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Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

Summary: It started when I met her while unexpectedly riding a local train to school. It wasn't love at first sight, but it built up unreasonably.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, own the characters, or the show… Ouran will just stay forever with Hatori Bisco…. But I do own the OCs.

I was sitting on one of the chairs of the theater room. The movie played silently in front of my eyes. I could imagine her voice calling out my name. She always had that sweet tone. I leaned my head on the chair and stopped the video. I closed my eyes. The tears had finally stopped. I removed my glasses and opened my eyes again. She was still smiling. It brought a grin to my face.

She was gone… I never wanted her to leave... We never wanted to part…

I played the video and raised the volume.

"Tamaki! Stop the video!" I was yelling. She continued to laugh at me as if there was no end to it.

"Just do what dear Tamaki says, Kyouya, it's not everyday when you see me take off on a plane." She said.

That plane flight. If she just didn't ride it, maybe she would still be in my arms right now, watching some other video.

"Yuki!" Her name was beautiful. So was she.

She continued to laugh, the video camera faced me. I remember, Haruhi grabbed it from Tamaki so that he could push me. "Just kiss her. Just kiss her!" He pleaded while pushing me.

"Why should I?" I asked in return, "Turn that camera off!!!" I attempted to cover the screen but was pushed back by the twins. Yuki was pushed closer to me. Haruhi's laugh could be heard in background. Hunny and Mori are seen in background. They all yelled, "C'mon!"

Then the last kiss I could ever give her was taken on tape. Why didn't I at least cherish that last moment? I stopped the video. The tears were forming again.

"I should stop doing this." I murmured to myself. The last shot was both of us looking at each other. I didn't remember that. Everything seemed like such a blur. But if that moment had lasted for two hours, she wouldn't have been on that plane. If I stopped her… If I stopped her from pursuing her dream, would she be happy? Would she?

"Master Kyouya!"

I turned my head, the servant had entered the room. "What is it? I only said to disturb me when there's news?"

"There is news!"

I stood up.

"They found survivors. They're breathing but unconscious. They're still looking for names."

This is my last chance, the only hope left. She could be there. She should!

"Let's go!"

But everything had started in the most unlikely manner…

Before our unrealistic relationship… we never knew each other…

But of course, fate brought us together…

We met…

Minutes in a Public Transportation

Chapter one: The Road to the Office

If the car hadn't broken down in the middle road, I wouldn't be here.

If the road wasn't so filled up with cars, I wouldn't be elbow to elbow with a strange old man.

If I had woken up earlier, I wouldn't be watching two girls giggling as they stare at me.

And last of all…

If my sister hadn't visited the house, I wouldn't be in front of a girl in a local train.

And by now, for this first time in my whole Ouran life, I'm considered late for the first class. I had finally reached my stop, and so did many others inside the train. I got off quickly, and so did that girl. And knowing that I was late, I ran. What else was I supposed to do? I can't be scandalized by my dad because I skipped my first class. I took off immediately, not minding the people I hit.

I reached my class in time for the teacher to say that his class has ended. I looked at sensei's surprised face since I slid the door too harshly. I apologized and walked swiftly, head down, to my table. Tamaki stared at me during the whole process. It was annoying since I felt like a horrible jerk. I sat down and took a deep breath.

"Kyouya, you're very late today. What has happened to your morning?" Tamaki said gliding towards my table.

Everyone knows I hate mornings, Tamaki knows I hate mornings, so why does he ask. Does he plan to anger me!

"It's been a long tiring morning for me. I don't think it's necessary that I say the whole thing." I replied, while copying the notes sensei left on the board.

"But Kyooouya" he said in a childish demeanor, "you're soo late. What happened?"

Does he intend to treat me like a child!

I'll just have to shorten my adventure into one phrase, "I road a local train."

"A local train?" his eyes glistened. "The train where commoner's get their tickets from vending machines, walk in with many other people and sit beside other commoners. Isn't this where a young man would offer a seat to an old lady? Such a sweet act, tell me Kyouya did that happen to you?"


Is that what he thinks of trains?!

"Why? Don't tell me you didn't offer your seat to this old lady? Why didn't you?" he asked.

"I didn't, since there was no old lady. There were no seats. I stood up for the whole ride. It was filled up, tight, closed-space. It was an annoying ride." I was frustrated.

He was shocked. I should probably give him a joyride on one of those trains. It would bring his heart to rest. What idiocy…

"Kyo-chan!" I heard Hunny call out. I turned my body and stopped writing on my mysterious notebook. The time for the host club hasn't opened but as usual the third music room is already busy. "I heard you rode a local train today. Ne ne, was it fun? Was it fun?"

I was about to answer and tell him about the exhausting experience, but Tamaki butt in saying something about an awful and disturbing experience that I don't want to share about.

"Actually, the ride was interesting in an annoying manner." I interrupted him. "Tamaki misinterpreted what I had said."

"What? But that's what you said."

I glared at him and, as expected, he ran to his corner saying something about the train ride.

"It's true? You rode a local train? Isn't a little scary there." Kaoru had asked.

