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I actually couldn't believe it....Charlie had never been one for pets so this was completely unexpected, but here sitting in front of me was one of the most adorable, fluffy Rough Collie puppies in the world.

"Dad...it's so adorable!" I had always saved a soft spot in my heart for the dog that resembled Lassie.

"Glad you think so Bells, you'll be looking after it for the next week" he gave me a grin.

At this point I was becoming confused "How did you get this dog and do the owners know you have it?" I asked in a mock serious tone.

"Relax Bells; it's my friend Jack's dog. He's out of town for a while so I said you'd help me look after little Eddie here" Charlie was wearing a smug grin but I couldn't seem to care as the dog's name ran through my head.

'Oh Edward is going to be mad' I thought before Eddie made me jump with his yapping. I bent down and picked the small puppy up; Eddie was still small enough to fit into my arms.

Charlie gave me one more smile before grabbing his coat "I have to run by the station so make sure to keep him safe" then he was gone.

I looked down and smiled at the little guy "Well Eddie, looks like it's just you and me" I frowned, if I ever bought this dog over to the Cullen's, Emmett and Jasper would never let Edward live it down.

"Well, how much trouble can you really be?" I asked, not expecting a reply.

As if on cue, little Eddie sprinted past me and into the kitchen. It took me a moment to catch up but then I was quickly sliding after him, my socks making it much harder to run on the floorboards. I entered the kitchen, after having fallen twice to see the Collie looking at me with his head tilted to one side and his tongue hanging out.

"I'm guessing a lot" I mumbled, answering my earlier question.

The doorbell rang and again the Collie overtook me, his little paws thudding against the floor as he ran to investigate the source of the sound.

I picked Eddie up before opening the door; God knows I didn't need a runaway dog on my hands. Alice and Edward were standing on the other side, before I could get out a greeting Alice shrieked and grinned widely.

"Bella, who's that?" excitement was bouncing around in her eyes; Edward just looked curiously at the small dog in my arms.

"I smiled, Alice this is" I braced myself "Eddie."

Alice seemed momentarily speechless before she clapped in amusement "Oh my God it's adorable!" she grabbed the puppy out of my arms, amazingly the Collie put up no fight.

"Oh we have to get him so accessories and a bed and some collars..." her voice trailed off as she walked into another room.

I smiled for a second before turning back to Edward "Hi" I said meekly.

He just smiled at me and slowly brought his lips to mine; kissing Edward was something I was never going to get used to, somehow he made me feel like I was floating and I always came away from them with a head rush. I went to deepen the kiss but he pulled away, I held back my sigh of frustration but he chuckled when he saw it in my eyes.

"So what do you think of Eddie?" I asked, light teasing in my voice.

"Please tell me that he is not your dog" Edward turned pleading eyes to my face and I felt my insides melt, God I could deny him nothing!

"Nope, but for the next week he is officially a Swan" I smiled at him and we joined Alice in the lounge room who was still rambling about shopping products for puppies.

"Alice! Calm down we only have little Eddie" -at this Edward's face flickered with annoyance, whether it was from the 'little' or just because the dog's name was Eddie, I wasn't sure- "for a week."

Alice gave me a look of disappointment before perking up "Well that means that we have to get started on the shopping right away!" I groaned but was happy that for once we would be shopping for someone else, even if that someone else happened to be a Rough Collie.

"Oh come on Bella, how often does this happen? Please let me take care of him!" she pouted and I sighed, every Cullen and Hale -I might add- got their way when they gave that pout.

"Fine you can help" I said in resignation.

She smiled widely "thankyou."

Edward gave the dog a look "Only for a week right?"

"Yep" I said before wondering why he seemed to be having such an issue with this, obviously the name was made to piss him off but it seemed like it went deeper than that.

Alice shot up like a light bulb had switched on above her head "I'm going to take him down to the nearest pet store, just for some necessary items, besides Charlie wont mind" with that Alice had Eddie on a leash and she was strolling out the front door.

I knew that my dad wouldn't mind, no matter how much he resented Edward he adored Alice, Chief Swan would always have a soft spot for the petite Cullen. I turned to see Edward staring at me; I gave him a quizzical look before he moved closer to me, his speed to fast for the human eye.

"Do you not like little Eddie?" I asked, giggling.

"I like you much more" he commented as he brought my lips to his, the kiss was different. He seemed more passionate however my brain barely got through those thoughts before turning to mush.

This was of course the moment that Charlie decided to walk through the door. Edward broke the kiss and I blushed furiously, Charlie gave me a look that I couldn't figure out before glaring at Edward, I scooted further away from my boyfriend to try and make Charlie see reason but unexpectedly my dad just sat down on the lounge chair and switched on the television.

"So where's little Eddie?" he asked, the smug smile present on his face.

I almost felt like going 'Oh' out loud as it clicked why my dad didn't seem so angry, he obviously enjoyed making fun of Edward's...size. I almost blushed but held it at bay. I had always wondered about that but my wariness at all things involving sex always stopped me besides I didn't think that Edward would react very well if I took of his pants and stared, hell he probably wouldn't even let me take them off.

"Alice took him to shop for toys and outfits" my dad laughed and continued to watch sports.

Edward's phone rang and he excused himself before taking it in the other room, though I was curious as to who was calling him I stayed. I noticed the silence between me and Charlie was uncomfortable.

"Bella...I have to talk to you for a minute" Charlie seemed nervous and he wouldn't meet my eye. I was immediately on edge 'Oh God, Mum....Phil...Charlie's health...debt' thoughts ran through my head but I pushed them away.

"Bells I want to talk to you about...sex."


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