Title:I'll Push Through It


Disclaimer:I do not own or have any sort of connection to CBS or the CSI franchise...wish I did though it would be nice to have a little extra cash.

Summary: Have you ever asked yourself,"Am I too tired to get through this?" Nick Stokes hasn't, until now.

I have heard him use this term twice,both times he was either tired or sick. We all knew he would push through it because he is Nick but everybody has their limits.

"Nick, can you come here a minute?" Catherine yelled into the hallway,wanting her senior CSI to assist her with a case. It was late morning, but she had nobody else available, and she was busy with paperwork,unfinished paperwork left by Grissom for her to finish.

"Yes Catherine,what's wrong?" he asked,as he walked slowly into the office, the bags underneath his eyes evident.

She could hear the exhaustion in his voice,the new man Langston had just left,Nick had assisted him in getting paperwork on his last case finished up. Nick had his hands full orienting the older man,but it was already evident that he was going to make a great CSI.

"I have a 219 on Canyon Road,I was wondering if you could handle it?" she handed him the paperwork,knowing it really wasn't a question but an order."Brass said he would meet you there."

"Sure Catherine." he read the details, few as there were and started out the door.

"Nicky,if you finish early, call me,I will be finishing up the mountain of paperwork Grissom left for me, but if you get done early I would really appreciate your help." she smiled and took a seat behind her desk,placing her glasses on so that she could start to work on the evaluations,for their annual cost of living raise.

"Sure Catherine,as soon as I get done with this." he held up the slip of paper and walked down the hallway towards the garage.

His body ached,as if he had the flu but he knew he was just tired, Grissom hadn't even been gone two weeks and he was pulling doubles and even triples. Catherine was too busy with catching up with Grissom's backlog of paperwork to be able to work in the field,it had fallen on him and Greg to train the new staff.

As he approached his car he felt a deep pain in his right side,the kind that makes you stop and wonder if its anything important,but it passed just as quick and he continued forward towards his truck.

He opened the door and climbed in,taking out his GPS unit. Then he plugged in the address into the GPS and waited for it to start talking to him as he started the truck's engine.

He caught a view of himself in the mirror, stubble and dark eyes caught his attention, it had been over a day since had been able to even take a shower, it would be a priority when he returned.

Ecklie had always been budget conscious, the sheriff wasn't so much budget detailed, he was more like get the work done,no matter what it takes,and that attitude was placing a strain on the CSI staff.

As he was awaiting the GPS to say something, a knock on the window startled him out of his thoughts,it was Riley.

He rolled own the window,"Hey,I thought you were gone."

"Me too, Catherine caught me and asked if I would go with you on a 219." she smiled,looking fairly tired too,he felt guilty asking for her help.

"Listen,go home and get some rest,your shift tonight will come soon enough.I can get it." he really wanted her help,it would take less time with two of them working the scene but he felt sorry for the tired new hire and he felt he could do it alone.

"Thanks Nick, I'm really tired." she looked at the man and smiled,"Hey, by the way,you look exhausted Nick."

He smiled and quipped," Yeah,it's my best look."

Her laughter was all he needed to hear, she needed to go home,"See you tonight Nick." she waved and walked towards her car.

"Take the next left then go 300 feet and then turn right." Ellen directed,Nick could not help but to smile at the name Warrick had given to his little lady. He loved his little GPS.

He pulled out of the garage and headed out into the open,following Ellen's directions to the crime scene.

This is the beginning of a short story,not 40 chapters but really a short story...I need to learn how to write short stories.