"But why?" Hikaru joined in. "If it is scary there, I'd never let you go all alone, Kaoru." He moved closer to Kaoru and did what they were best at doing.

"So, what is the reason why you rode the train?" Haruhi finally asked.

"It's actually a long morning for me. I woke up late, my sister had visited the house again, the car broke down, it was an extremely filled up road and the only fastest way to school would have to be the train."

"And how was it?"

"Tiring, exhausting and annoying all at the same time." I replied, after recording the things that had happened in the bus on my notebook. "I don't think I'd like to ride that ever again."

"I see. It's hard to believe that's how you see the train as. I'm pretty much used to the atmosphere of the train. If you get one of the earlier rides maybe you would have had a much more peaceful ride."

I nodded and headed to the closest table where I set up my laptop. I continued a little on the research about our next project for the host club. Tamaki said he wanted something mythological. Something with Gods and Goddesses. He probably already proclaimed himself as Zeus so, I'll be needing much information on that. And the expenses… how much would pillars be? And the cloth, I should probably organize this part with the twins.

Then a knock came on the door. Three knocks to be exact. We don't exactly open the door since, we aren't open yet. So, we waited for this certain person to twist the doorknob and show him/herself. She knocked again, no one bothered to open. All our heads faced the door. Haruhi walked towards the door. She was about to reach for the door when it opened slowly. A girl with long black wavy hair popped her head in. None of us know her.

"Excuse me?" she started, "I'm new in the school and I'm lost. I need some help." Tamaki stood up and opened the door. I saw the whole scene take place from where I was seated, by the window. She wasn't wearing the school uniform. She had a worn a very familiar outfit, a skirt, a sleeveless black shirt worn underneath a white long-sleeved loose shirt and sneakers. It was a familiar indeed. She flipped her hair to her back and blew the bangs that covered her face. She gave an unsure smile.

I stood up from my seat to take a better look at this girl.

"What type of help do you need, young lady?" Tamaki asked with his flirtatious attitude.

"I'm actually looking for the office. I just need to be given the things I need, and I could be ready for school tomorrow."

"So you're a new student?" one of the twins asked.

"Yeah, second year, I just don't know what class."

"Your class would depend on the grades you received in your past school and your score in the exam." I said as I walked closer to the group.

"Oh, I see. Uh, but I just really need to see the office." She replied hastily.

"Would it be ok if you stay here a little longer?" Tamaki asked, he took her hand, "You're beauty would be such a waste if you don't at least spend some time with us, the host club."

By the time, I could finally see her completely. No wonder she looked familiar…

It was the girl I was standing in front of in the train. She probably took too many trains that she couldn't recall my face. She looked at each one of us probably wondering what Tamaki meant by host club.

She smiled, "host club? Do you mean those guys who try to sweep women off their feet by making them feel extremely happy and bla bla?" She waved her arms around as she said the last two words, 'bla bla.'

Tamaki replied, "I believe that's the answer."

"Are you guys seriously in a host club?" Her left eye brow popped up.

Everyone nodded.

"Seriously?" she asked once more.

We all nodded again. Her smile was wider. She scratched her head and placed her hands under her bangs and brushed her forehead. She looked down. "So, you guys are saying that Ouran, a very prestigious school, has a host club?'

We all nodded one more time.

"What's wrong with that?" one of the twins asked.

"Yes, isn't it good that there is a haven where ladies can feel no pressure at all? A place where they could feel infinite happiness?" Tamaki added.

"There is certainly nothing wrong with making people happy, especially girls. I just never thought that there could be time for smart people to be doing this." She replied.

"Well we put lots of time for others, and it's the best we could offer." Tamaki said.

"That's good to hear." She nodded, "Actually, there's nothing I could do here so probably I should continue my search to the office." She left the room, and closed the door slowly while bowing to all of us.

"Wait!" I yelled, but not too loud. She raised her head up. "I'll lead you to the office." I adjusted my glasses.

"Well, thank you Mr. Host." She smiled jokingly. I walked up to her and felt the stares that the others were throwing at me. I closed the door behind me and finally it was me and this girl. ALONE. What was I thinking?

"So, Mr. Host, what makes you change your mind and help me find this office."

" Ootori Kyouya."

"Oh, your name's Ootori Kyouya. So, as a host they call you Kyouya. How neat. I'll just call you Ootori-san." She gave me another smile. "Oh, how rude of me. My name's Okawa Miyuki. Nice to meet you."

"Same with you, Okawa-san." Should I tell her that I saw her in the train ride this morning? Maybe not…

"Ootori-san, I have a question?" She looked at me. I was busy leading the way.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Am I mistaken, or are you the person I saw this morning?" She ran in front of me and stopped me from walking. She took one long look at my face. I adjust my glasses and walked passed her.

"Can you read minds?" I ask unknowingly.

"What do you mean?"

I shook my head. "Yes, and you were the girl sleeping in front of me, it must have been a tiring night for you, Okawa-san."

"It sure was!"

And that's practically, how the adventure began with this weird girl. I never bothered to ask how her night was. But the conversation got more interesting...

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