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Chapter 10

House sighed as he limped into his apartment. The reason for his discontentment? Chase had been avoiding him all day, or rather, avoided being alone with him. Then, when Chase had finally, and willingly, came to talk to the older doctor alone it was to tell him that he would be home late due to a date with that damned Vet, Firo.

The diagnostician was not in a good mood. He was however surprised that Boomer wasn't at his feet begging for attention. He shrugged it off however and wondered into the kitchen, fetching himself a sandwich. He leaned relaxed against the counter as he ate, his eyes wandering to Steve's cage, only to find it empty. He stared stupidly at the vacant cage for a few moments before putting down his food.

He was going to strangle that damned cat.

He nearly tore apart his apartment looking for the feline or any sign of his beloved mouse. He soon found both.

Curled on top of a pile of clothes in his bedroom was Boomer, and perched on his head asleep was none other than Steve McQueen. He sighed in relief and gently snatched up the mouse, who squeaked in surprised, causing Boomer to startle awake.

"Keep your paws off Steve or I'll get you fixed." House threatened, causing an angry meow from the cat. The doctor stuck his tongue out at the cat and proceeded to place Steve back in his cage. When he turned back to get his sandwich he heard a soft 'thud'. He looked back to see Boomer with his nose peaking through the bars of Steve's cage, purring and affectionately licking the small mouse, who seamed to enjoy the gesture.

House watched this display for a good few minutes, bewildered, before turning and going into his living room.


Chase laughed heartedly as he walked down the street, shoulder to shoulder with Ray Firo. Said man was pouting at the blonde doctor.

"Rob, it wasn't that funny…" The vet retorted, rubbing his jaw. "It hurt…"

Chose managed to stifle his laugh enough to apologize. "It's just… the look on your face when you ran into that waitress… you're lucky she wasn't holding anything."

"I guess it was pretty funny…" Ray smiled at the Ausie. They soon both stopped in front of the steps that lead to the apartment building in which Chase was staying. "Tonight was fun, Rob." He said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, we really should do it again… but next time you should watch where you're going!" They both chuckled before falling into silence. After a moment Chase gave a sheepish smile. "G'night-" He was cut off by a sudden pair of lips against his. He blinked and surprise, but before he had a chance to react, the lips were gone.

Ray blushed and shifted awkwardly. "Good night, Robert." With that he left the taken aback doctor on the steps.

Chase felt the heat rising in his cheeks as he realized just happened, before breaking out into a grin and heading inside. He hadn't even noticed that his impromptu roommate had been watching the whole exchange from the window.


God Chase looked good in nothing but a towel, his body dripping from the shower he just took, leaving trails lower and lower-

There were more important things to do than molest the blonde with his eyes, Damnit! Concentrate, House! The disgruntled doctor sat on his armchair, having yet to buy a new couch, glaring at Chase's tan back. The blonde had been back for nearly and hour and his bright, cheerful mood nearly clashed visually with the older man's dark aura. But of course the Aussie was too busy in his own world to notice House's foul mood.

That was until the man was fully dressed and sitting on the floor, boomer in his lap while munching on a piece of toast smothered in something a few shades darker than apple butter. He smiled up at House, but at the look he got, his smile fell. "What's the matter?"

His response was simply, "So you had fun on your 'Date'?" This statement was full of so much venom that Chase nearly winced.

"It wasn't a date. It was a dinner with a friend." He said, truthfully, although he did feel his cheeks begin to heat up a little.

House rolled his eyes. "Then I'm guessing you kiss all your friends?" Suddenly the man was standing, Boomer and toast abandoned on the floor, a look of mortification on his face.

"You were spying on me!?" He accused loudly. "That's absolutely none of your business!" He spat, and just as suddenly as he stood, House was a hairsbreadth away.

"What if I said it was?" He shot back, spur of the moment.

Chase's expression knitted into confusion, but still with a hint of anger. "Why the bloody hell would it be any of your business?"

It was House's turn to look surprised and… dare he say it, vulnerable, like Chase had suddenly just pulled one of the skeletons out of his closet. He glanced to the side, as if about to walk away, but then suddenly made a split second decision.

Chase suddenly felt another pair of lips against his, for the second time that night, but also felt the scratch of the man's stubble. This kiss didn't last only a second, House stood his ground. And it wasn't gentle and warm like Firo's, it was demanding and hot. Chase, without realizing what he was doing, let out a soft moan against those hot lips, his eyes slipping closed as he felt a hot tongue force it's way in.

Due to the fact that Chase had only previously kissed girls, including tongue anyways, he was generally in control of the kiss, but not this time, House wouldn't give him edgeways. It actually felt… good. Damn good, judging on how tight his pants were getting.

Suddenly, the lips, tongue, and stubble were gone. Chase's eyes snapped open, meeting House's, the intelligent blue clouded over with confliction. In the next second, House was limping away out the door, leaving a very flustered, and very confused Chase behind.


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