part four

They grabbed her on her way home.

Bella had never thought that humans could subdue a vampire on their own, but she had walked right into the trap. One moment she'd been ducking through a back alley with a belly full of bear blood, the next she was breathing in the scent of vampire venom and following it. Suddenly everything went dark.

The pain began, went on and on and on, worse then when Edward had turned her, worse than the pain of giving birth. She screamed and twisted and burned inside, as if she'd been dipped in acid or set on fire or stabbed all over with knives.

And then it was over. Exhausted, uncaring, Bella dropped off into slumber.

"Alucard. Come here." Integra waved him over, pointing to the pile of papers stacked on the table. "The American hunters just sent all this to me."

Alucard trotted over, in hellhound form and read over the sheet before her.

"They received the venom sample I took off my neck and were able to create an antidote. They caught Bella last week and started testing it-some sort of vapor trap. They've managed to return her to a human state, although there are side effects. Interesting."

"Rehabilitating them, rather than eliminating them?" Alucard offered. Integra sighed.

"The government here sees it as too costly in terms of life to try and kill them-it's easier to rehumanize them and then force them back into society. Frankly, I disagree-but then again, the United States doesn't have the weaponry we have. And you can't be everywhere. I have no intention of leaving of these things in England alive, of course, but the Americans think differently."

The Cullens were in a quandary. Alice had just had a vision of a human Bella in a white room, and the Volturi were due to arrive within the hour. Aro would be able to read their thoughts and would know about Integra, which would probably lead them to the vision Alice had seen of her earlier; however, there was also the question of where Bella was and what she was doing if she was somehow human again.

"We can go after her, but we have no leads." Jasper said. "Where did Bella go?"

"She was further north, or so her credit cards say. She was still using money from our accounts. But the Denali checked it out, and they say she's long gone." Alice explained.

"What's strange is that Bella was human." Carlisle mused. "How is that possible?"

"It isn't." Edward muttered.

"Has anyone spoken to Integral?" Esme asked unexpectedly. "She may know something. She was aware of the fact that we were vampires, after all. She may have reported us to some government authority."

"I knew we should have just killed her." Rosalie snapped. "If she has, we should leave. Right now."

"No activity for a few hours, and no one knows where she is. We should be looking for Bella." Edward argued.

"No, we should speak to Integra first. See what she's done. Before the Volturi eliminate her." Jasper said.

"We split up." Emmett said. "Two of us wait for the Volturi and talk to Integra. Hold her, for the Volturi to deal with. The rest of go after Bella."

There was a knock at the door. Integra paused, halfway through loading her gun with the bullets she'd just gotten from the Americans. She finished loading the gun, stowed it in her jacket, and motioned for Alucard to follow her. A hellhound padded at her heels as she pulled open the door.

It was Edward, and Carlisle. "Can we come in?" Edward asked.

"No." Integra decided that if there was going to be a fight, she would have to keep them away from civilians. "Behind the building. Quickly." She strode past them towards the staircase and the two followed her down the steps out into the lot behind the building.

They faced off for a moment. "Integra, we're expecting some…visitors." Carlisle explained. "Dangerous ones. We need to know if you've done anything that could make you a target."

"Such as telling anyone about our condition." Edward added.

Integra thought of the stack of reports she'd faxed over to the Americans and wondered if they had concrete proof, or if they were guessing. She decided to keep it to herself for now.

"Who are these guests?" She asked.

"They are the worst of our kind. They won't shy at killing you, and if you've revealed us then they'll have reason to. They're a kind of vampire royalty." Edward wondered if there was anyway to truly make Integra understand the threat of the Volturi. Nothing in her expression showed even a trace of fear.

"Did you tell them I knew?" Integra asked. "Are they coming here specifically to deal with me?"

"No, they want to check on another member of our family, but she's away. But one of them has the power to read minds, and he will see the truth in our minds, if not in yours." Carlisle explained.

"Then I cannot see any benefit in running." Integra snapped. She had no idea of the scope of the tracking abilities of the Volturi, and she did not want to risk them coming into England if they could be killed here, without risking anyone but herself and Alucard. "I will explain to them the circumstances."

"They will kill you." Edward protested.

"We'll see." She replied.

The Volturi swept up towards the white house through the woods. There were three of them; Jane and Alec, the sadistic twins, and Aro, his usual smile on his face. They moved quickly, looking out of place in their long black cloaks, blurring as they dodged trees and rocks. The house came into sight before them; it was dark, with steel covering the wide windows and no lights visible anywhere.

Alec had an unconscious human, tightly bound, over his shoulder. The human was a woman, with cropped grey hair and a smooth, unlined face. She was dressed in a long, torn grey dress with bell shaped sleeves and a train that fell past her feet.

"We're expected." Alec noted. "They're ready for us. Something has happened."

"Perhaps I ought to have insisted Alice join us earlier…but no matter. Shall we see how dear Renesmee is?"

"Certainly." Jane strode up the front steps and rapped sharply on the door. There was the sound of movement form within the house, and then the door swung inward. Jasper stood in the doorway, arms folded.

"Good, you're here. There's been a problem." He said, holding out his hand. Aro took it, cocking his head to the side, and then frowned slightly.

"Edward will be returning soon?" Aro asked. Jasper nodded.

"I told him to bring the girl here." Jasper said. Alice appeared at his shoulder, looking uncharacteristically stressed.

