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It was a small mining town. The air was dusty and the walls of buildings were covered in soot. It was already late in the evening and the people of the town were quickening their pace so they could make it back home to enjoy a well-deserved warm meal.

Nobody would have noticed a small blonde boy huddled next to some empty crates holding a worn hat out with a soot covered hand in hope that someone would spare some change.

Hardly anything again. Luiz and Denis are going to have to fork out their winnings from yesterday… The boy looked at the contents in the hat. It contained only a few coins and some trash. He sighed and raised his head to look at the setting sun.

It's getting late, maybe I should go look for them? Then something caught his eye. A person, a person who did not fit into the scene. It was a man wearing a neat two-piece suit. Both his hair and skin were dark but at the very least, he looked clean, proud and wealthy.

Must be someone who owns the mines. The boy thought as he adjusted his cotton mask to cover his nose better. The dusty air had always troubled his airway.

The man briskly walked past the boy, dropping something into the hat as he went by. The boy stared at the bundle and his eyes widened.

No… No way!

And he called out to the man.


"Excuse me, kind sir!" Tyki turned when he heard the boy's voice.

Oh crap, did he find out? No wait, he wouldn't use 'kind sir' if he did.

"What is it?" Tyki asked, hiding his panic with a gentlemanly smile.

The boy held out the stack of notes. "It's too much, I can't take it."

"Oh really?" Tyki said as he took back the notes, then peeling one from the stack, held it in front of the boy. "Then is this amount okay, little boy?"

The boy shook his head. "Luiz and Denis said that I can only take spare change."

Tyki laughed. Damn those two. "I don't have any change unfortunately."

"Then don't give me anything." The boy said shortly and coughed.

There was an awkward pause as Tyki made no intention to walk away. The boy continued staring at him.

"So… Are Luiz and Denis your friends?" Tyki asked even though he knew the answer very well.

"They take care of me because my parents aren't around anymore." The boy said. The boy was still looking intently at Tyki. Tyki thought the long hair would at least be able to make him more unrecognizable, and not to mention, he wasn't wearing those ridiculously thick spectacles.

"Why are you staring? Do I look like someone you know?" Tyki asked curiously.

The boy shook his head again. "You just reminded me of one of our friends who disappeared."

"But I don't look like him?"

"Yeah. His hair's way shorter and he wears these really thick spectacles." The boy said forming two blackened circles with his hands and putting them in front of his face.

Yep. I was right to wear the spectacles as a disguise.

"We really miss him a lot so if you see him, can you tell him to visit us?" The boy asked hopefully.

Tyki hesitated to answer. He wanted to tell the boy he was the one they were missing but he knows he cannot.

I cannot get Denis, Luiz and Eaze involved with me..

"Maybe he struck it rich and decided to leave?" Tyki suggested to cover for himself. "A rich man has no reason to get his hands dirty."

The boy frowned, angry and he protested, defending his missing friend.

"Tyki would never do that to us! He promised that we'll get through together, no matter what! He's been getting us nice things from his secret jobs!" The boy yelled and stopped when he started coughing, this time harder than the last.

Tyki was taken aback. "I apologise. Those nice things, do you still keep them?"

"Of course! We won't sell them until he comes back!"

Until I come back… Is it even possible? Would you all want someone with bloodied hands as a friend?

Then the boy coughed really hard continuously. He sounded like he was choking. He pulled down his face mask and then coughed into his dusty palm.

"Oi! Ea--, are you alright?" Tyki grasped the boy's arm. The boy was shivering and his breaths were coming out short.

Shit! Tyki quickly scooped his young friend into his arms and ran to the nearest clinic.


Eaze was in a daze when a bit of light made it past his eyelids. He opened his eyes but his vision was still a bit blurry from the tears.

"Hey" He heard someone say. A familiar voice, a familiar way of speech.

Through the tears, he saw the round thick specs which would be burnt into anyone's minds.


"I'm sorry."

The boy blinked away the tears and the two round circles were gone as was the person wearing them. Then two people burst into the room.

"Eaze, are you alright?! We heard from Tom that you got sent here!" Denis yelled, obviously worried sick.

"Denis, Luiz." Eaze said weakly. "I'm alright."

"That's good." Luiz said, wiping his hands on his shirt. "Oh man, what about the bill?"


"It's okay, Eaze." Luiz said hurriedly, not wanting to make the young child guilty. "We'll ask the doctor."

As if on cue, the doctor walked into the ward.

"Oh, are you his guardians?"


"Eaze here needs some medicine and further treatment to get rid of the excess phlegm. It's the bad air, I tell you." The doctor said, looking at his clipboard.

"Urr… Doc, I'm afraid we can't let him stay, you see, the cost…" Denis started saying.

The doctor glanced up from his clipboard. "What are you talking about? The gentleman who brought him here paid for the bills already. He also said to pass this amount of money and this thing to you all."

The doctor pulled a rolled up wad of notes from his pockets and a pair of spectacles with very thick lenses.

The three other people in the room stared at the items.

"I knew it!" Eaze said, almost in a whisper. "Tyki was here!"

Denis wiped the tears that formed from his eyes. "That damn idiot. That idiot, God, I'm going to kill him when I see him!" Though the words were menacing, his tone reflected happiness.

"We can send Eaze to school, oh bless that idiot!" Luiz cried in joy.

The doctor smiled at the scene. That 'Tyki' was a strange man. He disappeared right after making sure Eaze was alright.

"Then the boy will be staying, I suppose?" The doctor asked.

"Of course, of course!" The two grown men cried.


Just as Tyki stepped into the Camelot's household, Rhode suddenly appeared above him, hanging upside down from the Earl's umbrella, Lero.

"What th--?! Rhode, don't scare people like that!" Tyki chided, giving an uncaring look.

"It's alright! That woman isn't home." Rhode said and jumped onto the floor, landing in front of Tyki.

"Hmm… … Did something good happen today, Tyki?" Rhode asked with a creepy grin. "Tell me!"

"I'm not saying." Tyki replied, pushing Rhode away.

"Tyki's a meanie!" Rhode whined. "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" She swung Lero up and down. (Lero! Rhode-sama! Stop swinging me around! Lero!)

"No no and no." Tyki said, and he went to his room leaving Rhode sulking behind him.


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