She almost lost everything

Lost her sight

Lost her limbs

But would she lose me?

The Minutes in a Public Transportation

FINALE: One Step at a Time

Okawa Miyuki still looked gorgeous. Her long black hair flowing behind her. Her figure softly leaning on to the ledge of this rooftop. She was just everything I wanted to be with. Everything.

"Yuki."I called after her. "Turn around. I have something for you."

She turned around and the wind blew strongly at that moment. Her hair just whipped right into her face as she tried to get it away from her. She giggled and laughed at the same time. I walked towards her making sure the gift I held for her in my hand was safely intact.

"What is it?" she asked, as she tried to walk towards me.

"Don't move." I told her. "I'll be right there."

When I finally reached her, she smiled at me and said "so, what do you have there?"

She took one good look at me and I smiled right back at her. I opened my hand. And she smiled.

"So, what is it?"

I didn't say anything for a moment. Hoping and wishing that she was kidding. Pretending that she knew exactly what I was holding in my hand.

"Seriously, you're not going to tell me?" She laughed while trying to punch me weakly on the shoulder. She missed, just by a small inch. Punching a fraction of my sleeve instead.

"Kyouya, come on. Just tell me."

I grabbed her hand instead and said, "Just feel it. You'll know what it is."

I placed the necklace on her hand and she beamed. "You gave me a necklace. What does it look like?"

The wind blew once more. I moved closer to her and held her arm just to make sure that the wind won't blow away her frail weak body.

"It's beautiful." Just like you

"Well, that's a nice description." She said sarcastically. Ï would obviously know how that would look like." She started feeling the necklace. Moving her fingers around the figure, every corner, every texture. I was used to seeing her doing this now. Her hands doing their work. "It's a star."

"Yes, it is." I replied. I took it and placed my arms around her neck and placed the necklace on her.

"How does it look on me?"

"It's perfect on you." I took her hand. "We should go back downstairs, dinner should be ready soon." She leaned on me and walked slowly. One prosthetic leg at a time.

The doctors said we could never get her eyesight back. The nerves to her eyes were too severely damaged that her vision couldn't be saved. Miyuki couldn't accept it. I couldn't accept it. And things were going downhill from there.

It's been a year since the crash. It took several months before Miyuki finally decided to get the prosthetic limbs. She goes on physical therapy on a regular basis and she's finally learning to stand on her own two feet. Literally.

The arranged marriage with Haru was cancelled. His parents couldn't handle the fact their future daughter in law was different. They couldn't accept that she cannot see her own wedding, that she cannot see the faces of her own children. They couldn't accept it.

And after all the arguments we had, the breakups we went through, we're still together. For some reason, although her weakness doesn't make me happy and takes too much of my time. I still have the courage to care for her. I still take my time to join her for therapy sometimes. I still stay beside her even though she is so fragile. She's a lot of work and a lot of caring for and I wasn't made for this. I wasn't made to take care of someone. I wasn't made to watch out for them and make sure they don't do anything stupid. I had more important things to take care of. I had school work, I had projects, I had a spot to aim for in the corporation.

I wasn't made for this moment in Miyuki's life.

But she'll be like this forever and I'm not sure if I can make it.

We argue about my impatience, my complaints, and my disinterest in doing any clean up.

I wasn't made for this.

But here I am.

This should really mean something, right?

"You know, Kyou." She started. "Your sister cooking dinner for us is something I'm scared of."

I sighed, "You're more scared of my sister cooking rather than the fact that we're walking down a staircase."

She giggled, "Why would I be scared of that? I'm holding you tight and you've got me in your hands. I'm pretty sure you won't let me slip. I trust you."

She trusted me. And that's what I was scared about.

I've left her more than once in one year, why isn't she scared of me?

When we finally reached the end of the stair case, she let go of me and raised her hand to the side to reach for a wall. When she finally did, she walked slowly but precisely. I held her hand and walked by her side.

"Aren't you ever scared I might leave you again?" I asked out loud. She stopped walking. And faced me.

"Why do you think that?"

I pushed my glasses, "Because I've done it more than once." I looked down at her feet, "Besides, you know I'm not made for this. I really can't go on doing this. I can't go on guiding you through staircases, or hallways or through the airport. You don't even go to the mall nowadays. Everything is so different now and I don't think I can take it anymore."

