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After I'd successfully made it through one entire side of the games alleyway, I noticed that I was one fan down.

"Al… where's Jasper?"

I was a little confused having been so caught up in winning everything.

"You're only just realizing?" Tinker bell cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Well in case you hadn't noticed the devastation I was leaving in our wake, I was kind of tied up," I gestured to the stalls that were closed up because they could offer no more prizes and grinned smugly. I had half to go and really didn't want Jasper's absence stopping the mojo that was flowing.

"Ugh," Alice rolled her eyes, "well I suppose it's about time…"

She smirked evilly, stood on her tip toes and for what I can only guess was for dramatic effect, leaned in my ear and whispered, "Guess what I've seen…"


My emotions were running amuck.

I was sad and angry at Edward for running away from me, ashamed because he fled from me in the first place, embarrassed because Jasper knew I was on my period and guilty because every emotion I had was inflicting him equally if not more than it was on me.

Somehow through all that though, I felt a sudden determination that I recognized as not mine.

Jasper was staring at me with steely eyes, his face set and brow pulled down.

"Bella, we have to get Edward now. We have to calm you down or I may do something that would not be in anyone's best interest."

"Oh… of course, Jasper…" I mumbled off. I bowed my head down; I knew I was being a nuisance but to hear him say it out loud still stung a bit.

I felt Jasper gingerly place one finger on my cheek. I looked up, completely startled.

He was looking down at me with what could only be described as awkward kindness.

"Bella," he looked me in eyes, trying to hide his obvious discomfort at this physical display of affection, "you're like a sister to me. You've made Edward and my Alice so happy and for that I will always think of you as family. Please understand this isn't personal but rather in everyone's best interests at the moment. I'm sure you're keen to get back to Edward too."

He lowered his hand and stood up, dusting himself off.

I couldn't help but note the irony of how Jasper could suddenly feel awkward touching my skin and being near me after we had just broke down in hysterics in each other's arms.

He was a strange man – perfect for Alice.

"You're right, I do miss him," I suddenly felt very guilty for everything I'd felt toward Edward before and wanted nothing more that to find him and have him with me again.

"Ok, good," he said as I stood up as well, "now, you said he was at the toilet block?"

"Umm, yeah…" I felt chagrin wash over me as I thought of the events from before.

"May I ask why?" Jasper raised his eyebrow; I felt his curiosity in me also.

"I'd really rather you didn't," I said sheepishly.

"Well, it doesn't matter. We have to go - now."

I couldn't have agreed more.


Where was everybody?

By the time I'd left the pageant, I'd thought everyone would be with my idiot husband in the games alley. But no, it's never that simple with my family, is it? Not even Emmett was there. I couldn't help but feel like they'd all abandoned me.

Were they even going to come to watch me in the pageant?

I wandered over to the entrance and decided to start from scratch. Perhaps if I could catch wind of one of their scents… but there were so many different smells now!

Practically the whole town was now here and I could barely distinguish the difference in direction – the scents had been washed over with the fast food stenches and the sweat.

I had no idea what to do. Normally I could have just searched the whole place in about 53 seconds but there were far too many bodies to move agilely whilst maintaining this annoying charade of humanity.

I sighed.

My family was so annoying at times. Not that I didn't love them as if they were blood but really, how hard it to just not irritate me?

A gush of wind brought the oh too familiar smell of Emmett to my nose and suddenly I was bombarded with a huge bear hug from the grizzly himself.

I would have knocked him over the head had I not realized he was shaking uncontrollably. For a second I thought he was upset but as soon as he pulled away I saw a sight I hadn't seen in quite awhile.

When Emmett finds something funny, like really, extremely, excruciatingly funny, he does that weird thing where you laugh silently as if all the wind has been taken from your lungs. Strange, considering we don't in fact need oxygen, but it happens.

Emmett would have been crying if he could.

"ROSE!" It came out of his mouth like a shrill, girl's call. He couldn't even control himself! Whatever this was, it had to be good.

"EDWARD!" This time he was almost screaming. He was trying to breathe to calm himself but to little avail. He was completely gone…

"Rosalie, my sister," Alice side stepped around Emmett; his huge frame had been overshadowing her petite one.

