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Purity Chapter 3-Power

Caleda arched her back as Sirreln pushed into her again, his nails scoring her skin, blood welling from the wounds.

Her arm scrabbled down the side of the bed.
Then she stopped.
"Not yet."

He continued, thrusting deep inside her, gasping in his own pleasure.

For maybe a minute he did that, and then, with a harsh cry, he came, his cum flowing deep inside her.

Her arm came up from the side of the bed, and slashed a tiny dagger across his throat.
She turned her head, blood falling on her cheek.

She pushed him away from her, and lay still, breathing deeply.

Then she stood.

There was a lot left to do.

* * *

"My lord, I-" began Letha, walking into the large bedchamber.
She stopped when she saw Caleda, dressed now in a long black robe, the same sword Sirreln had taken as a prize back on Caleda's back.

The lord's corpse was lying, naked, on its back next to the bed, its throat cut.

"Letha." said Caleda. "It's protocol that you lead this tower now, is it not?"
Letha nodded, her throat dry. Caleda was a swordsmaster. If Letha went for the door she'd be dead before she even started to turn around.

"Do you intend to press that claim?" said Caleda, her hand reaching for her sword.
"N…no, Miss Caleda." said Letha, trying to keep calm. She would face death with honour, if she could.
"In that case you can address me as Lady. Please tell the rest of the tower that I am now in charge." said Caleda. "That's your first job as my second."

* * *

"Lady?" said Letha.
Oddly, she had found it quite easy to imagine her as the new ruler. Letha has never wanted power. Just a way to enjoy herself.

"Yes?" said Caleda. She was currently lying on what was now her bed, wearing voluminous robes, compared to the very skimpy outfit that Letha wore.
"The Witch King sent this. He requested an audience with you, immediately." said Letha, passing a small scroll to Caleda.

All the colour drained from the Asur's face.
The Witch King of Naggaroth. The Fallen Prince. Malekith.

He hated the Asur with a passion for what he saw as their betrayal.
The chances of Caleda surviving were miniscule. But maybe, just maybe, she could kill him first…

* * *

"Lady Caleda, please enter." said one of the Druchii, when Caleda finally arrived.

She walked into the room, very aware of the dagger hidden in her robes.

"Caleda." said the shadowy figure of Malekith, Witch king of the Druchii. "I do hope you aren't going to try and kill me with that dagger."

Caleda stopped still.

"I hope you understand your position. You are the pure, correct? And you think the Asur would ever take you back, soiled as you are?" he said. "No. They would not give me my birthright, they will not forgive you your failure."

Caleda stayed standing, listening to the words of the traitor king.

"But if you embrace the dark elves, you will grow stronger than before. And I won't have to kill you." said Malekith plainly. "You can leave now, make your decision."

Caleda turned, numbly beginning to walk out.

"Oh, and be prepared. There will be assassins." warned Malekith.

* * *

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