Kisdota: Well here you all go, the sequel to Ben and Julie: Dedicated Love. Over the time, I haven't seen a lot of other BenxJulie fics, a few people tried but even fewer actually kept up with their fics, anyway I'm going to start out with a little surprise first before going along with the plot.

In the arena of Logic, I fight unarmed, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

A year has passed since Vilgax was defeated, so much had happened in that time.

Kevin and Gwen were finally a couple. After much pestering from Ben and Julie, Kevin had been the one to ask Gwen on their second date, after that the two finally hocked up.

Also Ben's Grandpa Max had come back from the Null Void, Dr. Animo had been put behind bars and everything in the null void was put back to normal.

And finally after much fighting, the world was finally cleansed of the DNaliens, and there plans to invade the earth were stopped.

And today Ben would get a new surprise.

(At Julie's house)


"Ben will you stop banging on the back door", Julie said.

Over the year Ben and Julie had grown even closer to each other.

While some people thought there love was just a normal teen love that would never last, they were still going out and even closer than before.

"Alright jeeze what is it Ben", Julie asked.

"Julie you gotta see this, I was, messing with the Omnitrix and- are your parents here right now", Ben asked excitedly.

"Uh no", Julie said.

"Go to your backyard, I gotta show you something", Ben said.

"Uh, alright", Julie said.

She closed the door and went to her Backyard. When she got there she went to the middle of her yard.

"Ben, are you here", Julie yelled out.

WHOOSH Suddely a blue blur ran in front of her.

"What the heck", Julie said surprised.

The Blur ran around Julie and stopped in front of her to reveal a dinosaur looking blue alien.

"Ben", Julie asked.

"Yup, check it out, I got all my old aliens back", XLR8 said.

"What really, how did you get them back", Julie asked.

"Well when I was messing with the Omnitrix, I was able to reactivate the master control again", Ben said.

"So now you can turn into all those aliens you told me about", Julie said.

"Yeah and I don't have to turn the symbol to change, check this out", Ben said.

A green light covered XLR8 for and instant and Ben turned into a large Red alien.

"HA HA, man I missed turning into this", Fourarms said flexing his muscles.

"Wow, so this was your favorite alien you kept telling me about", Julie asked.

"Yeah, I would always turn into this one", Fourarms said.

"What else do you have", Julie asked.

Ben changed into a different alien.

"Ha, how hot am I now Julie", Heatblast said.

"Cool- uh Ben you're burning the grass", Julie said.

"Whoops sorry", Ben said turning into a different alien .

"Wow, you really could turn into Ship", Julie said.

"Upgrade I loved this one, hey where's Ship, he's gonna want to see me like this", Upgrade said.

"I'll call him, SHIP COME HERE BOY", Julie yelled.

From atop Julie's bed was a sleeping Ship, who immediately woke up at the sound of Julie calling and started running towards the backyard.

"Hey Ship, check me out", Ben said when Ship arrived.

"Shiip, SHIIIIIIIP", Ship said and immediately ran towards Upgrade and seeped into his skin.

"Uhhhh, this feels wrong", Upgrade said disturbed.

"Ship, where did you go", Julie asked.

Ship reappeared on top of Upgrade's head.

"Shiiiip shiiip shiiip", Ship said excitedly jumping on Upgrades head.

"I never knew he could do that", Upgrade said.

"So what other aliens are there", Julie asked.

Ship jumped off Ben's head while Ben changed into another alien.

"Grrrargh", Wildmutt said.

"Wow, so is this one Wildmutt", Julie asked.

"Grargrrrragrgrg", Wildmutt went.

"Uh, I guess this one, doesn't talk", Julie said.

"Grargar", Wildmutt said as he transformed into a different alien, suddenly Ben was gone.

"Ben, where'd you go", Julie said.

"Down here", Julie looked down to see a small little alien.

"Uhhh why are you covering your eyes", Julie asked.

Greymatter was covering his eyes with his hands and looked a little flushed.

"Uh-it –it's just- I can see-", Greymatter was saying.

"Hm", Julie said.

She suddenly remembered that she was standing over Ben who was tiny, and she was wearing a skirt.

"EEEEK", Julie yelled and kicked Greymatter away out of instinct and flew into a bush.

"Oh my gosh, Ben I'm so sorry", Julie said.

Greymatter turned back to normal and Ben got off from on top of the bush.

"Ugh, no I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, well, you know", Ben said embarrassed.

Suddenly Ben's cell phone began to ring and Ben answered it.

"Hello… alright I'll be there", Ben said putting his phone away.

"What's wrong", Julie asked.

"Trouble, robbery, Kevin and Gwen need my help, sorry but I'll have to show you the rest of my aliens later", Ben said.

"Oh, no that's OK I understand", Julie said.

Ben activated his watch and turned into XLR8.

"I'll see you later", XLR8 said running towards the crime scene.

(Later at night)

"The three crooks were later apprehended by our three local heros-", Julie was watching the news on the TV.

"sigh", Julie was feeling a little depressed.

This was her usual routine for when Ben went out to fight crime and she would be left alone to see Ben either from afar or on the news with Ship snuggling right next to her.

Sometimes when she and Ben were doing something together or they were on a date, something bad would happen and he'd have to leave her.

Of course she didn't hate Ben for it, and she could never hate Ben for what he does, she knew that someone had to go fight all those criminals and/or aliens, but still, she wished that she and Ben could spend more time with each other.

"What are you watching dear", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"Oh hey mom, just watching the news, Ben's on", Julie said.

"Oh really, who is he this time, that green goo, or that British crab", Mrs. Yamamoto asked.

"He's right there", Julie said.

Mrs. Yamamoto looked at the television to see a large red muscular alien with four arms.

"Oh wow, so he took my advice on getting some muscles", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"Uh, yeah", Julie said looking back at the TV.

"What's wrong Julie, every time Ben's on the TV you seem to get depressed", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"Hmm, well, it's just, Ben is always going out there, doing all these things to help people, but still I just get lonely when he leaves me", Julie said.

"Oh that is so sweet , you miss him whenever he goes out to help people", Mrs. Yamamoto said pinching Julie's cheek.

"Mom", Julie said pushing her mother's hand away.

"Well honey, you know Ben isn't leaving you on purpose", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"I know, but I still wish he wouldn't leave me whenever duty calls", Julie said.

"Well what are you going to do, it's not like you can go and help him whenever he goes out", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"Anyway dinner will be ready soon so wash up", Mrs. Yamamoto said.

"Alright", Julie said turning the TV off and went to the bathroom.

When she got there she gave the mirror a hard look "Well what are you going to do, it's not like you can go and help him whenever he goes out", Julie remembered her mom saying.

Julie looked out the door to see Ship sleeping on the couch.

"I wonder, can I".

Kisdota: Huh, there ya go the sequel, don't worry I'll introduce all of Bens alien's and his family to Julie. And please to all the fic writers who did a Ben Julie fic and didn't continue it, please do continue it.