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"OK so we're in an underground moon labyrinth, we have enemies who want us dead, no idea how many enemies we're facing, not to mention we're in enemy territory, we have our weaker selves who effect our existence, and we still have no idea who's in charge or what their big evil plan is," KevinF said.

"OK that's… not so bad, we've faced worse," Ben said.

"No we haven't, this is the worst thing we've ever faced," Gwen said.

"This is why I didn't want to bring you guys, if something happens to you our younger selves, we're all done for," BenF said.

"Oh Tell X that, I wanna see his head explode from a logical paradox," Katie said.


"Katie stop trying to hurt everyone," GwenF said. "Alright so what now, it's not like things can get any worse," Julie said.

"Oh you just had to say that didn't you?" Zynart asked.

"What's wrong?" Julie asked. "You say something like that, then all of a sudden it gets worse," Zynart said.

"What are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense," JulieF said.



LIKELY," X said.

"Wha- what the?" GwenF said. They were suddenly in a different room. It looked similar to the one they were in, and it was just GwenF, Gwen, and X in the room.


"OK so now all those things we said were bad have quadrupled now that they've split up our reforces," KevinF said.

"I could just punch through the walls," Katie said.

"You want to punch through the walls of the spacestation on the moon located in the cold vacuum of space?" Kevin asked.

"Oh right… never mind," Katie said.


"So are we trapped in this room?" Ben asked. "The doors are unlocked, and we can still use our weapons, I don't think they imprisoned us," BenF said. "It appears that our enemies had intended this in the beginning, though I am questioning why they have transported us here and not to a more dangerous location," Squire said.


" I hear bloodlust," Zynart said. "You… hear bloodlust?" Julie asked.

"Mind reading, I'm reading people thinking they want us dead," Zynart said.

"Why don't you try thinking of a way out of here," JulieF said.

"I'm a mind reader, not a genius, well I suppose I am by your human education standards," Zynart said.

"Stop insulting my race and start surveying the area," JulieF said.

"Yeah yeah, I know the drill," Zynart said scanning the area. "Do you still have your Ship?" Julief asked.

"Yeah, right here," Julie said as ship climbed around Julie and turned into a backpack. "Good stay alert, we have no idea what's coming," JulieF said.

"Huh… that's strange," Zynart said.

"What's strange?" JulieF asked. "I think… someone's in the room… all around us," Zynart said.

"Someone's all around us?" Julie asked.

"I'm getting logical slash pathological thoughts all around us, like some kind of mind controlling hive mind," Zynart said.


"Huh?... Anyone hear a fly," Julie asked. "In space? Insects aren't allowed in space," JulieF said.

"What about giant asian Hornets?" Zynart asked.

"What would make you… AHH!" in front of JulieF was a hand sized hornet hovering in front of her.

"Getitawyagetitawaygetitaway!" *blast blam blast* JulieF began firing her laser pistol shakily in front of her.

"HEY WATCH WHERE YOU'RE FIRING!" Zynart yelled taking the gun out of Julie's hand through telekinesis, the younger Julie had Ship on her one arm and used her laser edged katana and cut the small insect.

"huff huff sorry, sorry, I'm a bit afraid of… bugs," JulieF said.

"Yeah, the Cursing and crying for fear of death loud enought through your mental mind blocker kind of gave it away," Zynart said.

"Why are you afraid… since, you know… I'm not," Julie said.

"There was a bit of a mission a while back on Azmuth's stupid artificial nature planet Primus I was… eaten by a bug… I was inside of Ship so… I wasn't digestable… I spent…. A few days in six different stomachs," JulieF said.

"You were eaten more than once?" Julie asked.

"No… just once… I don't wanna talk about it," JulieF said.


"Huh? OH Come on, bugs shouldn't even exist in space," JulieF said. ShipF formed over JulieF and she was fitted with her power suit.

"What are Hornets this size, and rare even doing here?" Julie asked.

"Not to mention the Hercules Beetles crawling on the ground," Zynart said.

"What? Oh come on!" JulieF yelled watching an army of beetles crawling towards them.


"Worst villain hideout ever," Katie complained.

Above her, KevinF, and Kevin was a very tall archway with stairs going up what seemed like fifty stories around the walls.

"These stairs go on for freaking ever, what was the point of taking us here?" Katie asked.

"JEEZE will you stop complaining? It's tiring enough to climb all these without your complaining?" KevinF said tired. "What are we doing here anyway?" Kevin asked.

"Oh who knows, you know how the bad guys think, they always wanna keep us guessing. Maybe they wanna tire us out and pick us off one by one," KevinF said.

"Good luck, the last guy who tried that wasn't too happy afterwards," Katie said.

"It was a pickpocket, of course he'd make a mistake, and you were a bit too harsh to him," KevinF said.

"Ugh… let's take a break," Kevin said.

"Again? Man you're a wimp at this age," Katie said.

