Dear Journal,

This is going to be hell? How do I know…because I am in a new state, a new town, and a new school. Why Forks? I keep asking myself that but I never get the answer I want. I just get the same old story from my mother. My father grew up in a small town and he always wanted to move back to one after his time in the service. Well, that time never came and now I am stuck here.

"Lily" my mother voice interrupts my writing as I sigh before looking at my clock. It was already 6:15am. She was properly wondering if I was awake and dressed for my first day at high school. I again sigh as I look down at what I am wearing, jeans and a black sweater. It was already cold out for October. I shut down my computer saving my journal entry to continue my dread for later on as I grab my bag and head downstairs.

"Ah there you are. I was beginning to wonder if you were never going to come down." My mom's happy voice sang. Ok someone had to much coffee this morning. Note to self, switch mom to decaf. I sit at the table after I grab a bowl and some cereal as I slowly begin to eat.

"Cheer up. Dad would want you to be happy." "Yeah, well I'm not mom. Why are we in this wet place again?" I mumbled. "I already told you, your dad wanted to live in a small place after he got done with the army." My mom said getting out the orange juice. I look at my mom thinking she was still pretty for being only 35 years old. Her and my dad married early and had me a year later. I take a peak in her head, a special talent of mine. My dad's part of the family or so my mother told me. "I wish she would stop asking that's been almost a year since we lost Tim…and darn it Lily, stop listening to me" "Sorry mom, force of habit." I give a small laugh as I finish up grabbing my bag and my keys.

"You better not do that at school!" my mom voice booms. "Why would I want to? I don't want to be a freak on my first day. Besides, maybe I will use it to get test answers." I said teasing, knowing my mom would flip and of course she did. "LILITH MARIE EVANS, don't you dare" my mom scolded as she bit her lip. "Relax mom, I was kidding. Besides it's not like they would really figure it out." I laugh as I walk out. "I would know if you have a good first day and cheer up."

I roll my eyes as I get into my car and drive off towards Forks High School and to make it even better it was raining. Great..just my luck. Could things get any worse?