Gokusen: Complications


"And you may kiss the brides," the older judge intoned, a faint smile on his face. The grey haired man was rather bemused at being pressed into officiating at a yakuza wedding, dressing up in his best suit for the occasion.

Kumiko turned to Haruka, tilting the brown haired woman's head up gently for what was intended to be a gentle and quick kiss. But as their lips met Haruka pushed them closer, sliding a hand around the back of Kumiko's head and pulling the black haired woman tightly to her.

"I'm so touched," Kyo sniffed, the tough guy's cheeks traced with happy tears. Tatsu and Minoru lingered nearby, both also sobbing with happiness at seeing their leader married, even if it was in such an unusual way.

"Sorry," Haruka blushed faintly as she pulled back, "I got carried away."

Kumiko had a blush on her cheeks too but didn't seem too bothered by it. "It's all right," she said before admitting, "I think I liked it."

"Have you decided how you want to announce your wedding?" Grandfather asked politely. A smile teased his lips, "We need to be sure the Nishigushi know that Haruka is no longer on the market."

'I think he's enjoying this.' Kumiko thought wryly. "I think we have a good method in mind," she said.

"Oh?" he asked.

Haruka smiled, her eyes twinkling with amusement, "We've paid for half page ads in all the major papers. My dear grandfather has to see them somewhere."

Grandfather laughed, shaking his head as he smiled. "You know Fuji Hajima won't take this well? He'll see this wedding as a personal insult to himself."

Kumiko met her father's eyes as she said, "We've got plans to deal with that, too."


"How dare they?!" Fuji Hajima roared, the black haired man slamming his hand down on the table as he scowled at the newspaper. There in bold text it announced the marriage of Kumiko Yamaguchi and Haruka Nishigushi, the heirs of two of the most powerful yakuza families in all of Japan.

"Is this even legal?" one of his lieutenants managed to croak. Since getting hit in the throat by Kumiko he had problems talking, coupled with peering out of one eye, the other still puffed shut from another blow.

Fuji scowled, "Doesn't matter. They can keep the wedding legit by tying the case up in the courts for years."

Another soldier who looks like a racoon from the blows Haruka landed asked, "Have we heard from the Nishigushi boss?"

"Yes, the cowardly bastard," Fuji looked disgusted, "despite all his support earlier he now can no longer support me... not against Yamaguchi and the Oedo clan."

"So we're done?" the first lieutenant asked hopefully. He had already had his butt kicked once by the ladies, he didn't want to have it happen again.

"Oh no we're not," Fuji growled, "I'm going to...."

BRAAAP! The sound of a air horn going off right outside jerked them all up, the noise cutting off all conversation. A young soldier by the door hurried out as he said, "I'll check it out."

"What kind of punk would...?" Fuji glared.

The young man returned, his face pale. "Boss," he said weakly, "you'd better see this."

Giving the boy a dark look Fuji got up from the table, his men following him to the outer door. "What is it?" he demanded as he whipped the door open only to freeze.

Kumiko stood in the middle of the road, several trucks lined up behind her. Spilling out from them and lining the street was a small army of her clan's men, along with what seemed a sizable number of reinforcements from allied families.

"Holy shit," one of Fuji's men moaned weakly.

"Fuji Hajima" Kumiko nodded calmly, "it's been a long time. Last time I saw you was at a council meeting where you tried to feel me up and I kicked you in the balls."

Fuji winced, remembering vividly how the younger woman had hurt him. "Get off my property," he said as forcefully as he could.

"Make me," Kumiko said with a smirk.

"Boss," his man hissed in his ear, "they'll slaughter us."

Fuji gritted his teeth, hating having to acknowledge the truth. "What do you want?" he asked grimly, knowing that Kumiko wasn't here just to rub salt in his wound.

"You want Haruka," Kumiko said, "and knowing you now that you can't have her you intend to punish her. I'm here to offer you something better."

"Oh?" Fuji asked, feeling intrigued despite himself.

"A shot at me," Kumiko offered with a smile that never reached her eyes. "Unarmed, one on one till one of us falls."

'I can take her,' Fuji thought quickly, 'I'm stronger than when we first met, but....'

"Or are you afraid to lose in front of your men?" Kumiko taunted him, "I'm sure you remember last time."

There were chuckles both from her men and his, and Fuji gritted his teeth. "I accept, damn you," he said. He shrugged off his coat revealing a t-shirt, "Let's go."

Kumiko took off her read jacket as she said, "One of your men can pat me down. Kyo, check him for any hidden weapons."

Kyo efficiently patted Fuji down, finding a set of brass knuckles and a razor even as Kumiko was patted down too. "She's clean," Fuji's man called as he stepped away.

"I don't need those toys to take you out," Fuji smiled for the first time that day, "I just need my two hands."

"Right," Kumiko chuckled as the fight began.


"What's this I hear about you taking Fuji down with one punch?" Haruka asked as they walked the halls of the school together.

"The boys exaggerated," Kumiko shook her head, smiling. "Fuji was big and tough but no one really taught him to fight, it seems. A few good hits and it was all over."

"My hero," Haruka sighed happily as she leaned her head on Kumiko's shoulder.

Kumiko blushed but put her arm around Haruka's shoulder.

"Ahem," Goro cleared his throat as the vice principal came up behind them. "I suppose congradulations are in order," he said grumpily.

"Thank you, sir," Kumiko said firmly, meeting his eyes.

"Try to keep the public displays of affection under control," Goro sighed as he stomped by them, "at least take it up to the roof."

"Is that a order?" Haruka blushed sweetly.

"Haruka," Kumiko laughed, blushing too. She had only intended this to be a show marriage, but when Haruka had come to her bed last night she had quickly discovered her new bride was interested in showing her a lot of things.

Goro smiled reluctantly. "At least the publicity has sparked some enrollment," he sighed as he strode away.

Kumiko smiled slightly, looking over at Haruha as she said reluctantly, "We have to get to class."

"See you up on the roof at lunch," Haruka winked, trotting away with a laugh.

'My life may be more complicated,' Kumiko thought as she watched Haruka walk away, 'but I think I like it.'


Notes: I was originally going to try to cram this into a two part story, but it was just too long. There is no canon yuri in Gokusen, sadly, tho I noticed the bar ladies on the first DVD rather admired Kumiko. Too bad she was so oblivious. ^_~