Ironic Scenario Epilogue

Author: Kittycat_2312

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On the Previous Chapter:

"I'll see what I can pull. But I have a question for you!" I accused him, not pulling back my hand.

"What's the question?"

"Why did you have to do something so cliché."

"Secret Admirer letter?"


"Because you couldn't do it."

"So... It's an Ironic Scenario."

It's already been 2 months since then, and things have... changed. To say the least.

Definitely changed.

Vincent and I are still going out, so I'm at my happiest right now. We're together all the time, and everyone knows that were a couple, in school and out of school. That broke a few hearts, surprisingly it broke hearts on BOTH sides.... Well I shouldn't be surprised about Reno though. He kept sending me letters and emails and saying to me in person, "YUFFIE-SAMA!! MY LOVE!! COME BACK TO ME!! T-THAT PERSON WILL NEVER LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS I DO!! MY LOVE!! YUUFFIIIEEE!! MY GODDESS DIVINE!!" And such.

It was annoying, to say the least. I know Vincent wasn't all that happy with it either, but what's to be expected? He was my boyfriend. He always gets annoyed after either hearing him say it, or reading his declarations through the letters AND the emails that he sees. Who can blame him? I'm sure that he is sorely tempted to smack some common sense into the red-headed idiot. I have to agree that I want to too. And on more than one occasion I really did believe I was going to, my fist was itching to at least. But right now it looks like I had a better restraint for it than he did. That's an all time first. But any-who, we managed to restrain our anger together, he took it out by staying with me longer and ignoring him, and I mainly took it out during basketball practice by shooting loads of hoops... which Reno STILL insist on coming to see!! Vince comes as well which to me is a good thing, even though Reno glares at him the entire time, still with his megaphone and the headbands..... he keeps shouting at me to continue on and to fight hard and blah. Believe it or not... to top if of... I was still getting those glares from some of the girls, I just continued to ignore them though, what could they do to me? Seriously?

Better question: What do they SEE in him?!

And now that brings me to my second point: That newspaper girl. She hates me. She loathes me. That was clear, she still insisted on being the main person to ask me questions after practice, but she always had this edge to her voice and she always glared at me during practice and I was 100% sure that she was wishing I would trip over and make an utter fool of myself in front of Vincent. I'm betting that she hopes that after I do that, he would realize that he doesn't like me and go to her. She's an Idiot. Since for one, it never happened and would never happen, and secondly instead of making a fool of myself: I became Vice Captain of the team. Sara said I earned it and she became insistent that I one of her all time best friends, and not only on the team, and that pretty soon I was going to surpass her and become full on captain. For some reason.... I wasn't so thrilled after hearing that. Too much pressure. I'm betting it's because she kept clinging onto me wherever I went. That made Selphie, Olette and Yuna like her less. A lot less.

Maybe I shouldn't add Yuna in there, she didn't mind all that much, quiet the opposite, she welcomed Sara!! They were always talking about boys since apparently, before Yuna and Tidus went out, Sara had a MAJOR crush on him!! That made me gape for a while. I didn't see what was so good about him. Honestly, I didn't! I mean... okay he's nice, I accept that and can't deny it. He's smart as well, not outstanding.... but then again not everyone is and that's not a big deal to start of with....... and he loves Yuna and only wants the best for her, so in my book that makes him a decent guy and I can rest assured that he won't do anything hurt her, but sadly that's as far as it goes. I don't like him aside from that... Okay that's even more harsh. Let's just say it this way: I like him, but don't understand how to have... more than friendly feelings with him. Same goes for a lot of guys though... Scratch that! It goes for all guys except Vincent.

Back to Sara anyway, she got along with Olette and Selphie pretty quickly afterwards, much to my dismay. All 4 of them dragged me to watch Twilight with them in the theatre, ignoring my unheeded protest much to my horror, I kept saying things such as, "I-I have plans with Vincent!!" or, "I-I need to do homework!!" and last of all, "I DON'T WANT TO!!" All of this was ignored as they pushed me onto the seat and tied my arms to the chair, they went to far there. I was thirsty halfway though the movie and I couldn't get my bloody drink!!

Back to the topic of Vincent and I though, he INSISTED that we have a double date with Tidus and Yuna, much to my protest, Yuna agreed and I got dragged to Italianis with them. Italian food.... Over priced food.... I WILL admit that the food was delicious, but.... overpriced... and Yuna and Tidus were all lovey dovey together!! It was UNBEARABLE!! Vincent didn't seem to mind that much at all, but I LOATHED it!! How could anyone be like that?! Or STAND it!! Disgusting.

This was gonna be a long 'rest-of-my-life', I'm going to stay with Vincent forever though... or as long as I can. Till death do us part. For once I can totally agree with that statement. He loves me! Sometimes, it's just that thought alone that makes me go all gooshy inside and lets me understand why Tidus and Yuna can act like that without feelings embarrassed. After that scene at the hospital when we were together, he certainly kept his promise. I now fully understand the term 'actions speak louder than words', since for Vincent, it fits him perfectly.

Just like he promised, we kissed. It can't really be described as a kiss though, it was a full blown make out session! And I enjoyed every single second of it. Darn everyone that came into the room to interrupt it! Darn Tifa, darn the basketball coach, darn the rest of my classmates, darn them all! They ruined such a sweet moment and BLEH!! I couldn't look them straight in the face without glaring at them, that make Vincent laugh. Or at least... Smirk often and bitting down at his lip to conceal a laugh.

BIGGEST SHOCKER FOR ME YET!!! TIFA AND DR. STRIFE WERE GOING OUT!!!! When Tifa was there, since she was my moms friend or something, Cloud-sensei comes in to check on me and they KNEW EACH OTHER!! That itself was a shocker, and I sure as hell wasn't the only shocked one!! Vince mirrored my face, and half of the boys that came to see me started crying at the loss of their 'crush'.

The only person that thought it was sweat was Olette. Of course. She's a pure romantic on so many scary levels. When she found out how Vincent confessed to me she started squealing like a maniac and covering her face in bliss then hugging me so tightly that I couldn't breathe, she then started carrying me and jumping up and down in the process.

It scared me.

That was already an understatement though.

There is only one thing that has yet to happen though!! ........ Scratch that make it two:

1.) Hayner has to confess to Olette

2.) Reno has to get over me

Yup. That sounds about right. Hayner has to bloody confess to Olette, take Vince as a role model possibly, she'd be thrilled if he confessed as romantically. If that were possible. And she'd leap up at it, no doubt. Poor Pence, all alone...... Wait... Selphie and Pence..... That's not a bad idea... They could work.... I think. Anyway! Reno! He has to get with Sara or I will die! Two things that mister has to do: Get over me, confess to Sara.

Okay maybe we need to add fall for Sara first, but I'm sure that that won't take too long.

Since when that happens, we can all live happily... Too Happily yes, but oh well! You can't let time pass you by, and I intend not to.

The rest of my life I was only going to spend it with one person: Vincent.

I love him. And he loves me.

That's all I need to know to be happy, the rest can just fall into place later. That one line is all I need to motivate me to wake up and to smile. Anything else can happen and I'll be fine, just as long as I have Vincent. I know he feels the same way. So....

This is our Happily Ever After.

~The End~

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