"I know" she reached out for my arm and grasped it. "I know. But why are you still here? Why do you keep running back to me? I always wondered. I always wondered why you bothered to walk me down staircases or hold my hand while I'm walking through hallways. I always wondered why you stayed for so long. I can hear you sigh when I tell you to help me go somewhere. I can't see but I can tell when you don't want to help me." She let go of the wall, and rested her hand on my neck, "I am scared. I'm scared that you might actually leave me on a staircase. I'm scared that you won't anymore talk to me when I feel alone. I'm scared that one day there will be a time when I can't talk to you casually anymore. I'm scared that no one will my hold my hand. I am scared."

I could hear her voice choke up. I could feel the tears in my eyes. Her grip was getting tighter.

"Then tell me, why are you still here, Kyouya? Why do you still walk beside me when I know you don't want to?" She asked once more.

I looked at my empty hallway. At the end was the kitchen. A happy kitchen with my sister trying to chop food up and cook as if she knew how to cook. Across that was a dining table. The same dining table I look at every morning, where my dad and brothers talk about how busy their day is going to be. And here I am. Alone with my girlfriend.


"Because I chose to."

"And not because you pity me?" She asked.

I shook my head. Not realizing she couldn't see what I was doing. "I don't think so."

"Then why?"

I grinned. I knew exactly why. And I told her this when I tried to stop her in the airport, and when I found out she was blind.

"I believe this is something they call love."

She smiled. "Oh yeah. I kind of forgot that word for a moment."

"There's a reason for everything. I'm sure I'm not the perfect person to deal with your disabilities. But your independence, your courage, your strength, everything just goes well with my impatience, my complaints and my problems. I guess you can say, we're a perfect match?"

She shrugged and moved her arms around my neck, "I think this is why people say opposites match."

Ëxactly." I kissed her softly.

We walked towards the dining table to have a dinner not worth remembering at all.

I was lying on Yuki's legs as she massaged the top of my forehead. "Sometimes, I still can't believe your dad has to deal with all of this." She said suddenly. "I mean, he really hated me at the beginning, I bet now that I'm like this, he hates me ten times more."

I nodded my head, "oh yeah he does. He once told me that you were going to change me forever."

"I think I just did that." She giggled, "Look at you, walking me around, answering girly problems, picking my clothes. I don't think this is what the future president of the Ootori Corporation should be doing now. What happened to all the marketing projects, sir?"

"I honestly don't know, young lady." I played along. But I sure did have a lot of projects to work on. They were just placed all on hold for this moment. I sat up and leaned my head on her shoulder.

"Take me somewhere when you start your summer break." She said softly.

"Where do you want to go?" I took her hand.

"I don't know. I want somewhere bright and warm but at the same time has a nice cool breeze."

I imagined a place for her. "Where are you thinking?"

She thought for a second, "a beach, probably."

"Then lets go to a beach."

"But isn't it dumb that I can't even see a sunrise or the orange-ness of a sunset? It's stupid that I can't see a blue ocean or that I can't even see sand, anymore?" she uttered. She was playing the self-pity card again. But she has always backed up her depressed moments with jokes or laughter. That's how she always dealt with things. "But I guess imagining it would be awesome, too. What do you think, Kyou?"

"I think, you have every right to see the sunrise as much right as I have to imagine the sunset." I replied. "That's why for this moment, let's imagine we're on a beach." I began to close my eyes

She snickered, "That would be awesome, but I feel kind of sad that I can't actually see you half-naked at this moment. All that body and my eyes can't feast on it."

I laughed out loud. "Well, that's a lot better for me because you can imagine a body a lot better than what I have here."

"Hmm…" she nodded and rubbed her chin, "that's not actually a bad idea."

We both laughed together. We had this moment where we could laugh about how potentially wonderful my body could be. We had this moment of many moments where we talked and laughed all day. We also had moments where we just argued on and on. We had times where we almost gave up and may have never gotten back up. But I think that's really what people call love, that whatever tries to stop us, be it family or friends or school or work or even the work of nature, nothing will ever stop us. Because when people thought I would give up, only one thing kept me going.

It's that Yuki would smile.

And she always smiled.

And for sure, for every smile she makes, I will always walk one step together with her.

a/n: Three years ago, I started this because I was very much into anime and fanfiction and kyouya. College has eaten me up till the last bit of my nature and my writing skills. I don't know if I got the characters right at all. I even forgot Yuki's name. I can't believe myself for doing that. But here I am, three years after, with an actual ending. I was just running into fanfiction for some dose of readings when I realized I haven't read any of your reviews for a long time. And I owe it all to you guys that you guys get the ending that you all deserve. I don't know if the same readers from three years ago will still see this, but I hope you guys are happy and thank you so much for reading from beginning to end and actually dealing with waiting for a finale that took this long. I wanted it longer but somehow I'm just beat. I'm really sorry for making you guys wait. But here I am and I want to thank you once more. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.