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Ironic Scenario

"Hey! Vince! Wait up!" I cry, God this is one of those times in life I regret being so short.

"Yuffie." He simply replies, monotone syllables, as always. Rolling my eyes I take my usual place next to him. This is a daily ritual. We walk to school every morning. Have been since we were kids.

"How was your weekend?" I try to make small talk.

"Good." I sweatdrop. Can he only say one word at a time? Even I know that's not the case. He's a genius. . And he's my best friend in the entire world. If he wants to he can talk for ages at a point. But with me, he seems to enjoy saying one word at a time kind of speeches.

Sighing, I look at the ground 'Okay, this is the day. This is the day I will confess. I've been planing this for months. Courage, do NOT fail me now, please. Please to dear God. Please. I need to get this right!'

"Ya, anyway, listen, Vincent. C-Can I ask you something?" Did he hear the obvious nervous edge in my voice? "I mean if it's OK, course."

"What about?" He is so calm and collected. Why oh why is my courage failing me now? Why did i fall for a guy that can act like he has a heart of stone? Oh right, because he doesn't and he is the coolest, nicest, strongest and, did I mention the COOLEST guy in the world!? Forcing myself onward, I gather all my remaining courage and say, "Wh-What do you" God why are his eyes smoldering me on the spot! Those dark black eyes that look they have no beginning or end? Oh no, my courage! It's gone, "What do you d-do when your computer doesn't work….?" Okay that was really lame. Smart Yuffie. Just smart. Way to knock it up! It was the perfect timing as well, and I blew it.

Blew it. Smooth. Just Smooth.

"Never mind, just forget I said anything, I'm going to school ahead. See you around." Running with all my might, I head for school, not even thinking of looking back. I'm such a coward. I have no right to be anywhere near him. I'm all wrong for him. Unworthy. A piece of garbage. I feel my feet slide across the ground, refusing to walk. With all of my remaining will power, I tread on, not even thinking of stopping. If I DID stop, Vincent would catch up. And he'd know something is wrong. Why cant I be bold about this? For once in my entire life why can't i take control over a situation that can change my whole future? Create a brighter future all around Vincent......

We've been best friends since Kindergarden. I've always been a tomboy. Always will be one to. Our parents threw us together a lot. We would play some sport outside while they weeped over the latest Soap Opera showing. Don't understand the attraction. In no time we were in-seperatable. Even with our families small feud, we still met up. He's just a few months older than me. I always thought of him as a big brother back then. But now I see that he's more than that. I've always loved him. I just couldn't pinpoint it. Till last year. I don't know how. Just that when I saw him in the morning, like I do everyday. He just seemed... different. GOD! I sound like a love-sick teenager! A girly-girl that's been struck by CUPID! For reasons like this I hate Vincent. Damn him for making me fall for him. Damn him, damn him, damn him. What's so special about him?! Aside from the fact that he's president of the Student Council? Captain of the football team? Honor Student? Tall for his age and extremely good looking? Perfect in every thinkable way imagined? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Then look at me. An average student. No special trait what so ever. Average student, good enough grades, not in any sport teams. A bit tall for my age, but still a shrimp next to HIM, and absolutely plain. Nothing interesting. Nothing at all....


Stomping towards my locker, I fling it open and dive to get my books out. When I notice a white envelop neatly placed in the center of my locker. Leaning against the messy surroundings my book occupied. Blinking, I rub my eyes to see if I'm hallucinating. It's still there. I blink again. Still there. Rubbing my eyes AGAIN. It's still there.

Gulping, my trembling hand leans in to retrieve it.

Greetings Dear Yuffie,

Love is as sweet as it is blinding.

Just the sight of you seems to make my heart skip a beat.

Your smile melts my heart of ice and sets my soul on fire.

Just the sound of your laughter fills my ears with an angels song.

Maybe we shall meet once more.

Twilight is the best part of the day,

Just as the Library is a perfect place for silence and discoveries.

Sincerely yours, Heart and Soul.

Your Secret Admirer.

................. Huh?

A secret Admirer? Is this some sort of sick joke? RACIST MEN! HATE THEM! Sexist SEXIST! If this is some sort of sick joke I am going to SCREAM! Scrunching the paper up into a small ball, I threw it with all my might at the nearest trash can. In the process it hit some guy on the head, then flung neatly into the trash can. Hmphing, I put my hand on my hips, chin high in satisfaction. Whoever the guy was, he was complaining load. What a wimp. And they call us women over emotional!

Stomping over to class, I day dreamed about the sports show that was on last night. There was suppose to be a continuation tonight. My eyelids were getting heavy. What the hell was the teacher even saying? I can't hear a word she's saying. Looking around. Half of the class is falling asleep on the spot. Then again, it IS Miss. Stepher. Everyone in her class falls asleep. All she can do is tact. Blah Blah Blah. I don't remember the last time she said anything useful. As soon as the bell rang signaling break. I made a dash for the door. Running towards the Cafeteria. I pass by the Library. Stopping on my tracks. I glare menacingly, stupid. Why did it have to be down THIS path?


Sweatdropping, I place my hands over my stomach and scrunch up my face. The moment I find that secret admirer I'm gunna beat him to a pulp!

Innocently opening the double doors. I sneakily make my way to the receptionist. This is uncharted territory.I only come here with Vincent. And most of the time this is my nap place. I fall asleep while he reads. The librarian threatened to kick me out. Apparently my snoring was to loud for her. Locating the receptions desk, I pause. What am I even looking for? The note's in the garbage bin, and probably unreadable by now. That garbage bin has a history for having mainly drinks thrown in it.

Damn it.

Okay think. the message went something like:



Gooshy Gooey

Gooshy Mush Goo

Gooshy Mushy Gooey Mush Goo

Something about Twilight

Library is silent and discoveries.

Okay. First is first. I am in the Library. Were there is silence.... that is driving me insane. Where is the noise?! Where is the commotion?! How can people survive in this!? Where is the life in this place?! This Secret Admirer is a FREAK if he likes this place! Next was discoveries. What's there to discover? Silence? Boring stuff? What? Honestly? Then there was that Twilight thing..... wait.

Selphie was talking about a book called Twilight. She kept saying that it was a Gooshy Gooey Mush Goo Mushy kind of book thing. My secret Admirer is Gay? God THATS sure comforting. Har Har Har. Im DYING of laughter.

Standing face to face with the four-eyed receptionist, who doesn't even seem to notice me, I cough. My brown eyes met her green eyes as she silently looked up, "Where's the book Twilight?" I'm in a bad mood, and my stomach feels like it's about to explode. Four eyes pointed to the left side of the library, "Go straight, its somewhere down that aisle." Somewhere down the aisle.... YEESH thats helpful. I can't even see the end of the aisle.

Taking a deep breathe, I tread over to start my search. Scanning ever book, ever centimeter and inch of the shelf. I search for the book. "AHA!" I shout in triumph! "FOUND IT!" Grinning in joy and exuberance, I clutch the book tightly to my stomach. Opening it, I look in and see in pencil something written.

Greetings Once more Dear Yuffie,

You have found the next clue.

I commend you.

Within the journeys of this book.

Hidden secrets will tell you what your heart desires most.

Patience is a key virtue.

I look forward to our next meeting.

Sincerely yours. Heart and Soul.

Your Secret Admirer

ANOTHER ONE!! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! I will kill this "Secret Admirer"! I will KILL WHOEVER IT IS, taking my valuable time away from me! I could be with Vincent right now. AAARRGGHH!