadn't seen a folder with so much detail on a patient before…she took it and looked to her boss saying, "I've got work to do…I'll catch up with you later."

"See you around Vega."

She left his office and headed back to hers to familiarize herself with Megatron's history and hopefully figure out a method of therapy to use when it came time for their session tonight.

Megatron was not the least bit impressed. The mission had gone all wrong…he had been leading a raid on Ocean City and when he issued a retreat, all of his troops managed to get away, but no, he got blasted from behind and it completely disabled his flight system. He fell back on the deck of the city and was apprehended, his weapons taken away, and he was immediately imprisoned. He hadn't even had the chance to fight back. His inner core shook with anger, when he escaped, it wasn't a matter of if to him, he would escape and when he did, he would kill every last Autobot that dared to imprison him.

He was being transported to some sort of mental asylum now, that's all he knew…he wanted to laugh at the fact that they really thought therapy could cure him of his ways…of his psychotic nature. Sure, they may be laughing at his current situation right now but…

…he would be getting the last laugh.

"Alright, we're going in for a landing," his guard said to him.

Megatron hadn't bothered to remember what his name was…he'd just be killing him the next chance he got anyway.

"We'll be at the asylum soon."

"Do me a favor and shut up."

Vega woke up to someone knocking on the door. Sitting up, she glanced around and realized she had fallen asleep reading the report on Megatron. It had been interesting up until it had got to the present day and she knew everything that had happened without needing to be told.

"Vega are you in there?"

"Yeah, sorry I fell asleep…come in."

Vindemiatrix entered and looked at her with a smirk on his face, "You fell asleep reading Megatron's report? Come on, I thought you would've been fascinated by it."

"I was…until I read about stuff I've heard five million times. How long I have been in here?"

"All afternoon, come on, Megatron's here, your therapy session with him starts in five minutes."

"Oh wonderful…" she trailed off and followed Vindemiatrix down a hallway into Ward A where Megatron was being kept.

Some of the inmates whistled and hollered at her as she walked by with Vindemiatrix, but she ignored them as she walked along. After a few moments, her boss stopped outside a cell. Vega looked inside and met the cold gaze of the Decepticon leader. She felt his optics roam her figure and she watched as he smirked. Vega felt a chill shiver through her chassis…she was able to hide it and Vindemiatrix looked to her, "Have fun."

She didn't say anything and watched as her boss walked away. Peering through the force-field that acted like glass but held the inmates in, Vega sighed and went over to the door. She took the card that was hanging around her neck and slid it into the keypad on the door. In the asylum, they didn't use number passcodes to unlock the door…inmates were memorizing the sounds each number made and escaping, so they switched to cards that unlocked the doors. It was much more efficient, and not one inmate had escaped since then.

The door to Megatron's cell unlocked and she went inside, closing the door behind her. Once inside, she slid her card through another keypad, which caused a metal screen to come down in front of the force field. Megatron as the metal wall came down and then looked back to the femme.

"What's that wall for?" he asked nonchalantly.

"It's so nobody can see us. Therapy sessions are supposed to be completely private," she answered.

"Where's that other guy that was with you?"

"He's in charge of this asylum; he doesn't give therapy…not anymore since I came. His name is Vindemiatrix—

He chuckled, "What kind of a name is that? It has too many syllables." He then looked to her and asked, "What are you, his jester?"

Vega crossed her arms and glared at him, "I'm your psychiatrist."

"Nice to meet you Jester."



Vega shook her head and sat down at a small table that was in the cell. Megatron guessed the only purpose of the table was for the psychiatrist to sit at during the therapy sessions. He watched as Vega set a folder on the table that had his name on it. Smirking, he stood and walked over to her. Vega glanced at him as she scribbled something on a notepad. Megatron sat down across from her at the table and took the folder, "What's this say?"

Vega quickly snatched it away from him, "It's classified." And she continued her notes.

"Aren't you going to look at it?" he asked.

"I already did before I came in here. I have to say I'm impressed…your folder is the thickest one I've ever seen out of all our patients here."

Megatron let a huff of air pass through his nose.

"But like every other patient…you're sick in the mind. So…care to tell me what's wrong?"

"Aren't you supposed to tell me what my problem is?"

Vega looked at him, "I would if I could."

Megatron grinned, "Would you like to know why I became leader of the Decepticons?"

Vega glanced down at the file…that information wasn't in there. She looked back up at him, "Enlighten me."

"All the time I was growing up," he began, "I wasn't accepted by anybody. My creators put me out on the street…I was forced to drop out of the Academy. When I was older, I started my own gladiator business and that's how I learned how to fight. I was the best around and nobody could defeat me. I was drugged not to feel emotion…and eventually I was expelled from my own game. I suffered from terrible withdrawal, but I managed to survive. During my withdrawal though, I kept having these dreams of a city, a city that would one day be mine. And a city became mine. A group of gladiator friends and I started a rebellion in Kaon. We called ourselves the Decepticons and I was their leader. We took over the city after I killed Sentinel Prime…and from there we went for the rest of the Cybertron and the universe."

Vega finished her notes and looked up at him, "So you're a psychopathic megalomaniac."

"I guess that describes me."

"Well this is going to be fun," she mused mostly to herself.

"Why are you my psychiatrist?"

"I wish I knew that answer to that. Supposedly I'm the only one qualified enough to be…if I had the choice I wouldn't be here right now."

"Why, are you afraid of me?"

Vega didn't answer, which only caused the Decepticon leader to grin. Vega stood from the table and said, "Well, I have other patients to see before the asylum closes. I hope you enjoy your stay here."

"Leaving so soon?" he asked as he stood.

Vega saw that her head only came up to the insignia on his chest. He towered over her. Vega looked up so that her crimson optics met his. Megatron looked her over again, taking in her features. Her main color was silver; she had crimson highlights and black accents. She was built well for a femme, but as Megatron looked her over, he couldn't tell what she transformed into.

Vega felt his optics roaming over her chassis again and was immediately uncomfortable. "Sorry to disappoint you," she replied answering his question, "But I have other priorities besides you."

"I don't like sarcasm."

She sighed heavily.

"What do you transform into?" he asked.

"A human," she answered.

"Oh, so you're a pretender."

"I don't like that word, but yes."

He let another huff of air from his nose and he returned to his recharge berth where he sat down. "You can go," he said, "But you better come back tomorrow."

"I will," she promised and turned to head towards the door.

"You know," he stated suddenly as Vega let the wall come back up, "I didn't know this asylum had such pretty psychiatrists."

Vega turned to him momentarily, a noticeable blush on her white face as she walked out of the room. Megatron grinned as he watched her walk away. He could tell from her looks that she was very young, however if she was giving him therapy she must have been very experienced. Nonetheless, by her reaction he knew he was fully capable of manipulating her into letting him out.

And that's exactly what he planned on doing.

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