Title:I'll Push Through It


Disclaimer:I do not own or have any sort of connection to CBS or the CSI franchise...wish I did though it would be nice to have a little extra cash.

Summary: Have you ever asked yourself,"Am I too tired to get through this?" Nick Stokes hasn't, until now.

I have heard him use this term twice,both times he was either tired or sick. We all knew he would push through it because he is Nick but everybody has their limits.

His hands trembled as he walked back over to the table where Nick lay, he clasped them together to help still his nerves,Nick was right it had been a long time.

He looked around at the now masked faces,"My name is Ran Langston,I'm a forensic pathologist,but have been a medical doctor for over thirty years."

The registered nurse looked up from preparing the equipment and introduced herself."My name is Abbey,I'm a surgical assistant to the surgeon." s he smiled from underneath the mask,afraid of what was outside but knowing that they had to do this for the man.

The lab tech,now donned the float person looked up as she tied Langston's gown in the back,"My name is Chrystal,I guess you can call me a lab tech." she continued to assist everybody by tying their gowns and giving them their sterile gloves.

Carl looked up,"Surgical -medical assistant." he was busy watching his patient,his blood pressure was a little high so he was busy assisting him with proper medications.

Langston picked up the scalpel and looked down at Nick's betadine covered abdomen,"It was time to start and from the gunfire outside,time was something that they didn't have much of.

The sharp blade touched the firm skin,Nick must be working out a lot,he thought to himself,the muscular abdomen proof of Nick's dedication to his job and his health,so why didn't he seek medical attention when he started having symptoms?He would need to ask when they got out of this mess.

As he made the three inch incision he noted that the layer of fat was minimal and the muscles were well formed,he continued until he reached the cecum,the inflamed appendix attached, he quickly started detaching it,with Abbey providing suction as he dissected, arteries and blood vessels,taking the surgical thread he looped it around the end the inflamed piece of bowel and tied it off securely,cauterizing the blood vessels to detach it,noting the the small area was was leaking infection.

"Abbey, let's flush his wound with some warm saline and then follow up with an antibiotic flush." he ordered as he heard the gunfire increasing outside.

Abbey quickly reached for the 50 cc syringe and flushed the area out,then placed the empty syringe on the tray and suctioned it out,then took another pre-pared syringe and flushed the area with antibiotic,as Dr Langston removed the infected piece of bowel.

He looked around,trying to determine if the wound should be left open and pack it or to close it up,he decided to close it up, after feeling that not much of the infection had leaked out into the gut,feeling it would be better as far as pain and the risk for further complications.

As he started to suture of the wound a loud explosion could be heard, it shook the room,lights and machines went off,they all stood still,fear and panic gripped them,their patient was now on battery powered equipment but they were in the dark.

"What do we do now." he asked the staff,hoping that they had a generator.

"The generator should be kicking on in a few minutes." Carl stated as he saw that his patient was getting agitated,his vitals starting to climb but suddenly the generator kicked in and they were now in a dimmer light but at least it was better than nothing.

"He's vitals are getting a little unstable here,probably a reaction to the explosion since he is still awake to a certain degree." Carl wanted the doctor to know what was happening and that he was on top of it,wanting to assist in making sure Nick stayed stable.


Brass had to move,the gunfire was increasing,he sensed that they were aware of the situation,that one of them were injured or in need of medical attention,possibly from Nick's jacket being left behind earlier in the other building.

He pulled out his cell and called dispatch again,not using the radio due to it's loud volume,"What the hell is going on, and where the hell is my men? I'm having problems here." he wanted to shout but knew that would get him in trouble, he didn't want them to know his new location.

" We have assistance on the way now,should be there within the next couple of minutes,please update." the dispatcher informed.

"As far as I can tell there are at least ten to fifteen men in the area,they are systematically breaking into buildings. I have my two CSI's and some medical staff in one building." he rolled his eyes,hating to tell them what they were doing but he knew they needed to know so they didn't get shot.

"Charlie 05 is down, he was in need of emergency surgery and is undergoing surgery at present,Charlie 08 is with him and three medical staff members." he felt enough information had been given,leaving out the part where Langston was actually performing the surgery, that would go over well, a forensic pathologist who hadn't practiced medicine in years taking out Nick's appendix,they would probably be in shock if they knew that little part.

An explosion rocked the medical park,fire flew up into the air,Brass's mouth went slack,these men were looking more like terrorists than crooks, an entire block wiped away,"Dispatch,we just had a huge explosion, fire and possible terror alert should be considered." his eyes not believing what he was looking at,the fire mixed with oxygen and the anesthesia causing a fireball that went upwards at least 200 feet.

"Fire and rescue on their way,terror alert initiated." the dispatcher's voice a little frantic now.

Brass knew he had to get inside the surgical building where Nick and Langston were,he needed them to evacuate,he needed to get them out of the building that might have been rigged with explosives.

Hope you are still here with me!