"Hmm?... something's on my foot," KevinF said, he lifted his foot off the ground and tried to pull away but it was like something was holding him down like a fishing line.

"Oh, it's just some thread, I got it," Katie said. Stuck to the underside of Kevins foot was what looked like a thin clear thread going along horizontally on the step. Katie grabbed hold of the thin wire holding KevinF's foot but the thread was surprisingly stronger than it looked.

"Hngh… HNNNGGHH!... HNNNNNNGGGGGHHH!" Katie grunted trying to break apart the wire.

"What's wrong? Is the little piece of string too much for the mighty Kate?" Kevin teased.

"Why don't you try breaking this apart with your hyper evolved strength? Oh that's right you can't cause your race is still a Fetus compared to mine!" Katie retorted.

"Oh forget this, I'll get it," KevinF said taking a hold of the nearby metal handrail and covering his body in iron. His hand then transformed into a pair of large hedge clippers and he tried cutting the wire.

"Hrgh! What the heck, I can't cut it! RGH, and my clippers are stuck to the wire!" KevinF said.

"My hands too! This stuff is really sticky," Katie grunted trying to pry her hands off. "…sniff sniff, EW! What's that smell?" Katie asked.

"Don't look at me," Kevin said.

"Not that moron! Something stinks, like… insectafied, rotting mammal, corpse," Katie said.



"We're not asking you to," Gwen said.

"OK, so we've been split apart from each other, this means they most likely have a trap waiting for us, X," GwenF said.

"RODGER," X said, X's knelt down and touched the ground with the tips of his sharp fingers sending a short wave of strange electric energy.

"……ANOMOLY DETECTED, PAST THAT DOOR, FROM OUR LOCATION 23, -31, -4, 41," X said. "Anomoly? In here… great," GwenF said.


"Well, should we get moving? I don't think we should stay here," Gwen said. "Yeah fine, just be careful for whatever's ahead," GwenF said. The three opened up the doors of the room to lead them to a large area full of metal parts for ships and computers.

"The junk yard? You gotta be kidding me, they threw us in the junk yard? I never get any respect on this team!" GwenF said.

"GWEN, THE ANOMOLY IS WITHIN THIS ROOM, AREA 19, -24, -2, 30," X said.

"Yeah yeah, I get it, sheesh I've been on this team just as much as Ben, and I'm lucky enough to be mention in the morning news. The guy has to rely on the most powerful weapon in the universe and I get along just fine with just my natural powers, but they never care about me. I stopped a meteor shower from destroying a planet by making a portal the size of the planet, TWICE, I was completely drained for a month my skin looked like an old woman's for a month-!" GwenF said.


"I Don-…… sigh thank you," GwenF said relaxing herself.

"Uh… am I going to… act like this all the time?" Gwen asked.

"Wait until you have kids, I nearly blew up Kevin when he said 'let's have another'," GwenF said.

"THE ANOMOLYS LOCATION IS 7, -3, -1, 11," X said. "It's close," GwenF said.

"But… there's nothing around us," Gwen said.

"Be careful… I got a bad feeling," GwenF said. "THIS IS STRANGE… THIS ONE APPEARS TO BE MOVING SLIGHTLY, AS THOUGH IT WERE ALIVE," X said. "It is? Where is it now?" GwenF asked.


"What… but there's nothing around me but junk………… oh crap."



"So we're all alone now, with no way of knowing what traps lie ahead," BenF said. "Supposedly, this is all a trap, but then again people are probably going to want to hurt us more than just let some trap kill us all," Ben said. "Hmm, does thou believe what thy enemy says when they told us we were too late?" Squire asked. "I'm not sure… but then again half the time they say 'you're too late', we stop them," BenF said. "A valid point," Squire said. "Maybe we should go in deeper, see what's waiting," Ben said.

*whieeeeeeee* "Hmm? GET DOWN!" *BLAST* a red laser was shot at the group but blocked when Squire instantly formed a large metal shield in front of them.

"Totally called it," Ben said. "I suppose I should have expected this, my head is worth three dodecillion credit," BenF said. "Doda-what?" Ben asked.

"It's enough money by earth standards to buy the planet five times over if it were for sale, A bunch of head… space… mafia guys I don't know the technical term for them-," BenF said.

"Methinks perhaps now is not a good time to brag," Squire said.

"Right, sorry," BenF said. "Squire shrunk down the shield in front of himself and turned it into a sword to look at their enemy.

"SevenSeven," Ben said.

In front of him was the purple armor covered alien like creature, but his body suit looked a bit larger.

"It's EightEight now," BenF said.

"Seriously? You really need to get a less predictable name, what's your next name gonna be? Ninenine?" Ben called out.

"RAsh FEroW SHaHruKo," he said in an unaudioable voice before he pulled out six more laser blasters along with his two others.

"sigh I hate it when my enemies use guns," Squire said.

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