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"You're insane!"

"House will kill you!"

Rain pelted the windows of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital as Chase, Cameron and Foremen sat in the differentials lounge, along with an unexpected guest. A sandy-tan cat sat cradled in Chase's arms, slightly wet from, presumably, the rain. Chase wore a look of frustration, rebellion and pity. "I couldn't just leave him in the rain!"

"Are all Australians obsessed with saving animals" Foremen received a glare from the blonde Aussie.

"Look, the little guy was stuck in the rain and I felt bad for him. I just need to find him a place to stay for the next week while my apartment gets fumigated. My Hotel doesn't allow pets." He looked down at the cat, which was currently swatting at its possessor's hair. "Aw… aren't you just the cutest, Boomer?"

"Boomer?" Cameron questioned.

"He looks like a Kangaroo." Chase clarified as he held up the cat at arms length, smiling fondly at it. "When I was little I always wanted a pet Kangaroo, but I suppose a cat will do."

Cameron and Foremen glanced at each other before the Aussie looked at them expectantly.

"Don't look at me, I live at the dorms." Cameron said.

"My apartment doesn't allow pets," Foremen added, holding up his hands as if Chase was about to attack.

Truthfully, he was a bit crestfallen. "Okay…" Then an idea struck him. "You think House would-"

"No!" The other two half-shouted.

Chase's face fell again. "You're right… Guess I'll have to take you to the pound." He told the cat with a frown. Boomer stared up at him and suddenly let out a meow. How could he, Chase that is, leave the poor thing at the mercy of a hold, heartless pound that would probably put him down without a second thought?

Chase's thoughts were interrupted by Cameron's sudden gasp and exclamation of "House it coming! Hide it!" Chase freaked and shoved the poor cat under the bookshelf and turned around just in time to see House limp into the room.

"We have a new case. Cuddy says if I solve this one without…" House trailed of as he counted but two ducklings sitting at the table. He looked around the room and spotted Chase standing awkwardly by the bookshelf. "Why aren't you sitting down?" He inquired.

"I feel like standing…" Chase replied, shifting from one foot to another.

"Sit down." House ordered.

"Don't wanna" Chase replied childishly.

"Cuddy said if you solve this without…" Cameron suddenly injected, turning the Diagnostician's attention on herself.

"Right… she said-" Suddenly Chase let out a gasp, distracting House once again. "Damn it Chase-"

"Um! I'll go do some blood work! Yeah…" And with that the Aussie was out the door.


Boomer was happily strolling through the halls of PPTH, weaving in and out of the legs of busy doctors, nurses and patients. He had never been in a hospital before, not that he knew what a hospital was. It smelled rather strange to his sensitive cat nose, almost synthetic in a way. He paused as a new scent hit his tiny pink sniffer. Fish. His stomach growled and he bolted in the direction of the scent.

It led him to the office of James Wilson, not that he could read the door that was left ajar, and on the desk his eyes met the most wonderful food he had seen in days. Within seconds he was on the desk chowing down on the delicious tuna salad set before him.

As a cat raised on the NJ streets, food was not an easy thing to come by, and fish most of all. Even if he stumbled upon fish, another, stronger cat would steal it from him. Chances of a meal like this were few and far between.

Alas, it ended too soon for his tastes because two large hands came out of nowhere, grabbed him by the middle and suddenly his feet were no longer in contact with the desk. Soon he was face to face with the owner of the meal he had just half-devoured.

"A cat? Who let you in here?" He asked as he sat down behind his desk. Boomer simply replied with a Meow. "I guess you can have my lunch, I wasn't hungry anyways." He set the cat back on the desk, which simply stared at Wilson. The oncologist chuckled and stroked the cat gently. "Seriously, don't worry about me. It's nice to have company who won't complain about clinic duty and steel my food… well, you already did the latter but that can't be helped." Boomer meowed and began eating again. "Do you belong to someone? You don't have a collar…"


Chase was in a state of near panic. He had checked the entire floor three times over, avoiding House with each scan, but still couldn't find hide nor hair of Boomer. "God… what have I done…?"

"Pissed me off" Chase nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt a sudden jab in the ribs via cane. "What the hell was that disappearing act about?" House growled, sending a cold glare at Chase.

"I… uh… lost something…" Not a complete lie.

"And what would that be… wombat?"

Chase ran a nervous hand through his hair. "Nothin'…"

"If it was nothing you wouldn't be looking for it. Or panicking." Gawd! Those blue eyes were intimidating.

"I'm not panicking!" The blonde male snapped. Suddenly he felt the arch of House's cane pull the Aussie close, mere inches from House's face.

"Tell me or so help me I will shove this cane so far up your ass you'll be coughing up splinters."

Chase swallowed hard. "I'm looking for…" He trailed off as he glanced over House's shoulder. "Boomer!" He cried happily.

House looked dumbfounded and looked behind him to see Wilson holding a tan cat. "You're looking for a cat?" The elder doctor questioned as he removed the cane from Chase's neck.

"So it's your cat? Boomer was his name? I had the pleasure of sharing my lunch with him." Wilson handed the cat to Chase, who hugged the poor thing half to death.

" I was so worried! Thank you Wilson!" It never occurred to him to check Wilson's office because the door had been closed.

"You were looking for a cat?" House repeated as he limped over to the two.

"Um… yeah…" Chase's smile turned to a sheepish grin. Crap, he was in trouble now. "I found him on the way here… He was sitting alone in the rain; I couldn't leave him there… I wanted to find him a place to stay for a week while my apartment got fixed…" He looked hopefully at Wilson.

"Sorry… in a Hotel myself." The oncologist answered the unsaid question.

"I'll take him…" Both doctors looked up in surprise.

"What?" They asked in unison.

"I said 'I'll take him'." House repeated, glaring at them both. "If I can handle Hector I can handle a cat."

"Touché" Wilson nodded in agreement as Chase broke out in a goofy grin, which caused House to raise a brow in suspicion.

"Thanks!" He could kiss House! Okay… maybe not kiss him, but at least hug him.

"You're buying the food." The Diagnostician pointed out, before suddenly being embraced by the blonde. He hesitated before awkwardly patting the man's head. "Um… you're welcome…"

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