You Didn't Have Me At Hello

Chapter One – History

25 years ago

Isabella Marie Swan was the oldest of two. She was born 25 years ago in Seattle, Washington to Renee and Charlie Swan. They were a loving couple who live in Seattle where Charlie was a police captain and Renee was a kindergarden teacher at the elementary. They had another baby, 5 years after Bella, Steve, but he was born with Down Syndrome. He was well loved and well taken care of. Both of them were. Renee and Charlie loved each other and their children.

Bella, though loved by her family and by the Black and Clearwater families, suffered a lot in school. Bella was not as pretty and thin as most of the children in the town. She was actually a little chubby and she had a little skin problem. Renee had a lot of issues with her pregnancies which in turn the children had suffered from. From day one, she was tormented in school and was bullied and harrassed. She was the target of jokes and pranks, led by the Cullens and Hale families. They were the "royalty" so to speak in Seattle. Both families had a lot of money, mostly inherited and investments in oil and real estate. The children thought they were the cream of the crop but for some reason they had this hate against Bella. Bella had never said anything because she was threatened that no one would believe her and she believed that. How could anyone believe Bella? She was nobody in the this town. The Cullen boys consisted of the twins, Emmett and Jasper and the youngest Edward. The Hales consisted of Rosalie and Alice. Edward, Alice and Bella were of the same age, though Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie took turns tormenting Bella during lunch break.

After 8 years of torment, Bella found herself in a situation which changed her life forever. Bella was visiting the Blacks in August. She was best friends with Jacob and both loved spending time on fixing cars and bikes. They had also loved taking care of Steve. Her parents had left for a romantic dinner out. Billy loved to take care of Bella and Steve since they were never a problem to them. He enjoyed talking to Bella. Billy had always told her that she had an old spirit. He being the head of the tribe, had an idea that Bella suffered a lot in school, but he knew she would have her day. When Renee and Charlie never arrived home that night, Billy got worried. He had called the police station to let them know what was going on. A few hours later the news had arrived that Renee and Charlie had died instantly in a drunk driving accident. A man who was driving with a suspended license and had twice the limit of alcohol in his blood, plowed into Renee and Charlie crushing them against a concrete wall.

Days passed by and after the funeral, Bella and Steve were taken away to foster care. Billy couldn't' take care of them since he hadn't worked for over 5 years. The Clearwaters had no real income that would allow them to adopt Bella and Steve. After two weeks, Bella was to be adopted by a family in England and Steve was to be adopted to a family who specialized in taking Down Syndrome children. Bella was distraught but she had no way to stop anything.

Tanya and Liam Denali were very rich and powerful couple. In their years of marriage, they had become the it couple. They had everything except a child. Their efforts of conceiving never came about. With this, they decided to adopt. When this decision had been made, Bella's case got to their hands. Tanya and Liam had always stated that the picture they saw of Bella was what convinced them to adopt her. They had loved her immediately and knew that Bella was going to have the best life possible.

Present time 2008

Bella had a wonderful life with Tanya and Liam. They were excellent parents and they had demonstrated their love in every single way possible. She had lived in London from the moment she got adopted. She had learned 3 years later that her brother Steve had passed away from complications from Down Syndrome. She was really sad on this news but knew that her brother had gone to join her loving parents in heaven. He was in a better place. This news had also help her decide to become a scientist to try to find a cure for Down Syndrome.

Tanya and Liam were very supportive towards Bella. At first, Bella was apprehensive, but after a while came to love Tanya and Liam like her mum and dad. She finally called them mum and dad after a few years. Tanya helped her Bella overcome her shyness and helped Bella become a beautiful swan. Bella learned a lot from Tanya. She learned to be a strong woman while maintain her feminity. Bella learned how to dance, master Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, French and German. Bella excelled in sports, especially in martial arts and kickboxing. Liam taught her patience and her continue love for learning. He also taught her unconditional love and forgiveness, but he also taught her to fight for what she believed in.

During her senior year, she adopted her new parents name of Denali. During this time, she received word that she was accepted in Oxford University under a full 5 year scholarship. There she studyed Bio-Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Philosophy and Shakespearean Literature. She loved to study and though her social life was thriving, she preferred to study. She graduated number one in her class under the 5 years. She stayed an extra year and ½ to receive her degreee in Philosophy.

Tanya and Liam couldn't be any prouder. She was a model daughter and citizen of England. She represented the Denali family well and her name was known everywhere not only for her beauty but for her kindness and grace. Though Bella was only 5' tall, she carried herself with grace and elegance. She had long shiny dark brown wavy hair. Her skin was porcelein white with no hint of blemishes or scars. Her hands were delicated and her legs were shapely. She had a beautiful and curvaceous body with the right amount of muscles on her abs, legs and arms. Her eyes were a hypnotic shade of brown and her face was beautiful. She was extremely photogenic and she was never caught wearing the wrong thing. She was proper but not too proper. She was always approachable by anyone and worked well with everyone. During her 21stbirthday, Hello magazine declared Bella Denali as the most beautiful woman in England. Bella took it as a grain of salt. She would have preferred an award due to her research work.

During her second year working at a major laboratory in England, she was ahead of her research and had found a key item in the research in childhood diseases. During this time, Seattle hospital was ground breaking research facility facing lack of talent. Dr Carlisle Cullen had heard of Bella Denali and wanted to much to bring her over. He had spoken to Liam since they were old friends and decided to bring her over for an interview.

Bella was excited. She hadn't been over to Seattle since the adoption. She was more excited with the idea of working along the Seattle Laboratory Research. They were world renowned and she knew she would be able to find a cure.