"What have you done to him? And what happened to Edward?" I was utterly perplexed and becoming slightly annoyed that I wasn't being let in on the joke.

"How much do you love me and my beautiful ability to see into the future?" She batted her eyelids at me in what was supposed to be innocence but came off as the complete opposite.

"Depends on whose expense it's at…" I had a light bulb moment, "something to do with Edward?"

I felt my own evil grin plaster my face. Anything to do with Edward was always gold and taking into account my husband's hysterical state, it had to be something brilliant.

"Oh yes, it's something to do with Edward alright, follow me, Rose."

I followed the deranged sprite, practically towing my husband behind me as he was so overwhelmed with laughter that his feet were appearing to not be in working order anymore.

"What is it, Al? Tell me now, please!" I was begging and I knew it. I didn't really care in all honesty.

Alice sighed as she spoke over her shoulder to me, "We don't have much time left so we have to hurry but it all started with the outfit I picked out for Bella this morning…"


"So, I mean really, what was the point of it all if Mike's just gonna not give it up anyway, you know what I mean?"

Jessica had been babbling nonstop about her relationship with Mike since Lauren had left - which seemed to be taking a long time, might I add. Although at human speed, it might take a while to round up 'everybody.'

I didn't say anything, obviously. One slip of my voice would let her know it was me. She didn't care about the lack of response though, just wanting to voice her thoughts and hear the sound of her own voice.

That was one of the reasons I distained Jessica - she spoke simply for the sake of it. Was she that scarred of silence that she couldn't bear to be in it for one second?


The time was dragging by slowly whilst my mind was trying to race through possible escape plans all which were missing one vital component – the ability to actually work.

There was simply nothing I could do except pray that something would deter this girl from her nasty intent. I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself into this situation – it was just so unlike me! I was in utter mortification of how to go about this without my siblings finding out. I would surely get it bad for this one.

I would take that though if it meant Bella wouldn't find out. I would take all the snarky comments and teasing as long as they would keep their big mouths shut in front of her. Of course I would rather have them not find out all together but in a family like mine, such hopes were pointless. Everybody knew everything and if they didn't then they'd find a way to weasel it out of someone who did.

"… Like, you know what I mean? What's the point of being in love if you can't be intimate with them?"

What a foolish girl. How about just their company or because you cannot live without them? These children knew nothing of real love.

"… I mean I'm almost at breaking point, you know? Mike won't even touch me and I don't know why! Well I mean I have one idea…"


Her mind seared with thoughts of Bella before her mouth quickly took over again. I felt myself tense and had to make sure I stayed well in control as to not leave the cubical and tear her head off.

"I mean you of all people know that we need sex! You just did it yourself in a filthy public restroom! Mike just doesn't get that I'm a woman and I have needs! It's so stupid because I know that he wants to and I most definitely want to but he's just so stubborn…"

I couldn't help but notice how familiar it all sounded…

"Why won't he just touch me? It's so infuriating! Ugh, where is Lauren? This is taking way too long…"

Stubborn? Pfft, Mike probably had a very good reason for not being intimate with Jessica! He was probably only trying to protect her, just because Jessica didn't understand what a strain it was for me to not kill her with the smallest touch didn't mean I was being insensitive to Bella!

Ok, my mind may have strayed a tad… But somehow, hearing it come through Jessica's voice, another human female, the same age as Bella, made the argument sound different. Maybe Bella had a point... maybe… if she… if I...

NO! The whole reason I was stuck in a cubical contemplating Bella's point of view is because it could never happen. Because I didn't have control. Because I was weak.

I missed Bella already. I wondered where she was and I was worried sick about her. Where was she?

Ugh this is getting boring. She won't even talk to me. I wonder who she is… maybe if I left… no, Lauren would kill me… ugh this is so boring now…

If there was only a way I could use this to my advantage I would have… but I couldn't even talk her around because she'd recognize my voice…

Prada… Gucci… Luis…

I didn't know whether to be happy or mortified at those thoughts.

"Oh hello, Jessica, how are you?"

Alice Cullen… what's she want…?

"Umm, hi, Alice… I'm good I guess…"

"That's great!" I could feel the smile in Alice's words as well as the smugness, "so what are you doing in here?"

