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Purity-A Dark Elf Story Chapter 1-Capture

Caleda. Caleda the Pure, of Hoeth.

She has never felt the touch of a man, or the taste of wine. Never had her blood drawn, in any way.

Pure in every way, save one.

Caleda was one of the greatest generals of Ulthuan, skilled enough at tactics to plan every battle well enough to win, skilled enough in combat to turn the tide when that wasn't enough, skilled enough at swordplay to never suffer a single in jury.

She had never lost a battle. Not against the armies of the Empire, the forces of the Dwarves, the hordes of Chaos, nor armies of Orcs. Even the Druchii, fell cousins of the High Elves, knew and hated her name.

And it was those ancient enemies whose forces were arrayed against hers.

Caleda sighed.

"Lady?" asked one of the Swordmasters in her personal retinue, famous for being exclusively female.
"What, Illiria?" asked Caleda?
"Those of Ellyrion have sighted the armies of the Druchii. Their forces are far larger than ours, and far larger than we anticipated."
"Don't fret, sister." said Caleda. "If we lose, we merely die."

* * *

This battle was almost unique. For unlikely almost all the others in their war, this was fought not on Ulthuan, but on the land of the Dark Elves themselves, Naggoroth. In a mission endorsed by the Phoenix King himself, Caleda had led her force into the depths of enemy territory. To kill the Witch King, Malekith.

But now they had been seen.

* * *

"Illiria, rouse the spearmen, prepare the archers! Bring together my guard." called Caleda. Illiria nodded, and turned, walking down the side of the plateau towards the rest of the camp.
Caleda turned, silver-white hair glittering in the sunlight, and entered her tent.

* * *

Illiria pursed her lips.

Every time.

Every single time.

Caleda insisted that her retinue stay back, and attack wherever they help most. Of course, she wouldn't stay with those honour bound to protect her.

Fool. Wonderful, beautiful fool.

The lines were drawn, the soldiers prepared.

For a moment, they just stared at each other, hatred bright in the eyes of the Asur and Druchii alike.

Then, simultaneously, they charged.

Asur Spearmen clashed with Druchii Corsairs, Archers exchanging volleys with their dark equivalents.

A group of elite Black Guard approached the Archers.

Seeing this, Illiria directed the Swordmasters to intercept them.
It wasn't a duty she liked, but she was going to do it well.

Caleda herself was accompanying one of the groups of Spearmen.

They were holding back the forces of the Druchii, until the Cold Ones attacked.

The reptilian cavalry shattered the rear of the Spearmen, and Caleda found herself surrounded on all sides, yet still she slew her attackers, every single one, the untouched eye of the storm.

* * *

Illiria was in a better position to oversee the battle than Caleda.

It wasn't good.

All over the field of battle, the Asur were retreating, the Druchii chasing after them, forcing them off the battlefield, or capturing them to who knows what end.

The Swordmasters and the Black Guard were locked together, in stalemate. Neither side was able to gain an advantage.

A figure stepped out of the fray, holding two wickedly curved blades. He attacked. Illiria blocked instantly, turning aside the attack and launching her own, which he countered.

"Retreat." said Illiria.

* * *

"Illiria, I want you to oversee the battle." said Caleda.
"Why, sister?" she asked.
"The rest of our forces need someone to inspire them. You and the Swordmasters don't."
"Caleda, you cannot be serious." said Illiria. "What is the point of an elite bodyguard if you refuse to use it?"
"My mind is made up." said Caleda.

Illiria sighed.

"What do you want me to do?"
"I need you to oversee the battle. If the battle reaches a point where it cannot be won, sound the retreat. Tell everyone that the fall back point is where we landed. If someone is not accounted for, use your discretion on how long you wait. If I don't return, the operation is under your control."

Illiria said nothing.

"Illiria? Do you understand?"
"Yes, sister. I will do as you ask."

* * *

"Retreat!" shouted Illiria.

With perfect discipline, the Swordmasters broke off and began to run.

Some of the Black Guard tried to chase after them. They were cut down by the fighting retreat of the Swordmasters.

One of the Asur drew a small trumpet from inside her robes, and blew a single loud, trilling note.

All over the battlefield, the Asur broke off, retreating. Druchii ran after them. In that retreat, countless Asur were killed or captured. But still far more survived than would have done, had the battle continued.

"Caleda… you had better be at the fall back point…" muttered Illiria, as the last of their pursuers were killed, or simply gave up.

* * *

This was bad. Very bad. Caleda was the only Asur left alive, surrounded by Druchii.

They were keeping their distance, all of them, in a circle around her.

Then, another figure pushed his way into the makeshift arena. He had two wickedly curved swords. It seemed he was in charge, as their ranks parted for him.

He ran towards Caleda, swinging one of the swords.

She blocked it, knocking the sword away and swinging for his throat.

He blocked it with the other sword.

He wasn't bad. She'd beat him soon enough, only the Executioners could match the Swordmasters in single combat.

It was when she saw him grin that she knew some thing was wrong.

Something hard hit the back of her head, hard.

She fell forwards, onto the ground, into the shadows of unconsciousness.

* * *

A wave of freezing water splashed over her. She awoke, just in time to feel a second wave of icy water wash over her.

"Awake then!" spat a female Druchii. She was holding a bucket in one hand, and she threw it down to the floor as she spoke scathingly.
"Took long enough."

"Where am I?" asked Caleda.

"You are in the cells of Har Skareth, the city of Lord Sirreln. My master, and now yours." She said, with a touch of arrogance.

Caleda leapt up, intent on knocking the laughing elf down.

Something grabbed her, by the neck, and held her down where she lay.

She looked down.

She was naked, apart from a metal collar around her neck and silver bands around each of her wrists and ankles. The collar had an attached chain, holding her to the wall.

The Druchii woman laughed again, not pleasantly.
"Not so good now, are we, Miss Purity?"

The colour drained from Caleda's face.

Almost afraid to speak, she did.
"What happens next?"
The Druchii smiled.
"Most slaves last barely weeks. You could last anywhere from days to decades. It really depends on whether you're as good as you look."

The idea was horrible. It took a minute to sink in, as she lay, numbly listening to the female elf talk.

"Of course, that depends on whether you learn to enjoy it or not. And all of that assumes the Witch elves don't buy you. Beautiful virgin, skilled in war. Khaine could not ask for a better sacrifice." She said.

She smiled, again.

"I'll leave you to think about it. You've got a very long journey to Karond Kar tomorrow." She called over her shoulder, as she left the cell.

Karond Kar. The Tower of Despair.

That's where she was going.

And this is chapter one of Purity. I hope you like it, I've practically finished chapter 2 already, i just need to do the lemon..


Caleda. (Rhymes with Cal-Raider)
A famous Asur General, Caleda is a beautiful elf regarded as pure in every other way but death. She is very skilled with a sword, having trained at the tower of Hoeth under the order of the Swordmasters. She has long, straight silver hair, and blue eyes. She is reasonably tall, though not by elf standards, and like all of them rather thin. She wears blue and white robes, and a long sword on her back, easily two handed, with a shining silver blade and a blue metal hilt.
Caleda has two sisters, Illiria and Irielle.

Illiria (Ill-irree-a)
Illiria is Caleda's little sister. Also a skilled swordswoman and general, she serves as Caleda's second in command. She has black hair, straight like her sisters, and the same blue eyes. She was once in love, and pregnant, but the child died and the father was killed by raiding Orcs. She is constantly looking after her sister's safety, and is totally devoted to her.

Sirreln (Si-reln)

Har Skareth- (Har Scur-eth)