SUMMARY: It's time for the Forks town fair! Watch as all the Cullen family tries to get through a normal day of town celebrations!

S/N: So this is basically just a little something to keep my mind from killing itself while I'm writing Darko. I need to lighten my mood a tad and I was in the mood to write about young Michael Newton and from that, sprung this. Hope you enjoy my stupid writing! ^.^



I put down my medical journal and sighed. Couldn't a man read in peace anymore?
Alice was excited about something and the fact that she went to such unnecessary lengths as to yell in a house full of vampires, really did show how keen she was on whatever this new development was.

"What is it, Alice?' I spoke quietly.


I couldn't help but run through the different possibilities in my head as I walked, at human speed, down the stairs. Was it something she saw? Or something she herself was planning? Although with Alice, there usually was little distinction…

Everyone was merging from their different corners of the house. Rosalie from the garage, Emmett and Jasper from the dining room table - where they had been in the middle of a very high stakes poker game, Esme from her studio and Edward and Bella from the third floor. None seemed particularly enthused about Alice interrupting them. Even Jasper, although it was hard to tell whether it was own emotion or the annoyance of others that was on his face.

Alice was standing in the middle of the entrance hall way, clutching an A4 piece of colored paper in her tiny hands, a huge smile alight on her face.

"Alice," Edward practically groaned, "why on earth would you want to go to that?"

"Go to what?" Emmett looked torn between interested in whatever was causing Edward such displeasure, and anxious. The latter probably a result from wanting to get back to the poker game.

"THE FORKS TOWN FAIR!" Alice squealed again, "I found the flyer sitting in our mailbox. Don't you want to go? It'll be so exciting! The rides, the games, the food…"

"Food?" Rosalie cocked her eyebrow.

"Well you know what I mean. Won't it be fun? We can spend the whole day outdoors having fun with the town people! It'll be like one big party!"

I could see Alice was practically ready to burst from excitement.

"They're having it outdoors? Won't it…?"

"No," Alice smiled at Bella, "I've already checked the forecast and for once the weather man was right – no rain! Just clouds."

Bella's face perked a little. She was just excited at the prospect of going through a whole day dry.

"May I see the flyer?" I asked Alice.

She handed it to me.
It was yellow paper with the words 'Forks Town Fair' printed on it in large font, with pictures of a Ferris wheel, a hot dog and a pig wearing a large blue bow on its head. It was soaking wet and looked as if it'd been sitting in the mailbox for weeks and since no one sent mail to vampires, it was quite probable that it had been.

"It's on tomorrow…"

"Yeah but since when have we been too busy that we couldn't rearrange any plans. And besides," Alice smirked, "I already checked. We're going."

There was a collective sigh from everyone. Was this really something we should go to? A family of vampires around such huge celebrations? Edward would surely hate it. As would Rosalie. Jaspers would go if it meant Alice was happy and Esme would do anything to have her family spend time together. Emmett, of course, was all for it.

"I can't wait to beat everyone at the prize games and contests. Don't worry babe," he turned to Rosalie, "I'll win you a big prize."

"Joy…" Rosalie was bored of the fair already.

"Hey, don't they have like those beauty pageants at fairs? You should totally enter Rosie! And Jasper, you up for the hot dog eating contest?"

Emmett was practically bouncing off the walls like a two year old, now probably more excited than Alice. I could see Rosalie mulling over the idea of beating all the local girls at the beauty contest and almost hear the wheels turning in her head, thinking of ways to sabotage the other contestants.

"Now, everyone," I had to lay down some rules if we were going to such an environment which would only catalyst the competitive nature of my family, "we can't make a scene, alright? Keep a low profile."

"So you mean we're going?" Alice squeaked through the huge grin on her face.

"I thought you said you already saw us going?" Edward asked.

"I did. But it's fun to rub it in," her smile widened as she grabbed Jasper's hand and waltz off to her closet, surely to pick out all the outfits we would be wearing tomorrow. Jasper however, looked forlornly at the dining room table, where Emmett had already run to go peak at his cards.