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Surprisingly Charlie wasn't as damaged as I'd expected him to be, his arms had long deep gashes that would probably leave a feint scar and it was obvious that under his hospital gown he had a long slash across his chest but his face remained unharmed. All in all he could have done much worse, especially since he'd been dealing with a very experienced pissed off werewolf.

I spared a glance at Edward and saw his brow was furrowed, I suspected he was trying to find a reason that Sam would even consider attacking Chief Swan. 'Edward?' he remained completely neutral as my voice penetrated his thoughts, only a slight flick of his eyes giving away that he'd heard me and was waiting for me to say more.

'Why would Sam do this? I don't understand his motive' I paused and let my eyes sweep over Charlie who was now in deep conversation with Bella 'Lets leave them for a moment and go see Carlisle' he gave a subtle nod and I walked over to the bedside.

"Bella, we're going to leave you two alone for a moment, maybe see Carlisle about Charlie's condition" I stopped and gave Charlie a brilliant smile which he returned – somewhat weakly – Edward stopped and gave him a polite nod, squeezing Bella's hand on the way out.

"Alice I don't understand" he said as soon as we'd left the room.

I nodded and lead him into Carlisle's office where he was already sitting, an open text lying forgotten to his right.

"Carlisle something about this is wrong" Edward was fidgeting and it was already grating on my nerves.

"He's right Carlisle, Sam is one of the most experienced and well tamed werewolves in La Push there's practically no reason that he'd loose control" I said before sitting in one of the plush couches in his office.

Carlisle nodded "The way Chief Swan remembers it he had been out hunting with a couple of men from the force, a large bear, by which I assume he meant a fully changed werewolf attacked them. Charlie only remembers hearing guns and then losing consciousness."

I sat up straighter "who was shot Carlisle?" I didn't like being around Werewolves but I didn't hate them enough to want any of them dead.

"Jared was in wolf form when one of the other men saw him and took a shot, assuming he was unsafe. Jared didn't mean any harm he was with Sam the whole time" Carlisle paused and looked blankly at his wall "Sam saw this and I believe the shock and anger may have caused him to act irrationally."

Edward had taken a seat next to me "and Charlie will be fine" Carlisle went on.

We were interrupted by Bella entering the room, noticing she'd disturbed us her cheeks tinged pink, when she asked Carlisle what had happened I tuned it out, knowing that if something new was said I'd be able to tune back in. I absently wondered what Emmett and jasper were doing...


"Rosie baby come on he didn't mean to do it" I gave her what I hoped was a sympathetic look.

"The puppy threw up on my designer jeans and on my Ralph Lauren silk top, Emmett I wouldn't forgive anyone for that" she flicked her blonde hair and marched up the stairs.

I sighed and went to find Jasper or Esme, Jasper chucked a play station controller at me and I flung myself onto the couch "what game?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Crash Bash" he answered flippantly and we launched into the game, little Eddie barked excitedly at the screen before yipping a couple of times and jumping around on his two back legs. I grabbed a ball and bounced it with some extra strength causing the Collie to psycho and start darting around for it and attempting to climb the walls.

Alice flew through the door and landed gracefully on the couch, catching the ball as it sprung towards her causing little Eddie to leap into her arms "Charlie's fine, where's Esme? We desperately need some more fun" she sounded worn out even though that was impossible. I pointed to the kitchen and continued playing.

"Like talking to robots" she sighed and did her equivalent of walking out of the room with Eddie – aka dancing – I threw the controller into its spot causing Jasper to pause the game and look at me quizzically.

"Jasper dude I got it, lets brainstorm to think of what we can do to cheer Bella up and get this party started" eh nodded and we got started with a yellow legal pad.

Party with all the students from Forks
Movie marathon
Shopping in Seattle

Ice skating

I looked at the list and Alice swiped it from me, returning it like this:

Party with all the students from Forks
Alcohol (NO)
Movie marathon (NO)
Baseball (NO
Shopping in Seattle

Ice skating

I gave her a bored look "What's wrong with Alcohol?"

"Emmett, our little Bella cannot handle that much alcohol" she paused "however the party idea sounds good." She grinned at us before running back to Esme, already planning.

Bella walked through the door, Edward close behind her. She gave me a smile and I grabbed her in a bear hug, making her squeak and giggle, little Eddie bounded up to her and jumped into her arms. "What's going on?" she asked grinning as she went to sit on Edward's lap.

"Well I think our Pixie of a sister has started planning a party" Edward gave an amused smile; it was just like Alice to follow a tragedy with a bang. Bella groaned we all figured out that when Alice threw parties Bella would become a life size Barbie doll.

I noticed that Jasper was beginning to look uncomfortable but I couldn't understand why, Rosalie came down the stairs in a phenomenal dress, it was short, tight, blood red and showed her amazing legs. I swallowed hard already feeling the need to take her to the nearest privet room or anywhere for that matter.

Alice came out and was talking quietly with her so none of us saw Jasper's outburst coming "Why! Why do all of you have to be so god damned horny all the time!" he stood up and glared at Edward "If you know that you're going to get like that when Bella sits on you please don't do it!" he turned to me and pointed a finger at my chest making little Eddie tilt his head at the digit "Yes Rosalie's hot! Whatever stop feeling buckets of lust towards her" he turned to Alice and grabbed her hand "the next five hours of noise and banging you hear is your fault" he yanked her up the stairs and she giggled all the way.

As if on cue we all burst out laughing, even Rosalie. However she maintained herself and quickly walked towards the garage stopping momentarily to tell Esme that she was going to take care of our financial statements.

Bella was still giggling quietly and Edward was grinning at her, I stopped laughing and noticed that I was now minus a play station partner "ah crap, hey do you think I can bounce little Eddie on a trampoline and catapult him into the air to do a flip and then do one myself before bouncing him again, catching him and landing in a pose on the ground."

Bella's mouth was open in horror and Edward was looking at me strangely. I sighed and picked little Eddie up, already knowing where we were going, a grin blooming on my face.

~Ten Minutes later~

"It is imperative that Chief Swan receive his car this instant" I made my voice sound urgent, the sweet red head nodded and jogged to get his keys "h-here Mr C-Cullen" she stuttered, embarrassing herself.

"What's your name?" I asked, wanting to get to know her better.

"Carrie" she smiled nervously.

"Awesome, I'll see you in a while" I grinned at her and little Eddie yipped on my shoulder as we walked out. I swiped a nightstick and a gun and jogged out to the cruiser; I hopped in and saw the speaker radio, the switch for the sirens and Charlie's badge.

I shared a look with Little Eddie.

"Oh hell yeah" I revved the engine and flicked the sirens on letting out a WOOP as I tore out of the parking lot.

My night was only just beginning.


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