"Aro, something's happened to Bella." She said.

"Oh, no." Edward was turning off the road towards the woods, and the house, when he heard them. "The Volturi are here." Carlisle, sitting in the passenger seat beside his son, turned back to look at Integra and the large, red-eyed dog in her lap. Integra glared at him.

"I thought you were taking me to them." She protested.

"Are you stupid?" Edward snarled. "You will die if they find you!" He reversed, turned and drove off in the opposite direction. Integra set her teeth, leaned forward, and grabbed a handful of Edward's hair in her fist.

"Turn around." She ordered. She kept her other hand on Alucard's head, as he started to shift forms. Carlisle opened his mouth to argue, and then stopped.

"Edward, keep driving. Integra, I'm sorry, this is for your own good-"

Integra sighed. "If you insist upon kidnapping me-"

Now can I kill them, Master?

They might still be useful in terms of information. But stop this car.

Yes, Master.

Without injuring me.

Your suspicion wounds me, Master.

I wouldn't put it past you to take advantage of this situation to have a little…snack.

Alucard laughed, and then abruptly shifted form, so that he was a mass of tentacles and eyes and mouths. With stunning speed, he wrapped himself around both Carlisle and Edward, holding them immobile, so that neither of them could drive. Edward stomped down on the brake, and the car skidded to a stop; once the vehicle was at a standstill, Integra leaned forward, snatched the keys, grabbed her briefcase, and then opened the door and stepped out onto the road. Once she was clear of the vehicle, Alucard let go of the two Cullens and joined her, back in dog form.

Edward and Carlisle were out of the car and in front of within seconds, moving so fast she could barely see them.

"Why do you want to meet the Volturi?"

So I can kill them, Integra thought. "To prevent them from killing me."

"I'm trying to prevent them from killing you!" Edward said, exasperated. Integra sighed, turned around, and started walking in the other direction. The Cullens looked at each other briefly. Edward opened his mouth, and then shut it as he heard Carlisle's intentions. He sighed and followed his father.

"We can drive you." Carlisle offered. Integra paused.

"I'll drive myself." She said. She strode quickly back towards the car, climbed into the driver's seat, and then started it. Edward opened the passenger door, saw Alucard curled up on it, and slammed it shut. He and Carlisle climbed into the back, and Integra turned the car around drove towards the house.

"You turn off road at the next left, then follow the road up to the house." Edward muttered.

Integra followed his instructions, driving recklessly over the uneven terrain, making sharp turns and ignoring the way the car was bouncing up and down. She pulled up to the white house, noting the steel over the windows, and shoved the car door open. She climbed out, briefcase in hand, and motioned to Alucard. The Cullens followed, and together the four of them stood in front of the door.

Integra knocked.

The situation was surreal. Integra sat on the couch, with Alucard at her feet, and her briefcase in her lap. Beside her was Edward, and seated around the room were Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, and the Volturi with their prisoner.

"Miss- Hellsing, wasn't it? I'm delighted to meet such an insightful young lady." Aro said. "You are very…talented. And you know a lot about vampires."

"I became interested in them when Edward decided to try and kill me."

"Yes, that was unfortunate. As it happens, your presence is convenient- you see our friend here?" Aro gestured to the bound woman on the floor. "She seems to suffer from your…condition. No coherent thoughts- just bloodlust. Perhaps you would like to explain."

"I've never met this woman." Integra said.


I can smell another vampire on her.

She doesn't look old enough to have grey hair. No visible bite marks.

I can smell power on her, Master. The vampire isn't keeping her around for food.

Then we should find out what he is keeping her around for.

"But you can tell me about her…or perhaps…there is a warehouse in this very city. You can accompany us there, and interpret our findings. They were quite interesting, but we were unable to discern their purpose."

"And I should come with you…why?"

"Integra, just do as they say." Edward urged. Integra resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him.

"My dear, you must understand that I am bound by the law to ensure your silence. It would go a long way in proving your…compliance…with these laws, if you came along."

"My compliance." Integra repeated, as if the word itself was disgusting. "Very well. I'll see this warehouse."

The warehouse was a square, grey building made of concrete, with the occasional obscenity spray-painted on the outside, and steel doors. They- the four Cullens, the three Volturi, the two humans, and Alucard- arrived in a black van owned by the Cullens. Alice was sitting in the back seat, fingers on her temples, desperately trying to see something about Bella. Her original vision about Integra had changed several times- there were always different people, as Aro debated on who to bring with him, and events altered which members of her family were home.

But now they were here, and she was trying to find out if anything else had changed. The people in her vision had changed, as Aro finally decided on who he was bringing to visit Renesmee (who had been forgotten entirely) and events with Bella led some of the Cullens to leave. But the event- a dark room, odd markings on the walls- remained the same.

Alice was nervous, but confident in her safety as she followed the others into the warehouse. Aro easily lifted the metal door up with one hand, and the Cullens, Volturi and humans started to go inside. Integra watched as the human captive began to stir; her eyes were red as they opened.

The group walked forward, and as they congregated in the center, the human captive's eye opened fully, and she smiled.


A bare bulb hanging from the ceiling suddenly came to life, illuminating the room. There was a true vampire standing against the wall, showing off razor sharp teeth as he smiled; Integra looked down, instinctively, and saw that she was standing within a circle marked out on the floor. A cic;e that was written in the same language as the Hellsing seal. And Alucard was outside the circle.

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