"I was just waiting for Lauren…"

"Alice!" I whispered at vampire-speed, "Hurry up!"

Ugh, be patient, Edward! I just want to talk to the girl a little first…

"You will pay for this, runt!" I snarled under my breath.

Her only response was a giggle.

"What's so funny?" Who does this pipsqueak think she is laughing at me? Aside from the gorgeous Alice Cullen…

"Oh nothing, it's just well… it's a bit of a funny place to be waiting for someone, isn't it?"

"Well… it's just that…"

Do I tell her? Would Lauren be mad?

"Oh Em Gee!!!" Alice squealed. I had no idea where she was going with this because it was apparent she'd been practicing how to block her thoughts from me.

Peter Alexander, Armani, Tiffany's…

"What?!" Jessica sounded alarmed.

"Your trainers! They are like, super cute! Oh my God, where did you get them?"

"Uh… umm... a store in Port Angeles…"

"You must take me to the boutique one day! I have to get a pair just like them!"

Boutique… it was just a crappy little store that sold second hand shoes… I've never seen Alice Cullen wear anything but designer heels… gee… she must REALLY like me then!

"Oh, totally! Just tell me when and we'll go shopping!"

Maybe she'll let me use her platinum card!

"Hey! Oh my God, we should totally go get something to eat as well!"

"Oh my God, yes!" So Alice Cullen DOES eat… huh… I always thought she… being so skinny…

"ALICE! Hurry UP!" Why she insists on always being a nuisance I'll never know, but I gave her another vampire-speed warning for her to work quicker.

"Do you wanna go get something to eat now, actually? I'm starving!"

"Oh… umm… well I'm supposed to be waiting for Lauren…"

"Oh, that's right… hey; doesn't the pageant start in like an hour or something? I would have thought Lauren would be getting ready for it…"

FINALLY Alice was getting somewhere!

"Wait, what? What's the time?"

"12:00… you guys have to fill out paper work at one so I figured you'd want some time to get ready…"


"OH! MY! GOD! Are you kidding me? I have to run, Alice! I'm so sorry!"

I will KILL her!

I heard Jessica rush out of the toilet with her thoughts directed at murder.

I burst out of the cubical and looked down to the 4ft 10 pile of giggles that was erupting before me.

"Just don't even say it, Alice. I just want to find Bella and go home."

"You aren't going ANYWHERE mister," Alice said in between bursts of giggles, "after I just saved your sorry butt, you're going to stick around for the pageant. Plus, I don't think you'll want to miss this…"

I sighed. Couldn't I just go home and be done with it? Of course I couldn't…

"Where is everybody anyway? I can't hear their thoughts…"

Alice just grinned wickedly amongst her giggle fit.


I was holding on for dear life. Don't think about anything… don't laugh… keep it in… control it Emmett… you can do it…

I looked over at my Rosie who was standing there with the same pained look on her face. Her mouth was stretched tight across her beautiful face, holding back the burst of laughter that she longed to let loose.

We could hear them inside the cubical and we just about lost all control when we saw Jessica Stanley tear out of the cubical sporting a furious expression. She didn't look twice at us - probably not even wondering why Rosalie wasn't at the tent too. Rosie didn't need make up. She intended to turn up and just change her clothes. She'd still win.

Just then we heard Alice and Edward begin to walk towards the door. I exchanged a look with Rosie and her eyes said the same thing I was thinking – this was it!

Edward emerged at first looking somewhat relieved, suspecting us not to be here and hoping that Alice had done the sisterly thing and kept his overwhelmingly hilarious situation to herself. Pfft, fat chance!

Then his eyes fell on us and his face dropped.

The dam broke and Rosie & I let our laughter fly in his face.


Amongst my own wheezing and uncontrollable laughter I heard Edward half sigh, half groan.

Rosie & I were both nearly doubled over – both using our legs as support while we tried to manage to stay standing.

On and on we laughed while Edward just stood there with Alice giggling incessantly next to him. It had to have been at least 8 minutes later before I heard two sets of footsteps coming toward us. I felt a pang of distress but it was completely overridden by my own onslaught of joviality.

Edward wouldn't hear the end of this for centuries to come.

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