Title: Voyages Through the Ash

Author: Noontide

Rating: T for now, but it could go up due to the nature of the story. I'll warn you ahead of time, so no worries.

Pairing/Characters: Sam/Jack, Team

Season: Post-Continuum, so spoilers for everything up until then.

Summary: They had been so sure of their victory over their enemies; feeling safe in the knowledge that they were free from the dangers of impending annihilation. They had forgotten that old saying about evil. It never dies, simply sleeps. Apocafic.

Author's Note: This is actually my third piece of fanfiction, but my first multi-chaptered work as well as my first foray into the Stargate fandom. I'm ambitious, I know. The bug for this particular story bit me while I was looking through mythology and thinking about what Jacob Carter said in Seth about the System Lords not being all of the Goa'uld out there. It struck me suddenly that with them out of the way, who is going to stop some other nasty snake from stepping forward and taking up that mantle? So, yeah, I guess you could call this Alternate Universe.

Well, read and review please. I'll respond to all reviews if I'm able. Keep in mind I might not be able to update quickly. I'm in art school full-time and will hopefully have a job soon. The prologue is short, but the chapters will be longer. No beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Stargate SG-1. I'm simply playing in their sandbox for awhile. Don't sue me because all you'll get is lint and a penny from the year I was born.



She stood in the briefing room, facing the window with her back to everyone else, staring out at the Stargate as though she were hoping for some kind of miracle, which she was, if she was going to be honest with herself. They had gotten themselves out of situations like this before, after all. Still, the 'gate did not seem to be forthcoming with any Ancient secrets that might save them, and they were running out of time, if the tremors she could feel shaking the foundations of Cheyenne Mountain were anything to go by. They had been steadily building up for the last hour, ever since the first reports had begun pouring in from NORAD about the fleet of Ha'tak vessels that had suddenly dropped out of hyperspace and taken out the Apollo without warning.

The SGC had, since then, been a study in controlled panic. Now, exactly one hour after the ships had appeared, SG-1 had been unceremoniously told to report to the briefing room where they waited for General Landry to join them.

"Sam…I'm sure he's fine." Daniel might have been more convincing if he had sounded like he believed his own words, but as it was; she simply shook her head sharply.

"Don't, Daniel." She could not afford to even think about that right now. None of them could, really, though that did little to stop them wondering, even if only in the back of their minds.

The briefing room was eerily silent after the short exchange, no one quite daring to bring up the situation at hand, but not knowing what else to talk about. She sighed, refusing to turn from the window until she absolutely had to; feeling Teal'c and Daniel at each shoulder, flanking her as usual as they offered silent support and comfort against the knowledge that had yet to be confirmed. She could not help but think about the irony of the situation; of the fact that it was the Goa'uld whom were currently ripping their world apart by the seams, when they had thought them defeated for all these years. She wondered if maybe they had gotten a little too complacent without the threat of annihilation hanging over their heads.

Her morbid thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and the General walked in, forcing all of them to turn towards him with various expressions, mostly unreadable in the cases of herself, Daniel and Teal'c. Mitchell had whirled in his chair, but stood quickly upon seeing his CO entering, only to be waived back to his seat by the tired looking base commander. Vala had simply leaned over the table with a hopeful look that Sam couldn't bring herself to reciprocate. She knew the odds of survival for the people on the surface, her scientific mind had figured it out quicker than most, but she had not been able to bring herself to dash the hopes of her teammates.

"…lost contact with DC a little over ten minutes ago, though no one knows for sure what happened. NORAD lost their satellites after the Apollo went." Landry sounded exhausted, and looked worn and haggard.

"I don't need to tell you people that this is bad," he looked at each of them in turn, as though trying to impart something important to them with that simple gesture. They all stared back silently, even Daniel unwilling to be sarcastic about the impending apocalypse. This was not something to joke about, though they were all painfully aware of who probably would have thought that the perfect time for a biting comment or light-hearted joke specifically designed to break the tense mood.

Landry continued after a brief sigh, "We have no contact with the surface, and no way to know what exactly is going on up there. So I'm authorizing the evacuation of everyone in this facility to the Alpha site." They had all known it was coming, really. The Goa'uld were bombing the planet and they had lost contact with the surface. It was standard procedure in case of situations like this, though it normally involved important dignitaries and other politicians.

"We can't just- -"

"Do you not intend to-"

"Sir, with all due respe-"

"That's enough!" They all winced, collectively, except Teal'c who simply remained stoic, as their joint protests were cut off sharply. "I understand your positions, but we have our orders and we're going to stick to them." Daniel would later swear that the snort-turned-coughing fit that erupted at that statement was a result of choking on his own spit, but Sam knew better. The archeologist was of the opinion that Landry couldn't possibly understand their positions.

Mitchell looked defiant, but everyone in the room knew he would follow his orders, whether he agreed with them or not, just like the rest of them would do their duty and go through that gate with the rest of the SGC personnel. Like the General had said, they had their orders, and they had to get to them. It was a morose team that headed to the locker room, ignoring the trembling beneath their feet as they prepared to abandon the very world they had given everything for at various times in their careers.